BRAVO! A Cultural Crossroads of Physics and the Performing Arts


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Hill Auditorium celebrated 100 years and a special kind of acoustic excellence. The presentation was given to Saturday Morning Physics and University Music Society guests. Video of the original presentation is available at:

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BRAVO! A Cultural Crossroads of Physics and the Performing Arts

  1. 1. BRAVO!A Cultural Crossroads of Physics and the Performing Arts
  2. 2. The Zen of Tony Bennett – Palladium: Carmel, IndianaExcellent Venue. Even Tony Bennett commented on the acoustics!!--Trip Advisor reviewer Photograph © Kevin Raber
  3. 3. The Zen of Tony Bennett – Sydney Opera HouseExposed completely, without the aid of the http://sydneyoperahouse.aussieblogs, the entertainer reveled in the seating/acoustics of the venue and closed the showwith Fly Me To The Moon. Tony Bennett’sembracing smile, cheerful nature and thepizzazz he brings to jazz standards andshow tunes not only explain his enduringlongevity but merely scratch the surface asto why this man can charm the hearts of somany.-- The Music Network, by Loretta DUrso
  4. 4. The Zen of Tony Bennett –Bass Hall: Fort Worth, TexasIts a trick Tony Bennett has repeated at a handfulof venues across the country and around the world,but once you see it, you never forget it. Near theend of some performances, the now 86-year-oldNew York City native sets down his microphone,steps to the foot of the stage, and belts Fly Me tothe Moon with no amplification beyond the lungsin his chest. (Its been four years since I sawBennett do this before a rapt Bass Hall audience,and I can still recall the moment vividly.) Theshow-stopping finale is a testament to not only hispeerless skill as a singer, but usually the superbacoustics of the halls he finds himself routinelyselling out.--By Preston Jones,
  5. 5. The Zen of Tony Bennett –Liverpool Philharmonic HallThere was a moment at Tony Bennett’s lastLiverpool concert that will live long in thememory. Demonstrating the excellent acoustics ofthe Philharmonic Hall, the man who Frank Sinatracalled “the best singer in the business” asked forall the microphones to be switched off and he sanga cappella. When I am in a beautiful theatre suchas the Philharmonic where I know the acousticsare correct and the audience was so responsivethat evening that I like to do a song completelyacoustically, says Tony, 85.-- by Jade Wright, Liverpool Echo Photo from the Threshold Acoustics Project File
  6. 6. Last weekend my myriad travels took meto Pittsburgh, where I was able to visit The Zen of Tony BennettHeinz Hall to watch Tony Bennett defy Heinz Hall: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanianature and astound a packed house withhis latest concert wizardry. Heinz Hall sitsin the middle of a revitalized downtownPittsburgh and has been wondrouslyrestored, with gold-leafed columns, plushred carpeting and chic dining facilities.Years ago, Lena Horne insisted thatBennett include the venerable venue on histours to experience its amazing acoustics.This time around Bennett celebrated theconcert halls legendary sound quality byturning the microphones off in a clever bitof showmanship and singing an a capellagem.-- By NICK CATALANO, All About Jazz Posted by Sherry Davis at Monday, October 22, 2012
  7. 7. The Zen of Tony BennettWinspear Opera House: Dallas, TexasWow, Tony Bennett .....You know hes singinglive when he sings hislast song without a mic!#speechless bestconcert ever 11:23pm -24 Aug 12 Photo: Andreas Praefcke
  8. 8. The Zen of Tony Bennett Fox Theatre: Atlanta, Georgia For years, at a point in each show at the Fox here in Atlanta, you’ve paid tribute to the venue’s acoustics by turning off all the amplification in the theater and bouncing your voice off the back wall. Are you still doing that? Oh, sure. I always look forward to that. Anytime I can do that, I love to do it. There aren’t a lot of those places left. You’ve got to take advantage of those perfect acoustics whenever you have the chance. --Rich Eldredge, Atlanta Magazine Photo: Sara Foltz
  9. 9. The Zen of Tony BennettAcademy of Music:Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaBennett also was quick to acknowledge how muchhe enjoyed playing Philadelphia, and mostespecially appearing in the Academy of Music,which he called a great concert hall, one of thebest in the world. As a way of proving that theacoustics at the Academy are second to none, heasked that his sound man turn off the sound, andhe sang his next song without a microphone. Eventhose in the fourth balcony could hear every word.-- By Rita Charleston, Northeast Times StarPhoto: Nick Kelsh
  10. 10. The Zen of Tony BennettPeabody Auditorium: Daytona Beach, FloridaAnd, as is his custom, beach-city.phpBennett delivered a songwithout microphone at all,showing on Fly Me to theMoon that age hasn’t hurthis pipes. He praised theacoustics of the oldPeabody, adding that mostof the new rooms are likefiling cabinets.-- by Jim Abbott,Soundboard, The Blog
  11. 11. The Zen of Tony BennettVan Wezel Performing Arts Center: Sarasota, Florida Legend performers such as Tony Bennett have been known to express their regard of the acoustical dynamics by stopping the orchestra to present an acappella solo to the audience in appreciation. -- from the website for Roskamp AuditoriumPhoto by Holt Harmon
  12. 12. The Zen of Tony Bennettbennett-razzles-and-dazzles-at-the-meyerson/ Morton H. Meyerson Concert Hall: Dallas, Texas It’s too bad that the late Russell Johnson, the famed acoustician whose legacy can be heard by anyone who’s ever attended a concert at the Meyerson Symphony Center, isn’t buried inside the hall… I’d like to think he was close at hand as the legendary Tony Bennett paid the ultimate tribute to Johnson’s work during a performance Monday night. As he neared the end of his show at the Meyerson, Bennett put down his microphone and belted out a beautiful rendition of Fly Me to the Moon that sounded as clear and crisp from where I sat near the back of the hall as any song in the program. The 83-year-old singer had prefaced the number by explaining that jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis had told him that the Meyerson is one of the two best concert halls in the world, in terms of acoustics. So Bennett decided to demonstrate just how great a venue it is.
  13. 13. Image in the public domain
  14. 14. Image in the public domain
  15. 15. Image in the public domain
  16. 16. 8” .6 ms (.0006s)Image in the public domain
  17. 17. 8” .6 ms (.0006s)Image in the public domain
  18. 18. 8” .6 ms (.0006s)Image in the public domain
  19. 19. Threshold of Hearing (0dB) 10 -12W/m intensity 2
  20. 20. Tool - the band (120dB) 1W/m2 intensityThreshold of Hearing (0dB) 10 -12W/m intensity 2
  21. 21. Tool - the band (120dB) 1W/m2 intensity The useful range of our hearing extends across energy levels that vary by a factor of a trillionThreshold of Hearing (0dB) 10 -12W/m intensity 2
  22. 22. The Architecture of Happiness“If one room can alter how we feel, if ourhappiness can hang on the colour of the wallsor the shape of a door, what will happen to usin most of the places we are forced to inhabit?” – Alain de Botton
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Vitruvius – 27 to 23 BCVITRUVIUS AND ANCIENT THEATRES Naif Haddad and Talal Akasheh
  25. 25. Fogg Art Museum Lecture Room :A calibrated recreation of the birthplace of Room Acousticspresented in Budapest at the Forum Acusticum 2005.Session : RBA-HB Reconstruction of historic buildings by using auralisation techniquesPaper ID : 608-0Authors :Brian FG Katz, Perception Située, LIMSI-CNRS, BP 133, F91403 Orsay, FranceEwart A. Wetherill, AIA, 28 Cove Road, Alameda, California 94502, USA
  26. 26. RT60 = 0.161m-1(V/S )
  27. 27. The Sabines at Riverbank, John Kopec Audience Participation Opportunity #1
  28. 28. OccupiedMid-FrequencyReverberation Time of1.3 seconds
  29. 29. Impulse Response Ceiling Reflections from the Parabola
  30. 30. Auditorium Acoustics and Architectural DesignMichael Barron
  31. 31. The Signature Soundcommitment to a goalBrickbuilderAcoustic Design in the Hill MemorialAuditorium, University of Michiganby Hugh Tallant
  32. 32. BrickbuilderAcoustic Design in the Hill Memorial Auditorium,University of Michiganby Hugh Tallant
  33. 33. Animation of the Acoustic Parabola
  34. 34. Comparison of Impulse ResponseCenter Stage vs. Side Stage positions
  35. 35. University Music Society
  36. 36. Seating Capacity of "The Tony Bennett Circuit" 2,800 2,844 2,089 1,800 1,843 1,400 1,127 844
  37. 37. Hill Auditorium compared with the “Circuit” 3,710 2,800 2,844 2,089 1,800 1,843 1,400 1,127 844
  38. 38.
  39. 39. Dedication to thedesign team