PCG Northeast Ohio Capabilities Overview Brochure


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PCG Northeast Ohio Capabilities Overview Brochure

  1. 1. P C G | northeast ohio Capabilities overviewCapital Markets | Private Client Group
  2. 2. C a P i ta L M a r K e t s | P r i v at e C L i e n t G r o U Pcbre privaTe clienT groupthe Private Client Group (PCG) is a national practice of seasoned professionals located in virtually every major market across the Us withaccess to the deepest sources of private capital. We closely track current market conditions, identify and qualify active investors and usethis information to minimize cycle time and reduce the likelihood of re-trading or failed transactions. our attention to detail and commitmentto serving our owners and investors has earned us a reputation in the industry that is unmatched. We care about our clients and take aconsultative approach with each property. We pride ourselves on providing the best advice available, including holding or re-positioningan asset when appropriate.Technology plaTformCBre invests heavily in both human capital and budget dollars to ensure our professionals have access to an unmatched technology interfaceincreasing speed to market and targeted marketing campaigns. a proprietary shared national database of 170,000 investors, owners and brokers. our 300+ professionals continually update and refine buying criteria product preferences and track emerging market trends in real-time. pcglistings CBre’s exclusive and expansive online listings service captures investor information, further refines criteria and ProPerties can incorporate confidentiality agreements and password level security. campaign CBre’s standard for electronic communications allows for marketing materials to be distributed quickly and provides detailed tracking information to show investor/market reactions to the opportunity. LOGICpcg preSenceCBre PCG is dedicated to serving the unique, highly specialized needs of private real estate investors and ensuring they receive themaximum return on their investment. With over 90 teams located in more than 54 markets across the Us, we approach the intricacies ofany market with a global perspective. this enables us to help investors identify untapped opportunities in the marketplace as well as takeadvantage of emerging trends in the early states of their lifecycle. PCG Locations CB richard ellis offices
  3. 3. C a Pa B i L i t i e s o v e r v i e W nprecedentedMarket ourU m and Datab ing a proprietary investor/broker database created by PCG 51 1 brokers nationwide which maximizes exposure and syste ase delivers the highest pricing from qualified buyers. ins Ma titu teria tio n e inv sed o Whether a periodic investor, local operator, developer or nal for Clie ors2 -Gr major player, you benefit from PCG’s best of class service est Focu ls adeM ts and unrivaled attention to detail. 5 reaSonS service Privat TO CHOOSE arketing the best professionals, focused solely on investment n 3 properties in each market nationwide with deep local market PCG 2 knowledge and real-time access to the most active capital. 4 Kn nd CBre size and scope provides even the smaller owner Cl rade led ow 4 ts with best of class Financial analysts, Graphic artists, Legal in geof a G al- ien Consultants, Marketing specialists, and Market research. ve t ion all sto heProd 5 Professional presentation of compelling property offering materials, clearly positioning the property in it’s best light rM arke t t uc 3 serv itut inst s for ice and leading to a successful campaign and sale process.pcg’S Winning STraTegyFaster Further higherto Market to Investors & Brokers value & PrIcIng• asset to market in less than 1 week • over 170,000 investors and • extensive exposure creates maximum 30,000 brokers in the shared activity and results in the optimum• e-mail broadcast to local and out-of- national database value to the seller state buyers; supplemented with flyers and postcards • 1031 exchange Buyer network • Unequalled access to “top tier” buyers• Customized website and • international investor Database domain name • Local, regional, and national• expedient production of innovative advertising marketing materials • CBre network of servicesuncerTain TimeS creaTive SoluTionSCBre has answers! PCG professionals leverage internal experts across the CBre platform empowering privateinvestors to maximize value and mitigate risk in today’s choppy and fluctuating market. the suite of CBre real estate services include:• investment Property • return analysis • valuation acquisition/Disposition • Debt & equity Finance • Distressed asset Workouts (office, Medical, retail and industrial) • Capital sourcing/Joint • auction services venture investment• Deal structuring • sale Leaseback Modeling• hold vs. sell analysis
  4. 4. Capital Markets | Private Client Group P C G | northeast ohio 200 Public square, suite 2560 :: Cleveland, oh 44114 | W W W. C B r e.Co M /P CG n o r t h e a s to h i oexeCUtive aDvisors sCot t PoLLoCK stePhen J. LatKoviC, esq., CPa investment specialist investment specialist 216.363.6467 216.363.6418 scott.pollock@cbre.com steve.latkovic@cbre.comPlease visit the northeast ohio Private Client Group teampage at: www.cbre.com/pcgnortheastohioFor our insights and news on investment commercial real estate, visit our blog at: www.commercialinsider.blogspot.comreCent transaC tions ohio savinG PLaza the viCtory BUiLDinG Cleveland, ohio Cleveland, ohio 366,525 sF 172,021 sF sale Price Undisclosed $2,700,000 north Pointe va MoB seLeCt MeDiCaL LtaCh Middletown, ohio akron, ohio 20,284 sF 54,450 sF $6,000,000 $20,500,000 MaCaroni GriLL north olmsted, oh $1,900,000cB richard ellis | 200 Public square | suite 2560 | cleveland, oH 44114© 2011 cB richard ellis, Inc. the information contained in this document has been obtained from sources believed reliable. While cB richard ellis, Inc. does not doubt its accuracy, cB richard ellis, Inc. hasnot verified it and makes no guarantee, warranty or representation about it. It is your responsibility to independently confirm its accuracy and completeness. any projections, opinions, assumptions or estimatesused are for example only and do not represent the current or future performance of the property. the value of this transaction to you depends on tax and other factors which should be evaluated by your tax,financial and legal advisors. You and your advisors should conduct a careful, independent investigation of the property to determine to your satisfaction the suitability of the property for your needs. licensedreal estate Broker