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Class of 2020 8th Parent Presentation


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This is the presentation used on the 8th grade parent night, March 24th, 2016.

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Class of 2020 8th Parent Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to 8th Grade Information Night Capital High School Class of 2020!! IB classes Leadership Welcoming staff College classes Clubs Diversity Safe School spirit
  2. 2. Where are YOU from? ● Jefferson Middle School ● Marshall Middle School ● Griffin Middle School ● McCleary School ● Evergreen Christian School ● NOVA School ● Olympia Waldorf School ● St. Michael Parish School ● Other?
  3. 3. Introductions Administrators: Co-Principals: Michelle Anderson, Jennifer Hewitt 2016 Principal: Curtis Cleveringa Assistant Principal: Gordon Chamberlain (A-L) Dean of Students: Daniel Grimm (M-Z) Counselors: Mrs. Morgan: A – E Ms. Jensen: F – L Mr. Komschlies: M - R Ms. Johnson: S – Z Mr. Anderson-Grad Specialist Mrs. Boelts -Career Counselor
  4. 4. Parent Groups CHS Parent Organization Dayna Dayton CHSPO.CHAIR@GMAIL.COM CHS Booster Club Steve Taylor CENTERFIELD1@ME.COM CHS Foundation Arlene Hartman HARTAH@COMCAST.NET
  5. 5. Why is CHS such a great place to be? What do students like about Capital High School? ➢School spirit ➢Diversity ➢Cool staff ➢Sports ➢Nice students ➢IB ➢Classes ➢Welcoming staff ➢Clubs ➢Lunch ➢Environment ➢Cookies ➢College classes ➢Leadership ➢Safe
  6. 6. A day in the life of a CHS student ● 6 classes - approximately 55 min long ● School day is 7:45 am-2:22 pm ● 10 minute break between 2nd & 3rd period ● 2 lunches - 30 minutes ● Every Wednesday is activity period 7:45- 8:45am for study groups and makeup work ● Twice a month on Thursday is Club Time from 9:40– 10:10am
  7. 7. Graduation Requirements for 2020 • English 4 credits • Social Studies 3.5 credits • Includes Washington State History • Math 3 credits • Minimum of Algebra 2 or Alternative 3rd year math • Science 2 credits (1 with a lab) • Fine Arts 1 credit • CTE 1 credit • PE 2 credits • Elective 5.5 credits Total Credits Required to Graduate 22 1 credit = 1 year of class
  8. 8. College Prep Requirements • English 4 years • Social Studies 3.5 years • Including Washington State History • Math 3+ years • Minimum of Algebra 2 • Lab Science 3+ years • Including Chemistry • World Language 2+ years
  9. 9. 9th Grade Classes ● Freshman year you will take the following YEAR LONG COURSES and earn 6.00 credits: 9th grade English Math (based on teacher rec & MAP score) Science (Physical Science, Bio CTE, Biology, H Bio) Health/Fitness Elective #1 Elective #2 ● Electives: Arts (Music), CTE, World Language or 9th Social Studies
  10. 10. 9th Registration Form - General Info ● You may choose Biology in place of Physical Science IF you will be taking Geometry or a higher level math class. Parents initial registration form. ● You are selecting year-long courses. Choose carefully. ● Students should choose courses that are best for them, not their best friend. ● READ the class descriptions (course catalog/on the CHS website) before you choose electives. CHS Course Catalog Link:
  11. 11. Music and World Language options ● Music - If you select this elective with #1, you will be guaranteed this elective. This meets the Fine Arts requirement for graduation. You have one more elective to choose. ● World Language –If you have strong reading and writing skills AND anticipate taking advanced classes in high school, we recommend taking world language in 9th grade. **8th grade English teacher recommendation
  12. 12. High School Opportunities ● Clubs – Mrs. Elam ● Leadership – Mrs. Elam ● Athletics – Mr. Bellande (Athletic Director) ● Honors Classes (10th grade) ● International Baccalaureate (IB) – Mr. Joling ● New Market Skills Center Classes (technical certification (11th & 12th grade) ● Running Start (11th & 12th grade)
  13. 13. Interventions • Care Team • CHS Lunch Academy • After School Program (ASAP) • English • Math • Science • History • 0 and 8th Period – APEX (11th/12th grade) • Library Peer Tutoring – Math
  14. 14. 9th Grade English • Thematically-structured literature circles • Literary analysis • Writing skills: organization, grammar, vocabulary • Individual formal papers, both expository and persuasive • Research writing • Whole group and small group discussions and presentations skills Liz Shine, Department Coordinator
  15. 15. Physical Science • Motion and Forces • Work and Energy • Waves (including sound and light) • Properties of Matter • The Periodic Table • Origin and Development of the Universe • Origin and Development of the Earth *Advanced Science Opportunities - Honors Biology (9th and 10th), Honors Physics (10th), IB Chemistry(11th and 12th) Jennifer Finley, Department Coordinator
  16. 16. Freshman Health & Fitness • Hormonal and physical changes during puberty • Communicable and non-communicable diseases • Recognize types of abuse and risky situations • Stress management • Drug use • Refusal skills • Cardiovascular fitness • Flexibility • Muscular strength and endurance • Develop a personal fitness program Troy Mickelson, Department Coordinator
  17. 17. Social Studies ● Recommendation from 8th grade Social Studies and Language Arts teacher. ● Reading, writing, critical thinking, research, and culminating project skills will be emphasized. Lynne Kenyon, Department Coordinator
  18. 18. Math ● Three years of math required for graduation ○ Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 ○ These classes are aligned to Common Core Standards ○ Using MVP Curriculum - deeper learning using explorations and instruction ● Variety of third year math options available ○ Boat Building, Robotics, Financial Algebra, Drafting, Bike Building ● Higher levels of math are electives ○ Pre-Calculus, IB Discrete, IB Calculus, IB Calculus HL
  19. 19. Electives – World Languages ● French ● Japanese ● Spanish ● American Sign Language •(CTE credit, college prep, no IB option) *8th grade Language Arts recommendation *Students should have strong reading and writing skills in Language Arts in order to be successful in World Language in 9th grade. Joe Alonso, Department Coordinator
  20. 20. Electives – Performing Arts ●9th Grade Band ●9th Grade Strings ●Concert Choir (Girls) ●Symphonic Choir (Boys) Dan Lundberg, Department Coordinator
  21. 21. Electives – Visual Arts ● Drawing and Painting 1, 2 ● Ceramics, Sculpture, and 3D Design 1, 2 ● IB Visual Arts (Advanced) *Courses may be repeated *Students should have a desire to learn, explore, and express themselves *Students should be prepared to create, have fun, and get messy Tighe Kraves, Department Coordinator
  22. 22. Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scott Le Duc, Department Coordinator Business Marketing Leadership Drafting Woods, Metal, CORE Plus Horticulture & Biology CTE American Sign Language Yearbook Photo, Film, & Video Robotics & Games Theater Stagecraft Sports Medicine
  23. 23. Important Athletics Dates ● Sports Physicals • June 4th 9 am to 1 pm @ CHS ● Sports Clearance Forms - ASB Office or District Website under Athletics/Events • August 15-26 (Call ASB Office for hours) ● Football Begins • August 17 ● Fall Sports Begin • August 22
  24. 24. New Student Orientation ● August 29, 2016 ● 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Orientation ● Student Social to follow
  25. 25. What happens next? ● Return packet to your teacher by March 28th ● CHS visit/tour on March 28th at 8:15 am (JMS and private) • Private/independent students take the placement test on 3/28 (10:15am) or 3/29 (3pm). • Please sign up by calling 596-8027 ● CHS visit/tour on March 29th at 9:15 am (Griffin and MMS) ● See the letter from Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Hewitt with other important dates (athletics) to place on your calendar.
  26. 26. Thank you for coming! Please visit the commons to meet our Department Coordinators and find out about our clubs