Facebook Marketing Tips, The 3 Step Secret to Selling Stuff


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There are many ways to use Facebook to generate leads and make sales, but if you're not using these Facebook marketing tips you may be driving people away.

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Facebook Marketing Tips, The 3 Step Secret to Selling Stuff

  1. 1. Facebook Marketing Tips,The 3 Step Secret ToSelling StuffClick Here to watch this video.
  2. 2. Facebook Marketing Tips That GetAnyone To Buy Now Now there are going to be two different people looking at these Facebook marketing tips. One person who watches this video and ignores what I’m saying because they think they already know what they’re doing. Then there is the second person who takes action and implements the Facebook marketing tips I suggest. The second person will build a much stronger following and make a lot more sales and recruit people at will into whatever they’re promoting.Here’s A Few More Facebook Marketing Tips NotMentionedThere are always exceptions to the way you can market that’s actually effective. For starters,you’ll see Facebook posts that are directly toward a specific offer using company replicatedpages from some marketers that actually produce sales. If you see this, it’s because that personusually has a following and everyone already knows what kind of value they have to offer.If you’re not well known and you haven’t produced many results in whatever you’re promoting,even if a person wants to buy or join whatever you are promoting, they rarely will get it from you.It does happen sometimes but it’s extremely rare. Most of the time, a person will do a search forthat offer and buy or join someone they already know like and trust with business decisions.Now notice the last two words I just said in that paragraph. They will join people they know likeand trust with “business decisions”. Just because you’re the class clown and you post funnythings on your Facebook wall and have tons of friends, doesn’t mean that they’re going towant to be in business with you. Now don’t get me wrong, I love funny stuff and I post some inFacebook every now and then but you have to have some sort of content that actually providesvalue.The next kind of person that can get away with directly promoting an offer on Facebook is if theyhave proof of their results and it’s rolled into their own sales page. Usually any company linksdirectly posted on your wall, very rarely gets clicked on.Here’s Your Assignment Using These Facebook Marketing Tips1) Go to the blog post I talk about in the video above and listen to that audio or just click here
  3. 3. 2) Write an article about what you learned and post it on your blog3) Record a video talking about the article you just wrote, upload it to YouTube and Embed thatYouTube video it into that blog post4) End your blog post with a call to action directing the reader to take action5) Share your new blog post with your friends on FacebookNow there are many other ways to use Facebook and this is simply one strategy I have usedthat works without fail. If you take action on what I’ve suggested in these Facebook marketingtips you cannot help but get better results.- Scott ZlateffP.S. If you got value out of this quick tip and want to help clean up Facebook… ClickHere and share, like, tweet, G+ it and post your comments below.P.P.S. To learn about the offer that I use this strategy with to make as much as $4,622 ina day click here.