Creating an Effective Roadmap for Content Development


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A quick, actionable guide for developing a content development roadmap. Presented at MNSearch #12.

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Creating an Effective Roadmap for Content Development

  1. 1. ABOUT ME @scott_dodge @threedeep SEO @ThreeDeep. Car Guy. Hater of Sports. 2 @scott_dodge
  2. 2. AGENDA Caring about Content Approaching Content Differently Developing an Actionable Content Development Roadmap 3 @scott_dodge
  3. 3. ch Confidential and Proprietary Information
  4. 4. Confidential and Proprietary Information
  5. 5. CONTENT IS A WEIRD THING. It’s a buzzword to some, and a lifeblood to others. 6 @scott_dodge
  6. 6. SOME DON’T CARE ENOUGH. OTHERS CARE TOO MUCH. “Um…. I’ll just have the burger.” 7 @scott_dodge
  7. 7. PEOPLE HAVE VARYING LEVELS OF UNDERSTANDING. Content = Blog posts! More blog posts = more traffic! Content = more traffic! *Rapid crapsourcing ensues You can’t say that! That needs to go through legal. That needs approval from the CEO and his Grandmother. *Nothing gets done 8 @scott_dodge
  8. 8. HERE’S WHAT WE HAVE TO DO. k 9 @scott_dodge
  9. 9. STOP THINKING ABOUT CONTENT AS A SINGLE ENTITY. What makes a car good? 10 @scott_dodge
  10. 10. THINK ABOUT IT AS A CULMINATION OF MANY FACTORS. = = It’s a combination of quality (power, handling, reliability, styling) and most importantly, RELEVANCE. 11 @scott_dodge
  11. 11. A QUANTUM LEAP. Change is haaaaard. Crapsourcing content is easy and cheap. 12 @scott_dodge
  12. 12. CRAPSOURCING. Here’s what crapsourcing gets you. 13 @scott_dodge
  13. 13. MANY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. So… there’s this content thing that I’m supposed to be doing… 14 @scott_dodge
  14. 14. LET ME SHOW YOU THE WAY. 15 @scott_dodge
  15. 15. STEP 1 – START CARING. The first step in any Content Development project is to actually CARE. 16 @scott_dodge
  16. 16. STEP 2 – PRIORITIZE AND FOCUS. Start breaking down key service lines, product categories or markets. 17 This will help make execution less intimidating. @scott_dodge
  17. 17. STEP 3 – UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER. To ensure you’re developing content that resonates, make sure you have some semblance of understanding your customer, their interests, and their desires. 18 @scott_dodge
  18. 18. STEP 4 – BUILD A ROADMAP OF KEYWORD THEMES. The most important step, and the focus of this presentation entails building a roadmap of keyword themes. 19 @scott_dodge
  19. 19. STEP 5 – EXECUTE. The final step in this process is to execute. 20 @scott_dodge
  20. 20. The Players Pen and Paper Scrapebox Adwords Keyword Tool / Planner Excel Your Brain 21
  21. 21. PEN AND PAPER. Start with focus area #1. Grab a pen and paper, and start sketching out the customer path to conversion. This is where customer understanding is vital. 22 @scott_dodge
  22. 22. REFINE A BIT. Start to refine, and go into a little depth in each of these areas. 23 @scott_dodge
  23. 23. TRANSLATE TO SEED KEYWORDS THAT WILL GROW INTO THEMES. Translate these barely legible ramblings into something a living, breathing human would actually search for. 24 @scott_dodge
  24. 24. FIRE UP SCRAPEBOX. Dump these seed keywords into Scrapebox Suggest Scraper. 25 @scott_dodge
  25. 25. RE-SCRAPE LIST A COUPLE TIMES. Review the scraped list. If you feel like it, remove a few non-applicable KWs. Transfer left, and re-scrape. 26 @scott_dodge
  26. 26. DUMP LIST INTO ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL Once you have the big list, dump them into the Adwords Keyword Tool / planner / whatever they’re calling it now. 27 @scott_dodge
  27. 27. TAKE NOTE OF HOW HIGH-VOLUME KEYWORD INTENT DIFFERS. These will start to inform your main themes, which you can then begin to break down. 28 @scott_dodge
  28. 28. EXPORT INTO EXCEL, BREAK IT DOWN. Get sorting. Look at your high-volume keywords, and search for related keywords to create detailed keyword themes. 29 @scott_dodge
  29. 29. BBBBBBBREAK IT DOWN Pretty easy to understand what you need to do, and how to prioritize it, right? 30 @scott_dodge
  30. 30. A WILD ROADMAP APPEARS… Right in front of your eyes, this informationoverload turns into an actionable outline that you could get started on TODAY. 31 @scott_dodge
  31. 31. EXECUTE AND ENJOY! Execution is up to you. Turn this into an editorial calendar, use it to break down a new service line section, or create a wiki-style monster resource page. 32 @scott_dodge
  32. 32. 1. Content is important. Care. 2. Map out a conversion path. 3. Use ScrapeBox & KW Tool to get a monster list of KWs with volume. 4. Break down KW list @scott_dodge
  33. 33. @scott_dodge @threedeep