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ScriptRock is the easiest to use configuration testing platform. Used as a mechanism to test the underlying configuration state of applications and infrastructure, ScriptRock allows administrators the ability to guarantee the configuration state of complex enterprise systems easily.

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ScriptRock Overview

  1. 1. IntroductionScriptRock is a simple, platform for creating, storing, and running system configuration tests.Reports are clear, comprehensive, and quickly produced for each test run.ScriptRock’s web based interface helps people easily create test documents that are notonly detailed, but can be run to test thousands of configuration items on any number ofmachines across the enterprise. Detailed reports are automatically produced in minutes,rather than hours.ScriptRock tests are securely stored online in plain English allowing for easy access,collaboration, and management.OverviewScriptRock supports System Administrators, Developers, and Application SupportSpecialists working in a collaborative fashion, allowing them to easily build comprehensivedocuments that test and verify systems.ScriptRock’s “executable documentation” runs on a variety of systems including Windows,Linux, OSX, AIX, Unix, and more.BenefitsQuickly and easily produce “executable documentation”ScriptRock lets users “walk in” with a set of configuration requirements and “walk away” withan automated test suite in minutes and without writing a single line of code.Make the best use of Subject Matter ExpertsScriptRock’s web-based user interface makes it easy for Subject Matter Expertsto collaborate and create detailed tests. No programming required. And no extradocumentation to write.“Audit Ready” systemsScriptRock allows you to create a detailed document of your existing operating environmentand can verify that baseline.Cross-PlatformScriptRock uses the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to provide a stable cross-platformsystem ScriptRock can use either a system-wide JRE or an included JRE for a light-touch “no installation needed” testing experience.© 2012, ScriptRock Inc. Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Hundreds of test iterationsScriptRock lets people quickly iterate through hundreds of tests rather than manuallyworking through long “run documents”.Measure implementation progress using test resultsScriptRock’s rapid results allow implementations to track progress as measured by testresults, rather than abstract metrics.Leave behind an asset valuable for years to comeScriptRock’s “executable documents” not only detail system configurations but confirm thoseconfigurations in test results. As systems change over time, updated tests and results showconfiguration change over time.Regular scheduled use of ScriptRock allows system configurations to be continuouslyvalidated for years to come.Use CasesScriptRock is useful anywhere configuration testing is needed. Common use cases include: ● Vendor Acceptance Tests for External Builds ● Operations Quality Assurance ● Data Center Migrations ● Bring Your Own Device ● Audit and Compliance ● Environmental Build Efficiency ● Disaster Recovery TestingConclusionScriptRock’s ease of use and collaborative interface makes configuration testingapproachable.Requirements are collected and connected directly to tests with no need for interimdocuments. Tests are defined using a wide variety of templates, that abstract operatingsystem and programming details.ScriptRock tests can be defined, run, and confirmed instantly. Tests may be quickly run onany number of machines, as many times as needed.© 2012, ScriptRock Inc. Page 2 of 2