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Scott Lumley and other Developers are Changing the Real Estate Sector in Nashville


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Scott Lumley and other Developers are Changing the Real Estate Sector in Nashville

  1. 1. Scott Lumley and other Developers are Changing the Real Estate Sector in Nashville There is a new plan for a new warehouse park in Nashville. This comes after Penattoni Development Co. paid $1.93 million for a piece of land totaling to 44 acres in Brick Church Pike. The new warehouse will be 600,000 square foot and construction for the project dubbed Skyline Distribution Park is expected to begin this month. It will consist of three buildings with completion expected in 2016. According to Jeff Konieczny, a development manager for the company’s Southeast region, the industrial park will address a deficit of modern warehouse space. He also pointed out that the city is losing a number of its industrial base due to the redevelopment agendas. The benefits of the new facility will be enhanced visibility and access to the highways. Alston Construction, an integrated contractor arm of Panattoni, will construct the three warehouses. The warehouses at Skyline Distribution Park will consist of 100,000, 125,000, and 375,000 square feet. The leasing agent is JLL with Bo Fulk, a vice president for the commercial real estate company, alongside Jimmy Armstead. According to Fulk, Skyline Distribution Park is excellently positioned to serve Nashville, Tennessee and the entire region. Penattoni Development Co. is one of the most active players within Nashville, Tennesseewith regional offices located in the city. Recently, the property developer completed a 1.1 million square foot of an Under Armour warehouse construction in Mt. Juliet. The company is also finishing the development of 98,000 square foot five-story building on Nashville Music Row. SESAC, the S. Performing rights organization, will be the anchor tenant. Among the real estate development firms changing the shape of Nashville, Scott Lumley’s Resolve Financials ranks high. Scott Lumley easily qualifies as a serial entrepreneur because of the many successful ventures he runs. Aside from Resolve financials, Lumley has been the president of, a wholesale and retail electronic selling site. Additionally, he has been the president of, an extensive auction site as well as Large Lots, a string retail stores that sell overstock goods Lumley is an entrepreneur with investments in different lines of business. According to him, there is no successful thing that lasts forever because of the changing consumers and marketplace. Therefore, any entrepreneur has to adapt to the market changes. His success in business begun in 2005 when he invested in a return load that was from a local liquidator at $250. He sold it on eBay and as they say, the rest is history.