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Scot Ulmer: Steps for Less Daily Stress


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Scot Ulmer lists and explains daily steps to take for less daily stress

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Scot Ulmer: Steps for Less Daily Stress

  2. 2. Manageyourtime Flexible little routines lower stress by increasing daily predictability. Remember that your schedule doesn’t need to be rigid. Create short lists for today and not beyond the weekend.
  3. 3. Preparefortheday Take 10 minutes each evening to prepare for the next day. Write down meal plans and pack lunches ahead of time. Pick out clothing, set out shoes, and put items you need in one place.
  4. 4. Enjoythelittlethings Slow down and enjoy the moment you’re in. Focus on the details of your everyday activities.
  5. 5. Move often Regular exercise reduces stress and improves health. Small spurts of activity work well even if you can’t schedule a workout. A 10-15 minute walk can be as beneficial as a 45 minute workout to relieve anxiety.
  6. 6. Laugh often Laughter releases endorphins that improve mood and immune health. It also improves management of physical pain as well as lowers levels of the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine.
  7. 7. Enjoynature&creativity Spending time outdoors is a natural antidepressant. Natural scents and sights have a calming effect. Take time to enjoy art, music and dance!
  8. 8. Breathe deeply Take 5 minutes to breathe slowly and deeply when you feel anxious. Slow breaths reduce stress hormones in the body and lower heart rate and blood pressure.
  9. 9. Meditate daily Meditation is about finding inner peace. You don’t need to learn to meditate. Find simple ways to clear your mind like taking a bath or listening to soft music.
  10. 10. Keepajoyjournal Journaling promotes reflection and organization of thoughts. Entries can be however long you want. Journal positive things that happened during your day, achievements, and the little things that you are grateful for!
  11. 11. Sleep well! When you are well rested, you feel better!