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Swamp life by alexis m serback


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Published in: Lifestyle, Technology
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Swamp life by alexis m serback

  1. 1. Swamp Life Alexis SerbackFunctional Academics 7 December 13, 2011
  2. 2. CharactersThe purple gallinuleThe green iguanaThe young spectacled caimanThe fiddler crabThe archer fishThe mangrove snakeThe mudskipperThe spiny-bellied orb weaverThe young red-sided gartersnakeThe snapping turtleMy favorite character is thegreen iguana. I love iguanasthey are very unique andinteresting!
  3. 3. Setting• The setting is swamp life with 10 creatures in the swamp.
  4. 4. Important EventsThe green iguana, the young spectacled caiman, the snapping turtle, and the spiny-bellied orb weaver all live in America.Only five of these animals shed their skin.Only five of these animals are reptiles, one is a crustation, and the other three are their own animals.
  5. 5. ReviewI liked my book a lot. My favorite thing to read about is animals and that is all this book was about. I learned about new animals I have never heard of and stuff about regular animals I never new. This was a great book.