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2011 fitbloggin analytics


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Scott Stawarz's great talk on using Google Analytics to maximize your blog.

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2011 fitbloggin analytics

  1. 1. Know Your Stats:Mining your website analytics to improve your blog. Scott Stawarz Who am I? twitter: @scottstawarz web: web:
  2. 2. Today’s Plan• First Step• Set-up• Terms• Site Searches, Event Tracking, Goal Tracking• Beyond Google Analytics
  3. 3. First Step• Why are YOU fit blogging?
  4. 4. First Step For Fun? To make money? Stay Motivated? • Why are YOU fit blogging?Help Others? Improve Personal Health and Fitness? Recognition?
  5. 5. First Step• Define Why?• Define my Goals.• Identify ways to measure success.
  6. 6. First Step You Decide! Define Possible Goals:• Downloads of PDF’s • Ad Clicks• # of Comments • Tweets & Likes• # of Contact Us • RSS / Email Subscribers• Weight Loss • Engagement | Visitor Loyalty• Number of Page Views • Incoming Links• Posts Published / Month • Cost (time & money)• Affiliate Clicks • Return on Investment
  7. 7. Set-up• Possible Tools to measure our goals.• Methods for install (code, theme, or plugin)
  8. 8. Tools• Most Common Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics• Stalwarts Omniture, Webtrends, Coremetrics, Urchin• Others GetClicky, Woopra, Piwik, HaveAMint, LuckyOrange, AWStats, etc... 1photo:
  9. 9. Set-up• Code. (Works Faster)• Plugin. (Easier and more functionality) • Google Analytics for Wordpress By Joost de Valk • Google Analyticator By: Ronald Heft• In your existing Theme or Service.
  10. 10. Setup Demo:Installing Google Analytics • Manual Setup • Plugin Setup
  11. 11. Setup Demo
  12. 12. Setup Demo
  13. 13. Setup Demo
  14. 14. Setup Demo
  15. 15. Setup DemoManual Set-up Add this code right above your </head> tag. New Analytics Site Speed Tracking. 000000
  16. 16. Setup Demo
  17. 17. Setup DemoPickOne
  18. 18. Setup Demo
  19. 19. Setup Demo
  20. 20. Setup Demo
  21. 21. Setup Demo Add pdf, etc... Leave blank
  22. 22. Setup Demo Leave Defaults
  23. 23. Analytics is now setup
  24. 24. Terms• Hits,Visits,Visitors • Exit Rate• Time on Site, Time • Engagement on Page • Conversion Rate• Bounce Rate
  25. 25. Terms• Hit Request for any file from your website• Visit A browser session.• Visitor Absolute Unique Visitor.
  26. 26. Terms• Time on Site• Time on Page
  27. 27. Terms• Bounce Rate • Bounce rate is the % of Single-page visits. • Exit Page = Landing Page • Bounce rate is the Single-page visit with no user interaction on tracked events.• Exit Rate % of exit for the page and landing could be
  28. 28. Terms• Engagement • Page Depth Interest in your site. Measured often by • Time on Site • Returning Visitors • Surveys • Click Path Analysis • Conversions
  29. 29. Terms• Conversion Rate Does the visitor achieve the website’s goal?• Google Analytics has Three types • URL Destination (Did I land on that page?) • Time on Site • # of Pages per visit
  30. 30. Terms Demo• What should I write • How is my Link Building, about? Social Media, or Ad. >Traffic Sources - Keywords Campaigns working? >Traffic Sources - Referring Site search/ >URL Builder: Campaigns: Example: Twitter• What pages can I improve? >Weighted Sort Bounce Rate • What Time Should I Post? >Visitors - Map Overlay• How Engaged our my Use the Geographic Report to see what part of the world your Readers? >Visitors - Visitor Loyalty visitors are from? >Custom Hourly Report• Do you have fans? >New vs. Returning visitors
  31. 31. Terms Demo1. Choose your Site 2. Pick a Time Frame3. Pick A Report 4. Analyze the Results
  32. 32. Terms Demo1. Keyword 2. Sort By Report Bounce Rate 3. Magic
  33. 33. Terms Demo1. Choose visitors 4. Do I have fans?2. Visitor Loyalty 3. Do I have engagement?
  34. 34. Terms DemoHow is mymarketing?
  35. 35. Terms Demo Google: URL Builder answer=55578
  36. 36. Terms Demo
  37. 37. Terms Demo What time should I blog? Where do my visitors read from?
  38. 38. Terms DemoWhat Time Should I blog?
  39. 39. Custom Reporting1. Pick Custom Reporting 2. Pick Manage Custom Reports 3. Create new Custom Report
  40. 40. Custom Reporting Give it a name Add Your Metrics Add Your Dimensions
  41. 41. Reporting -Let’s Do more.
  42. 42. Site Search• Track what users are searching for on your site.• Why? • Find hidden ideas for blog posts • Improve Navigation
  43. 43. Site Search Demo 1. Edit the profile Site Search
  44. 44. Site Search Demo Click Do Track Search Enter letter S If you use Adsense
  45. 45. Site Search Demo Look at Terms to Find ideas to Blog Can people not find things?
  46. 46. Event Tracking• Use for Tracking: • PDF Downloads • Outbound links • Video usage• Requires some custom code or a plugin.• Note: Limited to 500 tracked events per session(visit)
  47. 47. Event Tracking Demo• Manual Code tracking/eventTrackerGuide.html <a href="#" onClick="_gaq.push([_trackEvent, Videos, Play, Babys First Birthday]);">Play</a>• Plugin
  48. 48. Event Tracking Demo 1. Choose Content 2. Choose Event Tracking
  49. 49. Event Tracking Demo
  50. 50. Goal Tracking• Used for tracking Conversions• Once set up, recommend not changing them. • URL Destination (Did I land on that page?) ie: Thank You Page. • Time on Site • # of Pages per visit • Events (new analytics only)• Think of Primary Goals & Secondary Goals
  51. 51. Goal Tracking Possible Goals:• Contact Us Form• E-commerce• Engagement• RSS Subscriptions• Blog Comments• Event Tracking - New Analytics
  52. 52. Goal Tracking Demo Step 1: Create the Tracking Page
  53. 53. Goal Tracking Demo Step 2: Edit the theme Step 3: Select theme to editStep 5: Add custom code Step 4: Select Theme Functions
  54. 54. Goal Tracking Demo 6. Edit the profile 7. Add Goals
  55. 55. Goal Tracking Demo Use Name of Page you just created Optional
  56. 56. Goal Tracking Demo Last Step: Make sure the Page is hidden from Google. Hover the Page with mouse Identify Post IDIdentify any of your Theme Pages that use this function and add exclusions <?php wp_list_pages(exclude=636 ); // exclude page ID 636, the comment Thank You page Optionally: Add Exclusions to SEO, robots noindex
  57. 57. Goal Tracking DemoWait a few days. Run Report:
  58. 58. Goal Tracking Demo Create a Custom Report to identify what marketing campaigns perform better Goal Wise.
  59. 59. Goal Tracking Demo Define what engagement goals mean for your site
  60. 60. Beyond Google Analytics• RSS Tracking - Feedburner, PostRank, RapidFeeds, Feedity, Feedcat, Feedsqueezer• HeatMaps - CrazyEgg, LuckyOrange
  61. 61. Beyond Analytics• Qualitative: Understanding Why? • Watch Customers - ClickTale, LuckyOrange • • Surveys:, LuckyOrange
  62. 62. Bonus Time• Feedburner• In Page Analytics• New Google Analytics Version
  63. 63. Feedburner Demo
  64. 64. Feedburner Demo
  65. 65. Feedburner Demo Auto Post to Twitter & Auto Tags Campaign for easy Google Analytic Tracking
  66. 66. FeedBurner Demo By Segmenting, the traffic, we can use our Goals & Adsense to see if the referral is effective. Notice the filter usage
  67. 67. In-Page Analytics
  68. 68. New Google Analytics At the Top of Analytics
  69. 69. New Google Analytics New Analytics Code for Site Speed Tracking.
  70. 70. Homework• Install an Analytics Tool even if you don’t plan to use it.• Decide on Your Goals and How to track.• Set-up Goals, Event Tracking, & Site-Search• Look at Trends, Segment, and Tie it back to your own personal Return on Investment.
  71. 71. Credits• Thanks to Room Dividers for letting me use some of their data.
  72. 72. Sources••• Web Analytics 2.0 Book
  73. 73. Thank you• Scott Stawarz• @scottstawarz••• Slides at: