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Merion Workflows


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Merion Workflows

  1. 1. MERION DINING WORKFLOW Busser Objectives The Busser’s primary duty is CLEARING AND RESETTING TABLES. However, during a rush, a busser may be asked to do a bit of go-for-ing for the Host/Hostess and Servers. Before Service • Make sure we have an adequate supply of butters and creamers trayed up and ready to go in the server’s cooler. • Make sure every table is uniformly set, including chairs. • Prepare bread and cracker baskets. Work with the chefs to make sure that the bread is ready to go. • Assist Host/Hostess and Servers with their preparations. During Service •ASSIST HOST/HOSTESS in watering new arrivals and providing them with menus. •REMOVE EXTRA PLACE SETTINGS. In other words, if 2 people sit at a 4-top, remove the extra silver, glasses, plates, napkins, etc. Then rearrange the center pieces to give the guests more eating space. • Add warm bread to cracker baskets and deliver them to tables of new arrivals. The goal is to get the bread to the table while it is still warm! •CHECK WITH THE SERVER before clearing a course. Both presenting and clearing are choreographed activities—meaning, timing and efficiency are important! •CLEAR ONE COURSE AT A TIME. And wait for everyone to finish the course before clearing. For instance, wait until everyone is finished with soup, then clear all soup-ware. Same with main course. There may be exceptions to this rule, which is why you need to check with the server or supervisor before clearing. PAGE