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GovDelivery: Social Media's Role in Cost Effective Digital Communication (in Government)


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Presentation from October 2011 where I shared some insights on social media's role in cost-effective digital communications as well as what GovDelivery as the #1 provider of government to citizen communication has learned and how we've responded

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GovDelivery: Social Media's Role in Cost Effective Digital Communication (in Government)

  1. 1. Social Medias Role in Cost-Effective Digital Communications GovDelivery Conference October 19, 20111
  2. 2. What does social media have to do with puppies? … even when they are free, they are a lot of work.2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Social Media in Government 2008 “We should try this!” “Have you heard of Twitter?” “Are we allowed to use Facebook?” “Our department will never allow this?” “My boss told me to put up a YouTube channel, but YouTube is blocked on my work computer.”4
  5. 5. Social Media in Government 2012 “We need to justify everything.” “We have no funding for this.” “We are getting real value from…” “We have really figured this out.” “If we’re trying to reach that group, we know where they are.”5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. ND FSA trims, shifts costs Savings to the state FSA could be significant. Statewide mailings to farm operators alone are $8,000 in postage and a state office newsletter with program deadlines and eligibility requirements. The state sends at least six of these a year to all farm operators, or 25,000 to 30,000 recipients. Once or twice a year, that goes to all owners and operators, about 90,000 per time at 22 cents per mailing, or $19,800 per time.7
  8. 8. What if only this guy cares?8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Leverage the trust that this guy has been building up for years.10
  11. 11. “I’m worried about you. I think you should check out this article from the CDC with links to resources on dealing with depression. You have some good options.” -Dad11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. “Our ROI is more lives saved and less property and fewer homes destroyed or damaged.” Eugene Luke Emergency Management Specialist, FEMA13
  14. 14. Can this all fit together?14
  15. 15. Assessing the Value of All Communications Efforts Engagement: Effectiveness: What is the value of What is our total Value Created each connection we’re reach? making? Efficiency: What was the total cost Net Value of the communication?15
  16. 16. Lessons Learned on Opportunities for Better Results Reach Matters If you are able to communicate with many relevant people on the issues that matter to your organization, your odds of success are high. The B+ Rule You shouldn’t have to be a genius or an expert to get a “B+” in your communication if the tools are doing their job. It’s Okay to be Greedy You want to do amazing things. You might want and need 90% automation and want most things going on autopilot, but when you want to step back and make a stunning newsletter or send a targeted message to the people who opened your last message in New York State, you need a system that can do that too. Nothing Stands Alone Systems need to be open in every respect so they can work together and be easily customized to fit different needs and missions.16
  17. 17. “My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” Charles F. Kettering (American engineer, inventor of the electric starter)17
  18. 18. GovDelivery Upgrade: Addressing the Opportunities Reach Matters •  Continued support for the GovDelivery Network with improved reporting on the contributions from the Network and (coming in 2012) the ability to further customize Network relationships •  Easily customized footer for cross promotion of content and social media •  Ability to reach more channels faster with content views from sharing tracked in GovDelivery reports The B+ Rule •  Seamless integration with SMS, Twitter and Facebook including ability to add custom hash tags and comments on the fly across many accounts while sending email messages •  Ability to initiate sends to the public from anywhere by sending an email to a designated address •  A new Collaboration Platform that makes it easy to build internal and external communities with the audience you’ve built through GovDelivery18
  19. 19. GovDelivery Upgrade: Addressing the Opportunities It’s Okay to be Greedy •  Complementing ability to send informational updates with world class newsletter creation and management capability for stunning communications and continued ability to continue using your own HTML when you want •  Top notch targeting tools so you can reach people based on what they’ve clicked and opened in the past or information they’ve provided about themselves Nothing Stands Alone Open everything and standard integrations with Drupal and WordPress19
  20. 20. Digital Communication Management Value DCM maximizes direct connections with the public through digital communications. We accomplish that in three ways: Effectiveness – Reach More People Dramatically increase the number of people you reach directly Efficiency – Automate Complex Communications Streamline communication across email, SMS, social media and other channels Engagement – Create Mission Value Drive users to the online and offline activities that create the most value for the public and your agency.20
  21. 21. GovDelivery Digital Communication Management Automated system that uses email, text messaging, social media, and RSS to notify citizens about specific topics of interest Reach & Messaging Reach more people Social Drive deeper engagement Professional Services Connect Enable tight integration Mobile Communicate anytime, anywhere Advanced Analytics Target message; Measure impact21
  22. 22. Creating Mission Value Achieved over $1 million in savings and 78% of new subscribers to NSF comeexpanded outreach by over 1,000% to reach over through partnerships with other 2.3 million people GovDelivery Customers Connects directly with over 1,200,000 Higher renewal revenue and cost savings of people $100,000 in the first three months by cutting printing, postage and graphic work In one week, Highways Agency sent 93,000 Delivered 3.2-million targeted messages, all messages updating the public on key road while increasing subscriptions to its YouTube® projects channel by 2,000%+22
  23. 23. “Would you like fries with that?” Deploy the age-old art of cross promotion in every thing you do, within every channel, and across your entire organization.23
  24. 24. Summary & ActionsSocial Media’s Role in Cost-Effective Digital Communication is: Help build audience / reach to drive effectiveness Encourage content sharing and trust Enable user interaction with content Reach users that will not otherwise signup for updates or visit websiteActions: 1.  Increase focus on the #s that drive value (#1 is reach) 2.  Get your organization thinking “Would you like fries with that?” 3.  For GovDelivery clients: Schedule time with us to review your challenges and needs as well as new capabilities available to you24
  25. 25. Contact Scott Burns – CEO & co-Founder (651) 726-730325