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2481 Barrington Rd


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A presentation of a recent staging with before, during and after pictures. Also includes FAQ's of what ASP staging is and is not!

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2481 Barrington Rd

  1. 1. 2481 BARRINGTON RD. FAIRLAWN, OH See the transformation of this home we have recently staged!
  2. 2. LIVING ROOM Before During After
  4. 4. DINING ROOM Before During After
  5. 5. KITCHEN Before After
  6. 6. FOYER Before After
  7. 7. MASTER BEDROOM Before After
  9. 9. BEDROOM #2 Before After
  10. 10. FAQ’S Staging is just decorating … Absolutely not, decorating or design is personalizing the home. Staging © is the opposite; de-personalizing while preparing the home to appeal to the largest amount of buyers Staging is too expensive … Actually staging is ALWAYS cheaper than a price reduction! The national average for staging © is between $1,800-2,500. When working with me, there is NO ADDITIONAL COST as it is a part of my marketing package. My agent said lights, music and flowers … That is great start for setting the scene for a showing but why stop there? Staging © gives the buyer the complete story without having to “ see the potential! ” I can do it myself … Terrific! I am sure you have seen the television shows and they make it look so easy but I have one question for you; Do they professionally analysis the property? YES! Why, because most sellers cannot be objective enough to see or make the needed changes. What’s an asp™… An Accredited Staging Professional™ is a dedicated professional who has studied and learned the proven and powerful techniques of Staging© homes. ASP™’s have also completed a detailed course and passed a required examination on preparing homes for sale.
  11. 11. FAQ’S I cannot afford to buy new furniture… Good, I will not ask you to! Staging© is not about your furniture, it is about showing off strengths the house. As your ASP REALTOR© I will use your current pieces of furniture in new places or in creative ways to showcase the room.   I am not very good at choosing colors… I have made a significant investment in training related to the use of colors. I have also established relationships with national companies for discounts when I use or recommend the use of their quality products to prepare a home for sale.   Staging© hides the homes flaws… Absolutely not, as an ASP© I am required to expose any/all structural and safety issues. I will also recommend to the seller that they have those issues properly repaired before listing the property. Why wait until it is found, that only creates doubt about the rest of the home and it’s maintenance. Do I need to stage the outside of my home… In a word, YES! Most of today’s buyers will search online then drive by the home before asking to “see” it. Therefore, if the exterior does not match the staged interior photos chances are the buyer will not schedule a showing.
  12. 12. FAQ’S Do I need to remove all the wallpaper… In most cases YES, however there are some uses of wallpaper that are acceptable. Most buyers will ask me about the cost and/or labor to remove wallpaper when touring homes. Keeping it may also make the property standout, in a negative way, in the buyers mind. What if my house is vacant… I have developed relationships with local furniture companies that will rent furniture for mutually agreed terms. That agreement includes delivery and I will stage the home as normal.   How long does it take… Generally a complete staging© will take between 15-25 hours depending on how large the home is. This is a team effort and the more the seller can prepare the better the results! How should I prepare for the ASP Staging©… Start by packing any/all family heirlooms, securing all jewelry and medications (not from me  ). Having extra packing boxes/materials available is also helpful. You are going to be moving soon; therefore all we are doing is packing early!
  13. 13. FAQ’S How soon can it be done … I work with all of my sellers to match their desires with my calendar. I would not suggest listing a home that I am going to stage before the work I completed! The highest amount of interest and activity is when the home is “ just listed ” and I strive to maximize impressions. Again, I will move at the sellers pace. Is the home staged just for the photos … No, staging © is a commitment between the sellers and I to invest the time and effort to maximize every showing. The photos will inspire buyers to tour the home while the staging will SELL the homes features.