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Top Shelf SEO and SEO Hot Topics


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PubCon New Orleans featured session on SEO Hot Topics / Top Shelf SEO for 2013

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Top Shelf SEO and SEO Hot Topics

  1. 1. Top Shelf SEO 2013Presented by:Scott PolkFounder - ObsidianEdge
  2. 2. Links Antiquated TechniquesDo not hold thevalue they used to
  3. 3. Links – Anchor Text• Exact Match is dying• Need Diversity• Use Brand Names• Use URL/Domain• Use CTA (Call to Action)
  4. 4. Link Profile ResearchRequired!If you are not doing your homework thenyou are not doing your job
  5. 5. Optimize Linking SitesOptimize the sites linking to you
  6. 6. Deep LinkingDeep links are more important than everPages Indexed vs Links RatioAverage ratio 80-85% Deep Links
  7. 7. Links & Social Signals• Utilize Social Signals to strengthenlinks
  8. 8. Social Signals• The future is going Social• Micro-Social Networks built on top ofexisting platforms/technologies• Verified ID Accounts
  9. 9. Future of SEO• Predict the Future based on directionof the web• Evolve, Adapt and Adjust• Always have a 36 month plan as a livingdocument
  10. 10. Scott PolkFounder/ PresidentObsidianEdge Marketing