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Sustainable SEO - Future of SEO by Scott Polk


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Pubcon 2013 Las Vegas Session for Sustainable SEO / Algorithm Proofing

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Sustainable SEO - Future of SEO by Scott Polk

  1. 1. Sustainable SEO Presented by: Scott Polk Founder - ObsidianEdge
  2. 2. Future of SEO • Predict the Future based on direction of the web itself (Trends/Investments) • Evolve, Adapt and Adjust • Always have a 36 month plan as a living document
  3. 3. Think Forward
  4. 4. Think Forward • Stop chasing the algorithm • Ask what direction is Google/Bing moving towards? • Develop strategies that play to the FUTURE of the internet!
  5. 5. Social Media • The future is definitely going Social • Micro-Social Networks built on top of existing platforms/technologies • Verified ID Accounts
  6. 6. Link Techniques • • • • • Old Techniques are done – just STOP!! Anchor Text is DYING Links for Users and Traffic Relevancy, Relevancy & RELEVANCY! Use Call to Action (CTA)
  7. 7. Link Profile Research Required! If you are not doing your homework then you are not doing your job RELEVANCY!
  8. 8. Optimize Linking Sites Optimize the sites linking to you
  9. 9. Deep Linking Deep links are more important than ever Pages Indexed vs Links Ratio If it’s a page you want people to visit, then it may be link worthy!
  10. 10. Links & Social Signals • Utilize Social Signals to strengthen links • They may not have impact now, but they will in the future. • If Google is betting on Google Plus – then pay attention
  11. 11. Scott Polk Founder/ President ObsidianEdge Marketing @scottpolk