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PhotoShop is Dead to me! Use this new FREE app to create stunning social media graphics!


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I hate Photoshop and I hate trying to create graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs and etc. With this new Canva app I can now create graphics with a breeze and look professional doing it. Sign up by going here:

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PhotoShop is Dead to me! Use this new FREE app to create stunning social media graphics!

  1. 1. I Suck at PhotoShop! Canva Can Save You!
  2. 2. What is Canva?
  3. 3. “Canva enables anyone to become a designer.” — PSFK “A graphic design platform anyone can use.” — TechCrunch “Canva could very well become an industry disrupting household name.” — Web Appstorm “The easiest to use design program in the world.” — Netted by the Webbys Testimonies
  4. 4. 1 A Simple, New Way to Design Easily turn your ideas into designs for Web and print. Images 2 3 Search and Drag Simplicity It's Online & Free to use! Canva's integrated library of stock photos, graphic elements and cut-out images allow you to quickly drag-anddrop to create your design. Canva is entirely online so there's no expensive software to install! And you can access it and your saved projects anywhere! 4 Over 1 million images and hundreds of Design with 1 million photos, fonts graphics and fonts, or upload your own.
  5. 5. Ge t w To Ho arted St
  6. 6. START A NEW DESIGN Choose from pre-designed layouts optimized for Social Media or select a custom dimension.
  7. 7. Choose a Layout 100s of layouts to choose from for each format chosen
  8. 8. Add Text Add a basic text box or choose from 1000s of pre-made text banners and buttons!
  9. 9. Choose a Background Easily change the color of the background or choose from 1000s of designs.
  10. 10. Search for Images Search from more than 1 million images to add to your design!
  11. 11. Upload Your Images Upload images from your computer or sync with Facebook!
  12. 12. Publish Your Design Share your images on social media or save to your computer.
  13. 13. Title Some of My Design Examples
  14. 14. Get VIP Access! Gain Instant Access to the Canva app and get $10 credit!!!