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Self Directed Support - Personalisation in Health Care and its process


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A presentation exploring personalisation in health care and how self directed support can be used to help patients achieve outcomes. This presentation talks through the process and there are links to information within it.

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Self Directed Support - Personalisation in Health Care and its process

  1. 1. Scottish Transitions Forum 1 November 2013 NHS Lothian & Fife Test Sites Allie Cherry SDS Policy Team
  2. 2. “I can still walk” Improved physical health ”It has given me the Improved mental health self-confidence and ability to try new things” “I feel fitter” Improved Independence “I have less pain” Impact on Individuals Improved Family Relationships Reduced access to health services Improved Self-management Reduced social isolation “It makes me feel I have a wee bit more say in what’s being done” “I feel more alive and part of the human race”
  3. 3. Reduced burden Planning to return to work “everyone in the family benefits from his “something to talk about at the end Reduced social isolation improved mood” of the day” "if I went out, she Improved Family Relationships had to wait for my help… now she's more independent" Impact on Carers
  4. 4. “there was definitely a sense of ‘wow, let’s see what’s possible here’.” Sense of reward Reduced access to service Improved joint working Staff and Services matched core professional values “the service users appreciated the support and thought we were wonderful” Time consuming process Improved relationship with service users “our client group can’t self-direct… we had to give a lot of input”
  5. 5. Person Centred Improved Quality Of Life Creativity Personal Control Person Centred Improved Outcomes Aspiration Risk Enablement Independent Living
  6. 6. Individual Triangle of Trust Organisation Professional
  7. 7. Allie Cherry 0131 244 2378
  8. 8. Allie Cherry 0131 244 2378