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Bakken oil trains 2


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Oil fires from Bakken Oil train derailments pose a dangerous threat to nearby nuclear plants. This presentation examines the threat potential at Three Mile Island near Harrisburg PA.

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Bakken oil trains 2

  1. 1. Scott Portzline Three Mile Island Alert Security Consultant Harrisburg PA April 2, 2015 Bakken Oil Trains – Potential External Threat to the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station Presented to Harrisburg PA City Council
  2. 2. • Shortly after 9-11, the City of Harrisburg requested TMIA to perform a “security needs” analysis of Three Mile Island for a Homeland Security program. • I participated in U.S. Coast Guard rulemaking for protection from water craft attacks at nuclear plants. • We warned about the terrorism threat at TMI prior to the revelation of the nearby training camp of men associated with Ramsey Yousef.
  3. 3. • Created a rulemaking docket so that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would require guards at entrances. • Maintained a database on lost and stolen nuclear materials in the U.S. • Had a document removed from the U.S. Department of Energy website which revealed the best angle to attack a nuclear plant with an aircraft.
  4. 4. • Caused the NRC to remove sensitive documents which reveal the exact location of dangerous radioisotopes used at industrial, educational and medical facilities. These documents also revealed security measures or lack thereof.
  5. 5. July, 2013, a Bakken oil train derailed at Lac-Mégantic, Quebec Canada and exploded, killing 47 and burning down a quarter of the town.
  6. 6. Six months later, another crude-bearing train derailed and exploded in Casselton, North Dakota, prompting the evacuation of most of the town's 2,300 residents.
  7. 7. Feb. 16, 2015 -- Mount Carbon, WV • An hour after this video was taken, this train crashed causing an explosion and burned into the night. • Two nearby towns were evacuated • Governor declared a state of emergency
  8. 8. Fireball Video
  9. 9. The West Virginia National Guard was called to the scene.
  10. 10. Mount Carbon, WV EVACUATION ZONE
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Red = Evacuation Zone Yellow = 1 mile
  13. 13. “The licensee is currently sheltering its employees on site and is turning away people from the site who are reporting to work.” “Five licensee people who reported to work passed through the ammonia cloud on their way to work. The individuals complained of nausea and have been transported to a hospital via an ambulance.” Toxic cloud impact event
  14. 14. Power lines
  15. 15. Loss of Offsite Power is the single greatest concern for contributing to reactor core damage. FUKUSHIMA is a station blackout catastrophe.
  16. 16. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is re- examining external hazard threats like floods, fires, earthquakes etc.. I do not have faith in NRC’s analysis. Examples: • Truck Bomb set back distances were too small • Control of the Emergency Responders Routes • My entrance guard rulemaking vanished
  17. 17. “Approaches: Particular emphasis must be placed on main and alternate entry routes for law-enforcement or other offsite support agencies and the location of control points for marshalling and coordinating response activities.” NRC dropped this portion of a proposed rule TMI’s North Bridge The main entrance for Emergency Responders
  18. 18. Control of TMI’s two Bridges • Without control of the bridges at TMI, many aspects of the planned emergency responses are severely compromised. • Currently, the bridges are not controlled by security forces. • The NRC made my docketed proposed rule for entrance guards disappear. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission broke more than forty of its own rules and guidelines in the handling of my docketed petition for rulemaking for entrance guards.
  19. 19. Spent nuclear fuel needs to be camouflaged.
  20. 20. Communications is a problem with every Homeland Security Drill – first responders will be effected as well as citizens.
  21. 21. Security vs. Safety creates debatable conditions of vulnerability and risks. The need for secrecy will trump the need for prior knowledge of dangerous shipments. BEST Recommendation: Harrisburg should get assurances from the Dept. of Transportation that communication of a dangerous transportation accident will occur within 10 minutes.
  22. 22. Dangerous shipments should not occur on days of extreme weather. I saw a high level nuclear waste train traveling (8 miles north of Hbg.) at 45 miles per hour on a 96 degree day. It was the third day in a row of 95+ degree temperatures and a train had derailed in Washington D.C. due to tracks warping from the extreme heat. The speed of trains should be slowed where extra safety is appropriate.
  23. 23. Geiger counters should be activated as first responders approach any emergency situation. end