2011 GMC Sierra HD Brochure Hartford


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Interested in a 2011 GMC Sierra HD? Download this Full Color Brochure and view our complete GMC Inventory at www.scrantonmotors.com

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2011 GMC Sierra HD Brochure Hartford

  1. 1. 2011 SIERRA HD 2011 GMC SIERRA HEAVY DUTY NOTE: When using this logo, you must include the following information as a legal disclosure: ©[YEAR] General Motors. All rights reserved. GMC is a registered trademark of General Motors.
  4. 4. tHE NEW HD FRAME TAKE MORE. TOW MORE. HAuL MORE. FIGuRE 3: StRoNGER MouNtING, StRoNGER FRAME to help you get more in every load, and get more done every day, the new Sierra HD has the strongest frame we’ve ever built into an HD pickup. Crafted with high-strength alloy steel, and fully boxed from front to rear, it is engineered for a maximum Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 29,200 lbs 1— the highest rating in its class. the sturdy boxed frame also allowed through-rail mounting for the tubular chassis cross-members. this mounting gives maximum support and resistance FIGuRE 1: HIGH StRENGtH, LoW WEIGHt to twisting on uneven road surfaces. FIGuRE 4: A LoAD. Not A buRDEN. FRoNt 1 2 3 For the best strength-to-weight balance, the new Sierra HD frame is built up from three individual sections. this design made it possible to optimize each section for its task, from LuMbER bRICkS FIELDStoNE MuLCH G R Av E L DIRt mounting the engine and transmission in the front section, to supporting the cab in the center No other HD pickup offers more capacity in more models than Sierra. section, to providing a solid platform for a segment-leading maximum payload and efficient the 3500HD Regular Cab 2WD Dual-Rear-Wheel (DRW) model has maximum fifth-wheel installation in the rear section. together, these sections form a frame with almost payload capacity of 6635 lbs. And GMC Sierra HD offers 2500- and 3500- 2 twice the resistance to bending as the previous model. Series capacity on Single-Rear-Wheel (SRW) models as well, with maximum payloads of 4192 lbs2 on 2500 models, and 4632 lbs 2 on 3500 models. F I G u R E 2 : A S o L I D F o u N D At I o N F o R A S M o o t H R I D E FIGuRE 5: READy to PLoW HyDRoFoRMED F u L Ly b o x E D C-CHANNEL For maximum strength, the new Sierra HD frame features a hydroformed front frame section. this metal-forming process preserves uniform steel thickness throughout. to create the fully boxed frame rails, two C-channel sections are overlapped—essentially, welding a frame inside a frame—to form a box that resists sagging and bending. Adding a plow to Sierra HD is easy. Ask your dealer for the available Snow Plow Prep Package, and your truck will be prepared for most current hydraulic snow plows. It upgrades the front Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) to 6000 lbs3When properly equipped; includes weight of the vehicle and trailer combination, including the weight of the driver, passengers, fuel, optional1equipment and cargo in the vehicle and trailer. 2Maximum payload capacity includes weight of driver, passengers, optional equipment and cargo. on diesel-equipped models, while the torsion-bar front suspension allows youCapacities and weight ratings are dependent upon model, engine, transmission and GVWR combinations. See your GMC dealer for details.3 to make seasonal ride-height adjustments in minutes, with a single wrench. 2
  6. 6. ClEAnER, moRE poWERful DuRAmAx DIESEl DElIvERS 11 p ERCE nt BE tt ER HI gHWAy fu El EConomy 1 t HA n pRE vI ouS mo DE lImpRovED AllISon 1000 SERIES 6-SpEEDAutomAtIC foR InCREASED toRquE AnD fuElE C o n o m y C o m pA R E D t o p R E v I o u S m o D E l
  7. 7. D u R A M A x D I E S E L 6 . 6 L v - 8 t u R b o + A L L I S o N 1 0 0 0 S E R I E S 6 - S P E E D A u t o M At I C OFF-THE-CHART POWER. OFF-THE-MAP RANGE. PRovEN AND RELIAbLE the available new Duramax Diesel 6.6L v-8 turbo and Allison 1000 Series the Duramax/Allison 6-speed automatic transmission are engineered to achieve a goal that most powertrain has a proven assumed to be impossible: improving power and mileage, together. Advanced track record, with more diesel direct-injection technology and an adaptive transmission controller help than 1.2 million sold Duramax to run at peak efficiency, and provide you with a highway mileage since 2000. range of up to 680 highway miles.1 SMootH SHIFtS WItH ExCEPtIoNAL CoNtRoL FIGuRE 7: IMPRovED FuEL ECoNoMy the Allison 1000 Series 6-speed automatic—the DETROIT same make used in the M1 tank—is built with multiple features to help the driver handle heavy 680 loads with confidence. StAnDARD 36-g Allon (A p pR o x . ) f uE l tAn k PITTSBURGH fo R up to 680 m IlES HIg H WAy R A n gE W I tH there’s range selection tHE DuRA mAx DIESEl 6. 6l v- 8 t uR Bo mode to enhance control CLEVELAND and engine braking in specific driving situations BALTIMORE and grade braking mode that helps slow the WASHINGTON, D.C. vehicle on long grades by automatically RICHMOND selecting a lower gear. S t A R t S I N 3 . 0 S E C o N D S . A t - 4 0 º F. A M o N t H Ly C H E C k u P A diesel that starts easily in Arctic-like weather? It’s all in a cold day’s F R o M o N S tA RF i0 1 1 e U R A M A X D Iu r a m a x 6d i e 8 e l R . 6 l v - 8 t u r b o 2 gur D 6: 2011 d ESEL 6. V- s T U 6 B O work for the Duramax Diesel 6.6L v-8 turbo. With an advanced Direct- With available onStar, Injection (DI) fuel system, the Duramax injectors pressurize fuel up to 3 97 HP @ 3000 R P M your Sierra HD can run 765 LB - FT @ 1600 R PM 30,000 psi. that helps to turn cold, heavy diesel fuel into an ultra-fine through a monthly mist that burns quickly and easily, to give you fast starts, quieter operation check of your engine, and lower emissions than the previous model. 900 450 transmission, antilock HO RSE POW ER (H P) 800 400T OR QU E (LB - FT) 700 350 b 2 0 b I o D I E S E L F u E L C o M P At I b L E brakes and more and 600 300 e-mail you the results.2 500 250 to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the Duramax Diesel 6.6L v-8 turbo you can also ask for an 400 200 can run on b20 biodiesel, a mixture of 20 percent biodiesel produced from 300 150 onStar onboard vehicle 200 100 domestic renewable resources, and 80 percent petroleum diesel. 100 50 Diagnostics check while 0 0 Based on GM testing. 1 2 Visit onstar.com for details and system limitations. you’re driving. 10 20 30 EN G IN E SP E ED ( RPM X 10 0)
  8. 8. 6 . 0 L v o R t E C v v t v - 8 + H y D R A M At I C 6 L 9 0 - E ABSOLuTE POWER IS ABSOLuTELY NECESSARY. How you apply power is just as important as how much power you have. So, the standard 6.0L vortec vvt v-8 delivers torque and horsepower across a wide RPM range. Matched with the Hydramatic 6L90-E, it gives the driver smooth and progressive response for effortless driving, trailering or hauling. IMPRovED LoW-SPEED RESPoNSE the 6.0L vortec vvt v-8 has a revised camshaft profile that gives you a deep reserve of low-end torque. It’s most helpful in driving situations where you need to apply power gently and progressively, such as trailering heavy objects, backing up to attach a trailer or maneuvering in tight spaces. ALL PoWER AND No CoMPRoMISE variable valve timing (vvt) changes when and how intake and exhaust valves open and close. this changes engine performance from a smooth and quiet-idling dynamo to a bold, aggressive, high-performance v-8 at full throttle. this helps to provide you with ample reserve power at virtually every speed, so you can approach challenging trailering or load-carrying situations with confidence. F I G u R E r 8e c 66 . 0 L v o RV V TC ( L 9 6 ) v - 8 H o R S E P o W E R A N D t o R Q u E 2011 Vo t : .0L V8 tE vvt <10,000 lbs GVWR >10,000 lbs GVWR 360 HP (268 KW) 322 HP (240 KW) @ 5400 RPM @ 4400 RPM 800 <10,000 lbs GVWR 400 GMC Sierra HD HO RSE PO W ER (H P) & >10,000 lbs GVWR >10,000 lbs GVWRTOR QU E ( LB- FT) 700 350 380 LB-FT (515 NM) 600 <10,000 lbs GVWR @ 4200 RPM 300 500 250 400 200 300 150 200 100 100 50 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 ENG I NE SP EE D ( R PM X 10 0) S M o o t H E R S H I F t S A u t o M At I C A L Ly the ideal partner to the 6.0L vortec vvt v-8, the advanced Hydramatic 6L90-E 6-speed transmission constantly senses load, acceleration and other inputs, then controls engine torque for smooth, almost imperceptible shifts. 6
  10. 10. N E W H E A v y- D u t y S u S P E N S I o N THE STORY BEGINS AT THE END OF THE ROAD. FIGuRE 10: boDy M o u N t S t H At t u N E o u t v I b R At I o N the best way to appreciate the engineering that went into the new Sierra HD suspension is when the road is at its worst, or when there is no road at all. With a redesigned fully independent torsion-bar front suspension on every model, and a completely revised rear suspension, Sierra HD removes the compromise between ride comfort and load capacity, so you can trailer or haul heavy loads with a comfortable margin of control. vibrations are the enemy of comfort. that’s why Sierra HD Extended and Crew Cab models are cushioned at the INDEPENDENt FRoNt SuSPENSIoN rear cab frame attach- All Sierra HD models have a new Independent Front Suspension ments with hydraulic (IFS), designed for the constant punishment of heavy-duty use. body mounts. built extra-strong from extreme-duty components, it gives both a smoother ride than conventional beam-axle suspensions and up FIGuRE 11: to a 6000 lb front axle GAWR1 that is unsurpassed by competitive t R A C t I o N t H At ’ S HD models. F u L Ly A u t o M At I C F I G u R E 9 : R E A R L E A F S P R I N G S t H At M At C H t H E L o A D WItHout LoAD No other competitor in the class offers an available fully automatic locking rear differential, for on- or off-road use. When the Eaton® Locker WItH MAx LoAD senses a difference in wheel speed between left the more load your HD takes, the more its springs step up to the and right rear wheels of challenge. New rear leaf springs are 3 inches wide —two-stage for approximately 100 rpm, 2500 models, and three-stage for 3500 models. it locks both rear wheelsCapacities and weight ratings are dependent upon model, engine, transmission and GVWR combinations.1 to turn in unison forSee your GMC dealer for details. added traction. 8
  12. 12. N E W H D t R A I L E R I N G C A PA b I L I t y ONE CASE WHERE MORE WEIGHT IS A GOOD THING. FIGuRE 13: kEEPING youR tRAILER IN LINE the new Sierra HD is built with the power and capacity to give you signifi- cantly improved trailering capability. virtually every aspect was rethought or Standard on all Sierra reinforced for heavy loads and high Gross vehicle Weight Ratings (GvWRs). HD SRW models, More important is the sense of control that comes from knowing GMC has Sierra HD trailer sway already anticipated your task and built accordingly. control uses the built-in Stabilitrak sensors F I G u R E 12 : E x C E P t I o N A L M A x PAy L o A D A N D t R A I L E R I N G to look for changes in We said HD, and we mean it. Sierra HD offers outstanding payload and ride motion that could trailering, including segment-leading conventional trailering capability of indicate trailer sway, up to 17,000 lbs, and fifth-wheel trailering capability of up to 21,700 lbs. 1 1 and then applies braking as needed to bring the trailer back in line. 3 5 0 0 H D 4 W D R E G . C A b , D u R A M A x 2 1 , 7 0 0 L b S ( M A x ) t R A I L E R I N G C A PA C I t y 3 5 0 0 H D 2 W D E x t. C A b , D u R A M A x 2 1 , 5 0 0 L b S ( M A x ) t R A I L E R I N G C A P A C I t y 3 5 0 0 H D 2 W D C R E W C A b , D u R A M A x 2 1 , 5 0 0 L b S ( M A x ) t R A I L E R I N G C A PA C I t y b u I Lt- I N F I F t H - W H E E L P R E P to help you choose the fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch that works best for your needs, our engineers consulted with leading aftermarket hitch manufacturers. based on their input, we added new access holes to the rear frame section to accept a wider variety of hitches. these holes also A fully integrated trailer help to preserve frame strength and save installation time. brake controller is also available to give youMaximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessary to1achieve the rating, plus driver. The weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the greater control of trailermaximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. See your GMC dealer for additional details. braking force.10
  15. 15. NEW HD bRAkING SyStEMBRAKING POWER THAT GOES BEYOND THE PEDAL. C : FA S t E R S t o P S , A u t o M At I C A L LySierra HD’s braking system is much more than a pedal. It is a system of to get full braking forcecontrol engineered to help keep you on your intended path, and maintain as fast as possible inyour cool no matter how challenging the situation. because, with a heavy urgent stops, all Sierraload behind you, you need to be ready for what’s ahead of you. HD SRW models feature Intelligent brake Assist. If the system senses rapidF I G u R E 1 4 : H E A v y- D u t y C o N t R o L brake-pedal movement, it automatically applies POWER FRONT E POWER REAR DISC BRAKES WITH DISC BRAKES WITH full system pressure, 14" ROTORS 14" ROTORS which can shorten stopping distances. D : H I L L S tA Rt bRAkE ASSISt this standard feature senses potential “roll- back” when braking on an incline, and then holds full brake pressure when you lift your foot from the pedal. It gives you an extra 1½ seconds to apply power and pull away. this peace of mind is standard on Sierra HD A C, D B SRW models.a: “SMARt” bRAkING PoWER E : S tA b I L I t R A kthe new diesel exhaust brake is an innovative standard feature for Duramax Standard on Sierra HDmodels. unlike the traditional “on/off” diesel exhaust brakes, the driver- SRW models, Stabilitrakselectable “smart” brake varies negative torque needed, based on the truck senses when your vehicleload and grade. this helps reduce brake fade, extends brake life and gives is not adequately respon-drivers plenty of confidence when hauling heavy loads downhill. ding to your steering inputs, then adjustsB: ExtRA CoNFIDENCE oN LoNG GRADES engine speed and brakeAutomatic Grade braking monitors vehicle speed, acceleration, engine pressure to any indi-torque and brake pedal usage. using this information, it detects when the vidual wheel to helptruck is on a downhill grade and the driver desires to slow the vehicle. then maintain traction andif necessary, the transmission downshifts to help hold the desired speed. steering control.
  17. 17. S I E R R A D E N A L I H D I N t E R I o R D E tA I L STHE uTMOST IN EXCLuSIVITY. bLuEtootH® CoNNECtIvItyTHE uLTIMATE IN CAPABILITY. to help you stay in touchFrom leather-appointed seating surfaces to the polished wood tones and at all times, bluetooth1brushed metal accents, the first-ever Denali gives the Sierra HD series a capability is standard innew and even more refined meaning. With its extensive list of standard Denali and SLt models to letfeatures, Denali HD gives you the luxury of the boardroom with the power you connect your wirelessto match. phone or PDA to the standard hands-free calling system.REFINED ACouStICS this allows you to control yourSierra Denali HD is engineered to minimize noise and vibration for a quiet, device with the phone andrefined atmosphere. these advanced acoustics also help you to enjoy the audio system controls locatedbose® Centerpoint® Sound System. It delivers five independent channels on the steering wheel.from stereo recordings to give you a surround listening experience fromyour existing music library. SurroundStage® processing lets the driver and S tAy C o N N E C t E D WItH AutoNEt WIFIoccupants feel as if they are center stage, while AudioPilot® compensatesfor changing ambient noise levels. Make your Sierra HD a wire- less hot spot with availableC o M F o R t I N A N y W E At H E R dealer-installed AutonetDenali HD’s 12-way power seats are available with their own climate Mobile WiFi,2 the first wirelesscontrol system. they warm you with built-in heating elements, or cool you Internet service providerwith air that flows through the perforated leather seat inserts. A heated designed for automotive use.steering wheel, exclusive to Denali, is a welcome option in cold climates. It allows up to 10 people to connect to the Internet atD v D - b A S E D t o u C H - S C R E E N N A v I G At I o N once, using any combinationthe available DvD-based touch-screen navigation system3 combines of smart phones, laptops,superb audio performance with mapping capabilities from a variety of or WiFi-enabled devices. Asksources. It features a 6.5-inch display, 2-D or 3-D graphics and 3 your dealer for plan pricesmonths of xM Navtraffic.4 It also integrates with onStar turn-by-turn and details.Navigation5 so you will never stop to ask directions. Go to gm.com/bluetooth to find out which 1 Bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. 2Monthly rates apply. VisitA six-month subscription to onStar 5 that includes onStar Directions & autonetmobile.com for coverage map andConnections is standard in Denali, SLt and SLE models. With turn-by-turn details. 3Not available in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. Hawaii vehicles have stateNavigation, you just push the onStar button to tell the Advisor where of Hawaii functionality only. 4XM NavTrafficyou want to go, and turn-by-turn directions are downloaded to your and XM Radio require subscriptions, sold separately after the first 90 days. XM Radio U.S.vehicle. onStar eNav lets you plan routes on mapquest.com and store service only available in the 48 contiguousthem in your vehicle so you can call them up with a simple voice United States and the District of Columbia. For more information, visit gm.xmradio.com.command. onStar Destination Download lets you contact your Advisor 5 Visit onstar.com for coverage map, details andand then download directions to your screen-based navigation system. system limitations.16
  20. 20. S Lt I N t E R I o R D E t A I L S THE SuITE LIFE. Control. Comfort. Capacity. that’s the story of Sierra SLt HD. beyond the crisp details, precise fits and premium materials, SLt also offers comprehensive security and entertainment technology. It all works together to give you the advantage, whatever the situation. o N S t A R A u t o M At I C C R A S H R E S P o N S E you can get help even if you can’t ask for it. In the event of a crash, built-in sensors can automatically send an alert to onStar.1 An Advisor is immediately connected into your vehicle to see if you need help. Even if you can’t respond, the Advisor can use GPS technology to send emergency responders to your exact location. visit onstar.com to learn more. A I R b A G R E S t R A I N t S y S t E M S2 In addition to frontal air bags, head curtain side-impact air bags and seat-mounted side-impact pelvic and thorax air bags are available on all 2500 HD models. R E A R - S E A t E N t E R tA I N M E N t ( R S E ) Available on Denali and SLt Crew Cab models, RSE includes a DvD player and an 8-inch diago- nal flip-down screen. It also comes with dual play, which has a separate upper DvD slot in the stereo to help front-seat passengers to control the DvD or music playing behind them. RSE is compatible with most popular video gaming systems. the RSE also includes a wireless infrared remote control and two sets of wireless headphones. boSE PREMIuM SouND SyStEM For the ultimate in sound quality and listening convenience, the Sierra SLt audio system includes features such as steering-wheel-mounted radio controls and a bose premium speaker system with a subwoofer mounted in the center console for deep, low-frequency response.1 OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Visit onstar.com for details and system limitations. 2Air bag inflation can cause severe injury or death to anyone too close to the bag when it deploys. Be sure every occupant is properly restrained. Always use safety belts and the correct restraint for your child’s age and size. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate infant, child or booster seat. Never place a rear-facing infant restraint in the front seat of any vehicle equipped with a passenger air bag. See the Owner’s Manual and child safety seat instructions for more safety information.
  22. 22. StAnDARD AnD AvAIlABlE fEAtuRES / SIERRA 2500HD / 3500HD / DEnAlI HD DEnAlI DEnAlI DEnAlI SlE SlE SlE Slt Slt Slt Wt Wt WttRIM LEvELS tRIM LEvELS ExHAuSt BRAkE With available Duramax Diesel 6.6L S S S S trailering wiring provisions for camper, fifth-wheel and A A A A ConfIguRAtIonS v-8 turbo engine only gooseneck trailers; includes additional 8-way wiring har-REgulAR CAB • • — — fRAmE Fully boxed with hydroformed front section S S S S ness routed to front of pickup box. Requires Heavy-Duty HIgH-CApACIty AIR ClEAnER S S S S trailering Package.ExtEnDED CAB • • • — tRAnSfER CASECREW CAB • • • • HIgH IDlE SWItCH on Wt models, requires cruise A A A A control With floor-mounted shifter (4WD models) S — — — mECHAnICAl RADIAtoR gRIllE AnD fRont BumpER opEnIngS CovER A A A A Electronic shift with rotary dial controls (4WD models) — S S S For cold weather. Requires Duramax Diesel 6.6L tRAnSmISSIon oIl CoolER Auxiliary external S S S SEngInES v-8 turbo. heavy-duty air-to-oil6.0L vortec v-8 with Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI) S S S S REAR AxlEDuramax Diesel 6.6L v-8 turbo with direct A A A A 3.73 ratio S S S S SEAtInginjection and b20 biodiesel capability 4.10 ratio. Requires vortec 6.0L v-8 engine. A A A A SEAtStRAnSmISSIonS SkID plAtE pACkAgE Frame-mounted shields, A A A S 40/20/40 front split-bench with driver and front- S — — —GM Hydramatic 6L90-E 6-speed automatic. Standard S S S S includes front underbody shield starting behind passenger manual recline and center fold-downand only available with 6.0L vortec v-8. front bumper and running to first cross-member, armrest with storage protecting front underbody, oil pan, differentialAllison 1000 Series 6-speed automatic. Included and A A A A 40/20/40 front split-bench with driver and — S — — case and transfer caseonly available with Duramax Diesel 6.6L v-8 turbo. front-passenger manual recline, center fold-down SnoW ploW pREp pACkAgE Includes 10-amp power A A A A armrest and lockable storage compartment in seatAltERnAtoR for back-up and roof emergency light, 160-amp cushion (includes auxiliary power outlet). Adjustable125-amp alternator (dual 125 amp included with Diesel), S S S S outboard head restraints and storage pockets on high-flow front bumper, forward lamp wiring harness,160-amp. Included with Snow Plow Prep Package A A A A Extended and Crew Cab models. provision for cab roof-mounted lamp / beacon,when vortec 6.0L SFI v-8 is ordered. Requires instrument panel jumper wiring harness for electric Front buckets with 6-way power seat adjusters, — A — —vortec 6.0L SFI v-8. trailer brake controller, high-capacity air cleaner, manual recline, manual lumbar and adjustable headDual, 125 amps each. Included with Snow Plow A A A A auxiliary external transmission oil cooler and Skid restraints. Requires Extended or Crew Cab models.Prep Package when Duramax Diesel 6.6L v-8 turbo Plate Package (4WD models only) Front buckets with 10-way power seat adjusters — — S Sis ordered. Requires Duramax Diesel 6.6L v-8 StABIlItRAk Stability control system. Includes S S S S (SLt) or 12-way (Denali) including 2-way powerturbo engine. electronic trailer sway control, Intelligent brake lumbar control, heated seat cushions and seatbacks, Assist and hill start brake assist (SRW models only). 2-position driver memory (does not apply to lumbarBAttERy adjuster on SLt) and adjustable head restraints. StEERIng Power, recirculating ball S S S SHeavy-duty, maintenance-free with 600 cold- S S S S Includes floor console and storage pockets.cranking amps, rundown protection and retained SuSpEnSIon Heated and cooled seats for driver and front — — — Aaccessory power Front independent with torsion bar with increased S S S S passenger. Includes 12-way power seat adjustersAuxiliary heavy-duty, maintenance-free with 600 cold- A A A A front GAWR and perforated leather seating surfaces.cranking amps. Not available with Duramax Diesel Rear multi-leaf springs, semi-elliptic with urethane S S S S Driver-side manual seat adjuster with lumbar control. A S — —6.6L v-8 turbo engine. jounce bumpers on Wt models, included and only available withHeavy-duty, two batteries, maintenance-free with 730 A A A A Heavy-Duty Handling / trailering Suspension Package S S S S Dark titanium cloth seat trim.cold-cranking amps, with rundown protection and Folding rear bench, full width. Extended Cab S — — — Z71 off-Road Suspension Package. Includes off- — A A Aretained accessory power. Included and only available models only. road jounce bumpers, Skid Plate Package and Z71with Duramax Diesel 6.6L v-8 turbo engine. decals on rear quarters. 60 / 40 folding rear bench. Wt requires Crew Cab S S S SBRAkES 4-wheel antilock, 4-wheel disc S S S S models. SLE requires Extended or Crew Cab models. tRAIlERIngEAton HEAvy-Duty AutomAtIC loCkIng REAR DIffEREntIAl A A S S Heavy-Duty trailering Package. Includes trailering A A S S SEAt tRImIncluded with (Z82) trailering equipment. Standard hitch platform and 2.5” receiver with 2” adapter, Dark titanium vinyl with Graphite-colored S — — —on 3500 2WD Regular Cab models. Standard on 7-wire harness with independent fused trailering rubberized vinyl floor covering3500 SRW models. circuits mated to a 7-way sealed connector, wiringEngInE BloCk HEAtER A A A A Dark titanium cloth A — — — harness for aftermarket trailer brake controllerEngInE oIl CoolER Heavy-duty external air-to-oil. S S S S (located in the instrument panel harness) and Premium cloth — S — —Integral to driver side of radiator tank. available integrated trailer brake controller. Front leather-appointed seating. Includes 6-way — A S —ExHAuSt Aluminized stainless steel S S S S Integrated trailer brake controller A A S S power driver seat adjuster. Not available on Regular Cab models. Front leather-appointed seating, Nuance — — — SA-Available S-Standard — -Not Available P-PackageSee dealer for availability, inclusions and exclusions. SRW-Single Rear Wheel DRW-Dual Rear Wheel
  23. 23. StAnDARD AnD AvAIlABlE fEAtuRES / SIERRA 2500HD / 3500HD / DEnAlI HD DEnAlI DEnAlI DEnAlI SlE SlE SlE Slt Slt Slt Wt Wt WttRIM LEvELS tRIM LEvELS Auto-dimming — P S S With MP3-compatible CD/DvD player — — A A InStRumEntAtIon AnD ContRolS REmotE StARt With remote keyless entry. Remote — P S S and uSb port.2 on SLt, requires Crew CabCRuISE ContRol P S S S keyless entry does not lock/unlock tailgate. models. on Denali models, requires Rear- Seat Entertainment Package.InStRumEntAtIon SunRoof Power with express-open. Includes — — A A universal Home Remote. BluEtootH foR pHonE 1 Personal cell-phone con- A P S SAnalog cluster with speedometer, fuel level, engine S S S S nectivity to vehicle audio system allowing hands-freetemperature and tachometer; includes voltmeter and unIvERSAl HomE REmotE — P P S callingoil pressure indicators WInDoWS BoSE ® AuDIoDriver Information Center with odometer, trip S S S S Power with driver express-down. SLt and Denali — S S Sodometer and message center. on SLE, SLt Premium speaker system with subwoofer. on — A S S models include front passenger express-down.and Denali models, includes compass and SLE models, requires front bucket seats. Rear-access-door, power. Requires Extended — S S —outside temperature. Centerpoint® Surround Sound System — — — S Cab models.poWER-ADjuStABlE pEDAlS — P P S onStAR 3Directions & Connections plan. Six-month A S S S Rear, power-sliding. Not available with Regular — A A AREARvIEW CAmERA SyStEm With inside rearview — P P A subscription. See page 29 for details. Cab models or with rear-window defogger.mirror display; if touch-Screen Navigation is REAR-SEAt EntERtAInmEnt pACkAgE Rear-seat — — A Aordered, camera display is on NAv screen DvD player with LCD display and 2 sets of wireless optIon pACkAgESStEERIng WHEEl headphones. Includes rear audio controls. Requires Crew Cab models. on SLt models, includes AM/FMtilt-Wheel adjustable steering column with S S S S WoRk tRuCk pREfERRED pACkAgE Includes cruise A — — — stereo with MP3-compatible CD / DvD player. onbrake/transmission shift interlock control, Solar-Ray deep-tinted glass, fog lamps and Denali models, requires CD/DvD player.Leather-wrapped (color-keyed on Denali). on A S S S 17" chrome-clad steel wheels (2500 model only). on Regular and Extended Cab models, includes power touCH-SCREEn nAvIgAtIon 4 AM / FM stereo — A A AWt models, requires bluetooth.® door locks and Remote keyless Entry. with MP3-compatible CD player and DvD-basedHeated, leather-wrapped and color-keyed — — — A navigation with voice prompts and uSb port,2 SlE pREfERRED pACkAgE REgulAR CAB Includes — A — —Steering-wheel-mounted audio controls. on Wt, A P S S includes bose premium speaker system and remote vehicle starter system, steering-wheel-requires bluetooth. 3 trial months of xM Radio5 with xM Navtraffic.6 mounted controls, CD player, bluetooth1 for your With audible on SLE models, requires front bucket seats.ultRASonIC REAR pARkIng ASSISt — P P S cell phone, fog lamps and EZ-Lift locking tailgatewarning. Requires Extended or Crew Cab models. touCH-SCREEn nAvIgAtIon 4 WItH REAR-SEAt — — A A SlE pREfERRED pACkAgE ExtEnDED oR CREW CAB — A — — EntERtAInmEnt pACkAgE AM / FM stereo with Includes steering-wheel-mounted controls, dual- IntERIoR DEtAIlS AnD ConvEnIEnCE fEAtuRES MP3-compatible CD / DvD player, DvD-based zone automatic air conditioning, 6-way power driver navigation and uSb port.2 Includes 3 trial seat adjuster, CD player, bluetooth1 for your cellCARpEtIng months of xM Radio5 with xM Navtraffic.6 phone, fog lamps and EZ-Lift locking tailgate Requires Crew Cab models.Color-keyed with rubberized vinyl floor mats. A S S — SlE ConvEnIEnCE pACkAgE Includes power- — A — —Extended and Crew Cab models also include xm nAvtRAffIC 6 Including 3 trial months of service — A A A adjustable pedals, universal Home Remote,rear floor mats; Wt models require Dark titanium and only available with touch-Screen Navigation. remote vehicle starter system, rear-windowcloth seat trim. See page 29 for details. defogger and ultrasonic Rear Parking AssistColor-keyed with removable carpeted floor mats — — — S xm RADIo 5Including 3 trial months of service. A S S S Slt ConvEnIEnCE pACkAgE Includes universal — — A —for first and second row See page 29 for details. Home Remote, power-adjustable pedals, EZ-LiftClImAtE ContRol locking tailgate, ultrasonic Rear Parking AssistSingle-zone manual air conditioning S S — — and rear-wheel house liners (dealer installed) SIERRA AvAIlABlE fEAtuRESDual-zone automatic air conditioning with — P S S REAR-SEAt EntERtAInmEnt SyStEmindividual settings for driver and right-front EntERtAInmEnt / CommunICAtIon / nAvIgAtIon An 8" diagonal LCD screenpassenger; not available with Regular Cab models drops down from the headliner Am / fm StEREoDEfoggER Rear window. Not available with A A S S behind the front row. Audio is 4-speaker system (Regular Cab) S — — — through wireless headphones orpower-sliding rear window. 6-speaker system (Extended/Crew Cab) S S S — speaker system.flooR CovERIng black rubberized vinyl S A — — Seek-and-scan and digital clock S S S SpoWER DooR loCkS With remote keyless entry A S S S touCH-SCREEn nAvIgAtIon4(2 transmitters, panic button and content theft With MP3-compatible CD player A S — — Select either 2-D or 3-D mapalarm). Standard on Wt Crew Cab models. With CD player, MP3 playback and uSb port.2 A P S — views of your route, and listen toIncluded with Work truck Preferred Package. on SLE models, requires SLE Preferred Package. verbal directions in your choiceREARvIEW mIRRoR With MP3-compatible 6-disc in-dash CD changer — A A S of English, Spanish or French.With manual day /night adjustment S S — — and uSb port21 Go to gm.com/bluetooth to find out which Bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. 2Not compatible with all devices. 3Visit onstar.com or call 1-888-4ONSTAR (466-7827) for details and system limitations. 4Not available in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. Hawaii vehicles have state of Hawaii functionality only. 5XM Radio requires a subscription, sold separately by XM after the first 90 days. XM Radio U.S. service only available in the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. For more information, visit gm.xmradio.com. 6Required XM Radio and NavTraffic monthly subscriptions sold separately by XM after trial period. XM NavTraffic only available in select markets. For more information, visit xmradio.com/navtraffic.