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Adidas Presentation

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Adidas Presentation

  1. 1. Adidas Company Analysis Scott Lester A42549339 ADV 492-NMDL
  2. 2. Adidas Overview • Adidas is a German-based sports apparel manufacturer selling shoes, accessories and clothes appealing to all different demographics and interests.
  3. 3. Challenges • Separating and establishing themselves over their competitors. (Nike, Reebok, Under Armour) • Current economy (consumers spend their money more carefully) • Stealing/obtaining celebrity endorsers from Nike/Under Armour
  4. 4. Goals • Be the top seller in the shoe, sports wear, clothing and accessory industry far beyond their competitors. • Developing marketing strategies such as “impossible is nothing.”
  5. 5. MiAdidas • Custom design your own shoe • Colors, designs, shapes, sizes of your own shoe • If they can make their feature more prominent than Nike’s, they can gain a different consumer segment.
  6. 6. Build Individual Outlet Stores/Theme • Build individual outlet stores in more locations (malls, stand alone stores) • Something Nike and Under Armour does not do • If people see Adidas store's popping up everywhere, people will buy more of their products because they are more accessible to the public
  7. 7. Social Media • Twitter it is the fastest way people connect to a mass group of people. • Start a facebook group for each store that is opening up and post status's that say "5% off everything in the store in the next 15 minutes." (generate attention and extra revenue that necessarily would not be there) • Also will have a blog that people in the store can be running of the interesting things people say/do while shopping for Adidas wear. All these things can help bring attention and develop personality within the store and the products.
  8. 8. Measuring Success • See how much money big outlet stores make in a month, week, holiday season. • If the percentage of revenue is similar after paying employees, promotions, marketing, rent etc. Than establishing and building new stores is a good idea.
  9. 9. Regular Budget • 8,000 per store. That includes rent and utilities ($1000), paying employees ($6000), shipping products to store($500), marketing running promotions($500). • If each store can make 20,000 during the course of a regular month (about $666 per day, which is feasible because they are pricier products with longer lives so people will spend money on durable products).
  10. 10. Holiday Budget • During the holidays, you would pay a little bit more to keep the employees working/working more hours because it is busier and a little bit to run more promotions. • Rent ($1200), paying employees ($8000), shipping products ($600), marketing, running promotions ($600). It would cost about $10,400 for a seasonal month. Each store can definetly make about $25000 during one seasonal month (about $830 per day)

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