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Scott Lumley Takes Over the Wholesale World


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on wholesale and real estate

Published in: Retail
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Scott Lumley Takes Over the Wholesale World

  1. 1. Scott Lumley Takes Over The Wholesale World Scott Lumley is an entrepreneur who has opened websites for wholesale auctions, and he has changed the way that people purchase expensive items or large lots. His approach to online auctions is different from more popular auction sites, and this article explains how he has made a change in the way that people make purchases online. A new era in online auctions has begin with help from Scott Lumley. #1: How Do Wholesale Auctions Work? Online auctions that sell wholesale items bring the wholesaling world to customers who were once shut out. Most customers do not shop with wholesalers because they do not have a vendor’s license, and these websites help people purchase at the wholesale level without any extra work. The wholesale websites offered by Scott Lumley allow customers to save money, purchase things they cannot find elsewhere and have their items shipped to their home. #2: How Does Scott Lumley Manage His Businesses? Scott Lumely manages his businesses with a belief that customers must save as much money as possible. His online auction sites offer the lowest prices in the industry, and his customer service teams are better than any others in the industry. There are many people who come to his websites to find items at low prices, but most customers come back because of the excellent customer service they received. #3: Will Online Wholesale Auction Sites Change The Retail Industry? Retailers offer things that wholesalers cannot sell at times, but customers will turn to wholesalers when they want to save money. The retail industry will fight back with lower prices, but wholesalers online like Scott Lumley simply have an advantage in the way that they price their items. The lowest prices in the industry are found on Soctt’s websites, and customers are saving thousands of dollars a year by purchasing from his online auctions. #4: The Auctions Are Cheap The auctions on the site are very cheap, and customers will pay a small fee to purchase from Scott’s site. Scott is creating profits from his wholesale items, and he does not pass on expenses to his customers. People who want to save money will not feel as though they are wasting money on fees. The design of Scott Lumley’s websites and vimeo page helps customers save money, and his wholesale auctions open up a world of shopping the general public that was not there before. Shopping with Scott is a pleasure for customers, and they find items that no retailer could carry.