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What Makes Millennial Entrepreneurs Unique


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Millennial entrepreneurs are flocking to the startup world. Here is what makes them succeed.

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What Makes Millennial Entrepreneurs Unique

  2. 2. MILLENNIAL ENTREPRENEURS The startup world is being taken over by the millennial generation, as many younger people are looking to start their own companies. They live by the mantra 'do what you love' and try to apply it to every facet of their work life.
  3. 3. MILLENNIAL ENTREPRENEURS The one thing that makes these entrepreneurs different from others is their outlook and experience. Both are different than those of any other generation. The following are a few of these unique traits that Millennials possess:
  4. 4. THEY GREW UP SEEING ENTREPRENEURS THRIVE Millennials have grown up in the time of Unicorn companies. A lot of the success they have witnessed in the business world has been from enterprising endeavors. They look up to entrepreneurs, and stray away from the corporate world.
  5. 5. THEY ARE VERY COLLABORATIVE Millennials are all about collaboration. While older generations may be more hesitant to tell others potential business ideas, Millennials offer up information freely in order to obtain feedback. Millennial entrepreneurship is usually a group effort.
  6. 6. THEY ARE EXPERIENCED WITH ALL THINGS DIGITAL Millennials grew up watching technology morph into the digital revolution. They therefore had to figure out how to use many pieces of technology through trial and error, which gives them a unique perspective. This perspective on changing technology gives them the best mindset with which to start a business.
  7. 7. THEY’RE MOTIVATED BY A SENSE OF PURPOSE Millennials are notorious for wanting a job about which they are passionate. This is a key part of what drives them as entrepreneurs. Millennials want to have the knowledge that their work is making a positive impact on the world around them.
  8. 8. THEY CONSTANTLY STRIVE TO LEARN AND THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Millennials graduated into a dismal job market, with large amounts of student loans. In order to get out of this financial situation, millennials needed to be creative and figure out new ways of making money. Millennials also enjoy learning, which is what motivates them to create their own companies.