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Puppet Vs Chef


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An infographic showing the

Published in: Technology
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Puppet Vs Chef

  1. 1. Puppet vs. ChefCompany: Puppet Labs! Company: Opscode!When discussing configurationmanagement, 2 names come to mind:Puppet and Chef!Notable customers:!•  Twitter!•  NYU!•  Nokia!Notable Customers:!•  Facebook!•!•  Splunk!Other Information:!•  Located in Portland, Oregon!•  More Traditional!Other Information:!•  Located in Seattle,Washington!•  Smaller company, moreaggressive benefits!Puppet is more “sysadminfriendly”, due to itsstraightforwardness!Chef takes a “programmer’sapproach” to the world ofconfiguration management!But how do they differ from oneanother?!Technology!•  Custom DSL,extensible withRuby (designed forsimplicity)!!•  Model-drivenenvironment(popular witheveryday users)  •  Natively-run Ruby(open-source;designed for cloudautomation)!!•  Enforcesexecution order(more popularwith devs)!Customers!Users &!Culture!“Big Picture”DevsOpsUser Community:!•  The developer community!•  Younger community -growing!User Community:!•  Predominantly sysadmins!•  Larger user-base currently!However:Both Puppet and Chefleave you with code. Tobulletproof these tools andmake life easier, tryautomated config testingwith ScriptRock!!