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O'Right is the worlds most organic, vegan, cruelty free, eco-friendly, and sustainable products that are available only to professional salons.

Shampoo and conditioner bottles are among the largest polluters of our landfills and can take over 500 years to biodegrade. Our patented biodegradable plastic bottles and paper boxes are infused with seeds so your clients can plant them after use to grow trees and flowers.

High Performance, Professional Only, Eco-Friendly Salon Products made with environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and integrity.

Oright Organics was launched to fulfill the need for specific products not included in the other Organic lines. Our company objective has always been to provide hair products which are as natural as possible. This ethos equally applies to the new Organic Connect range, which is a selection of highly effective care and styling products.

O’right brings salons a variety of organically based treatment options that are unique services easily booked and performed. The innovative Essential Oil Treatment Sets allow you to custom formulate a treatment based on your client’s specific needs. Each treatment set comes with an essential oil that is custom mixed with a pure cream conditioner. You control the amount of oil to cream to achieve a blend that is just right. The essential oil is the active part in providing the treatment.

Champagne Rose Oil Treatment Set is used to bring life back into seriously damaged coarse hair, while the Purple Rose Oil Treatment Set helps to revitalize serious damaged fine to normal hair. Our Rose Blends help to restore moisture and vitamins to the hair making it soft and shiny.

The Green Tea Essential Oil Treatment Set can be used to rejuvenate coarse hair that has been damaged by previous salon services, over styling and environmental factors.

The Sunflower Essential Oil Treatment Set is good for fine hair that is damaged, flyaway or overall weak. It will strengthen and protect fine hair.

We also provide two part cream(50ml) and essence(30ml) based in-salon treatment sets that can repair and restore hair.

The White Tea Treatment Set is a professional deep repairing treatment that will restore strength and elasticity to damaged hair.

Our Gingko Hair Treatment Set contains USDA organic Ginkgo leaf extract that activates scalp circulation and nourishes the hair. It will add moisture and restore smoothness to chemically treated hair.

O’right has exciting tonics, oils, creams, sprays and even a mask for home use too!

O’right Hair Tonic for Her is made with concentrates of ECOCERT organic Goji Berries Extract, Vitamin B Group, Biotin, Apigenin, Ginseng, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Multi-Amino Acids, it effectively eliminates dandruff and odors, relieves itching, improves the scalp’s microcirculation to help with hair loss, and nurtures the hair.

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  • For Bounce & Volume -  For Flawless Beauty
  • repairing 改成 repairs
  • Soften + s
  • Nourishes & Lusteres  Nourishing & Moisturizing Leaves + hair & skin a soft….
  • Penetrate cuticle scales deeply → Deeply penetrates hair cuticle and nourishes hair Moisture effect → Perfect moisturizing effect
  • Professional Organic Salon Products - Goji Revitalizing Cream & Ginkgo Intensive Cream

    1. 1. For Flawless Beauty │ Superior Hair Care Bamboo Series
    2. 2. Superior Hair Care Bamboo Series Goji Berry Revitalizing Cream( For Normal / Slightly damaged hair ) Ginkgo Intensive Hair Cream ( For Damaged / Serious damaged hair )
    3. 3. Product Features Goji Berry Revitalizing Cream Ginkgo Intensive Hair Cream Milky Texture Creamy Normal / Slightly damaged hair Color treated / Kids hair Suitable For / Damaged hair ※ Normal skin ECOCERT ECOCERT USDA ingredients• High concentration of • Ginkgo extract, hydrolyzed antioxidant and plant essences keratin• Repairs hair core & skin from Differences • Nourishes hair core, repairs the inside damaged cuticles• Perfect moisturizing effect • Allows hair to shine through maintains youthfulness• Hair care - Apply onto dry hair • Apply appropriate amount evenly (especially hair tip) Directions onto half dry hair evenly without rinse. without rinse. (especially hair tip)• Skin care - Apply onto skin evenly.
    4. 4. Goji Berry Revitalizing Cream( For Normal / Slightly damaged hair )High concentration of antioxidant &plant essences.Leaving hair & skin with a softtexture and a blooming vitality.
    5. 5. Goji Berry Revitalizing Cream> 99% Natural Ingredients ECOCERT organic Goji Berry Extract • Consists of rich Vitamin D & E. • Prevents hair loss. • Accelerates Black Pigment Formation. • Makes hair silky & shiny.
    6. 6. Goji Berry Revitalizing Cream ECOCERT organic Plant Oil • 100 % Plant Oil. • Gives hair silky gloss. • Makes hair smooth, silky & easy to comb.
    7. 7. Goji Berry Revitalizing Cream Meadowfoam Seed Oil • Extracted from Meadowfoam seeds. • Repairs damaged hair cuticles. • Nourishes and softens hair. • With natural Vitamin E. • Prevents daily oxidant.
    8. 8. Goji Berry Revitalizing CreamBased on test results : Outstanding effect for long-term useUp to 86% testers are satisfied with the result after using 2~3 months. Effect Smooth UP Silky UP Shiny UP Time
    9. 9. Goji Berry Revitalizing Cream • With botanical extracts. • Also good for skin. • Nourishing & Moisturizing. • Leaves hair & skin a soft texture & a blooming vitality.
    10. 10. Ginkgo Intensive Hair Cream(For Damaged / Serious damaged hair)• Hydrolyzed keratin nourishes hair core.• Quality, intensive care allows silky hair to shine through.
    11. 11. Ginkgo Intensive Hair Cream> 80% natural ingredients USDA organic Ginkgo extract • Nourishes hair core. • Repairs damaged cuticles. • Activates the circulation. • Revitalizes hair texture.
    12. 12. Ginkgo Intensive Hair Cream Hydrolyzed keratin • Deeply penetrates hair cuticle and nourishes hair. • Moisture effects.
    13. 13. Ginkgo Intensive Hair Cream (For Damaged / Serious damaged hair) 100mlGoji Berry Revitalizing Cream(For Normal / Slightly damaged hair) 100ml  Packaging: Flora box (Seeds varies as season changes and are subject to shipment.)  Refill packaging: coming soon…
    14. 14. 15