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Lean Startups Demystified - ALM Summit 3


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Lean Startups Demystified - ALM Summit 3

  1. 1. Lean Startups,Cheezburger and You
  2. 2. Lean Startups,Cheezburger and You
  3. 3. Lean Startups, Demystified
  4. 4. “Startup” is Everywhere
  5. 5. Alfred P. Sloan • MIT-trained engineer • Head of GM for 30 years • Father of Modern Corporation • Hospitals and Colleges
  6. 6. William “Billy” Durant • High School Dropout • Horse-drawn carraiges • Founded GM • Founded Chevrolet • Sold Chevy to GM
  7. 7. Story Comparison
  8. 8. Me
  9. 9. Waterfall
  10. 10. Agile
  11. 11. Sidebar #1: Market vs Execution
  12. 12. Steve Blank BIG OBSERVATION: Startups fail because because nobody wants to buy the products or services. BIG IDEA: “Get out of the building!”
  13. 13. Eric Ries BIG OBSERVATION: Customer Development plus Agile makes a big Build-Measure-Learn Loop BIG IDEA #1: Structured approach to addressing “startups”
  14. 14. Lean Startup
  15. 15. Sidebar #2: OODA Loop
  16. 16. Eric Ries BIG OBSERVATION: Runway is not time, it’s iterations BIG IDEAS #2 and #3: “Minimize the total time through the loop” Unit of Measure is “Validated Learning”
  17. 17. Let’s Take a Step Back™• Startups are situations of extreme uncertainty• Different skills for those situations• Big Ideas from Blank and Ries: – Avoid building stuff that nobody wants – Structured approach to addressing “startups” – Get through the loop faster – Unit of Measure is Validated Learning Ya got that??
  18. 18. If you only learn one thing… Foundation of the Lean Startup Avoid building stuff nobody wants and get through the loop faster Everything else is just commentary.
  19. 19. Where to start?
  20. 20. Lean is not cheap.
  21. 21. Free Your Mind (and the rest will follow)Start with with a shift ofmindset from thinkingabout delivering code asan achievement tothinking about ameasurable learningas an achievement.
  22. 22. Good Luck! I live on the Interwebs at