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C and s cosmetics

  2. 2. Business Concept  We are an online cosmetics and skin care retailer geared to women and men of all ages.
  3. 3. “ Our mission is to make C and S the preferred source for organic based cosmetics and skin care by delivering outstanding value and selection, and providing extraordinary customer service ”
  4. 4. Market Summary  Worldwide cosmetic industry sales reach about $170 billion per year. ~$40 billion in the Americas, ~$60 billion in Europe, ~$60 billion in Australia & Asia, and another $10 billion in Africa. The Western world spends a bit more per person but India and Asia are quickly catching up.  There are 5 primary segments. Sales are distributed as such:  1. Hair Care – 20%  2. Skin Care – 27%  3. Fragrance – 10%  4. Make-up – 20%  5. Other – 23%
  5. 5. Opportunities  We will offer products of high quality at a lower price than the major players in the industry. We will develop a strong international customer base using unique advertising across all markets.  We will establish a brand loyalty with our clientele and have “customers for life”  We will advertise to men as we see this as an area with unlimited potential.
  6. 6. Competition  We know we face major competition. Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Revlon, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Clinique, a nd the list goes on and on.  Along with these manufacturers we also understand that there hundreds of websites dedicated to selling cosmetics.
  7. 7. Goals and Objectives  By 2017 we will have a minimum of 5% share of the domestic market and a 7% share of the international markets.  We will achieve this through aggressive marketing and exceptional product standards and customer service. We will develop new products and lines based on customer input and market opportunities.  The C and S brand will be an industry leader and innovator and will expand accordingly.
  8. 8. The Team  CEO Carron Cutler has years of experience selling skin care and cosmetics. She has developed a strong client base through unprecedented customer service.  CFO Scott Nunez has 5+ years of internet retail experience and has built companies from the ground up. His years at .com retailers have given him a strong foundation for this enterprise.  Both Carron and Scott bring a team of experienced professionals with a passion and commitment to excellence.
  9. 9. The Team [Carron Cutler] President, CEO [Scott Nunez] [Toots Hibbert] CFO Vice President [Beres [Everton [Capleton] Hammond] Blender] Manager Manager Manager
  10. 10. Resource Requirements  The following resources will be the responsibility of manager Beres Hammond and his team: Personnel, Technology. He will oversee all aspects of the website.  CEO Cutler and CFO Nunez will be responsible for Finances, Distribution, Promotion, Services.  The initial capital will be paid by the CEO and CFO.  We will ship domestically and internationally using FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL.  Toots Hibbert will be the manager of services and he and his team will interact with customers through email and the phone.
  11. 11. Financial Plan
  12. 12. Risks and Rewards  Risk here is great, in such a competitive industry, it is possible to fall short of projected goals or even go belly up.  With great risk can come great reward. If we aggressively advertise, especially internationally, we can make a niche for ourselves and have substantial prosperity. By providing quality products and great customer service we can experience growth and financial gain.
  13. 13. Key Issues  Near term  We must get the site up and running. We need to add products frequently to offer a wide selection of products. We must advertise relentlessly to get our brand out there.  Long term  We need to think about potential growth and consider housing a potentially large inventory. We also need look into employee benefit programs and make sure we are carrying enough insurance for the business.  Growth and expansion could necessitate the need for outside capital investment.
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