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Flash Lite: Cool Wallpaper And Screen Saver Content


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A short 15-20 minute preso Scott Janousek did for Adobe on wallpaper and screensaver for Symbian 40 and 60 devices supporting these content types. This was 1 of 3 parts of the "Flash Lite Brief" seminar done in early 2007.

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Flash Lite: Cool Wallpaper And Screen Saver Content

  1. 1. Cool Flash Lite™ Wallpaper and  Screen saver content S tt Scott Janousek Scott Janousek Flash Mobile Developer Coauthor, Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices p //
  2. 2. About Me About Me • General Info – From Boston, Massachusetts, USA , , – Me = Developer first, Designer second – Working with desktop Flash for six years – Flash Mobile Blog g • • Mobile – Started with Flash Lite 1.1 in 2004 – Developing with Flash Lite under 1.1, 2.0, 2.1 – Flash Lite Training Instructor l hi ii – Coauthor • Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices – I M bil I ♥ Mobile and Devices dD i
  3. 3. Wallpaper and Screen saver creation Wallpaper and Screen saver creation SVG Symbian C++/J2ME Animated Gifs • Bitmap only Bit l • • Vector support Low level graphics • No interactivity • • Limited Interactivity High Interactivity • Adobe Photoshop,  • • Adobe Illustrator,  Nokia Tools, others others others Flash Lite ™ • Bitmap and Vector support • Interactivity  (via ActionScript and Timeline) • Use Adobe Flash Professional to create the content
  4. 4. Flash Lite Wallpaper and Screen savers Flash Lite Wallpaper and Screen savers
  5. 5. Flash Lite Content Types Flash Lite Content Types • What is a Flash Lite content type? – SWF file format that runs within a designated runtime environment SWF file format that runs within a designated runtime environment  and context for a specific target mobile device • Most familiar types are … – Standalone, browser • Content types that offer device “Personalization” – Wallpaper, Screen saver, Sub‐LCD (“Mini Screen”), others Wallpaper, Screen saver,  Sub LCD ( Mini Screen ), others • Other content types vary by: – Region • North America, EMEA, APAC (Japan) – Device Platform • Nokia Series 40/60, BREW, “Keitai Denwa”, others – Operator • Verizon, NTT DoCoMo,  others
  6. 6. Toolsets you will use (most likely) Toolsets you will use (most likely) NOKIA ADOBE • Nokia S40 Theme Studio 2.2/Carbide  • Adobe Flash Professional 8 or 9  UI S60 Theme Edition 3.1 (anticipated later this year) – for wallpaper/screen saver installation  – Creating the actual Flash Lite  via Nokia UI  themes ( nth) via Nokia UI “themes” (.nth) content (wallpapers/screen  ( ll / • Nokia 3rd Edition Emulator (S40 SDK) savers) – Optional • Adobe Photoshop CS2 or CS3 * • Supported Nokia S40/S60 3rd Edition Supported Nokia S40/S60 3 Edition  – C ti Creating any graphical assets  hi l t Handset(s) (bitmaps, etc) – We will use the Flash Lite 2.0 enabled  • Flash 8 Mobile Emulator or  S40 Nokia 5300 Adobe Device Central * Adobe Device Central * – Testing Flash Lite content ( = currently BETA) (* = currently BETA)
  7. 7. Design, Develop, Test, Deploy, Enjoy Design, Develop, Test, Deploy, Enjoy 1. Design and Develop in Flash Professional 8 5. Deploy to Content Provider/Aggregator 4. Package UI Theme (.nth) 6. Users acquire and enjoy 3. Test on target device 2. Test in Emulator (Device Central)
  8. 8. Development Considerations Development Considerations • Content Type limitations – Restricted API (data loading is disabled for instance) others Restricted API (data loading is disabled, for instance), others • Display: Color, Contrast, Position – With wallpapers you must be considerate of other UI elements • Device Constraints: Performance, Memory, File size – Always keep these in mind in the mobile development world • Nokia Screen sizes Nokia Screen sizes – Varies by device and/or platform (S40 vs. S60) – 240x320, 128x160, 96x65, 176x208, others • FPS (frames per second) – Typically 16 FPS – depends on target device • S40/S60 Target Devices S40/S60 Target Devices – 1.1 versus 2.x … APIs and capabilities
  9. 9. Quick Example Quick Example • Animated Screen Saver Device Indicator – Time to develop: < 1 day Time to develop: < 1 day – NokiaS40_candle_240x320.fla – Tap available device status properties such as: • Battery Life Signal Strength Date/Time others Battery Life, Signal Strength, Date/Time, others battery_num = fscommand2( “GetBatteryLevel” ); signal_num = fscommand2( “GetSignalLevel” );   • Some other things to note Some other things to note: – ActionScript 2.0 (class driven) – Mobile Shared Objects (MSO) are supported for wallpaper/screen  savers content on Nokia 5300 savers content on Nokia 5300 – < 100k in size – Vector and Bitmap –D l Deploy with Nokia UI Theme (.nth file) ith N ki UI Th ( th fil ) • Download source from:
  10. 10. Pros and Cons of Flash Lite  Wallpaper/Screen savers ll /S Pros Cons – – Flash Lite ™ on Nokia Series  Rapid Development – Bitmap and vector support 40/60 handsets have some  – implicit API restrictions for these  i li it API t i ti f th “Interactivity” “I ii ” content types – Adobe Device Central makes  – Others? testing easier – Portability of existing Flash  P t bilit f i ti Fl h animations to devices (with a  bit of optimization, etc) – Portability of content Portability of content  between devices – Not a step learning curve for  designers – More!
  11. 11. Other cool things to explore Other cool things to explore • Flash Lite 2.x “Device Video” Screen saver – Nokia 5300 (FL 2.x) supports “embedded” device video – Note: Flash Lite 3 will support native Flash Video (FLV) – Careful of overall file size! • Screen saver generation: Flash Lite 2 x Drawing API Screen saver generation: Flash Lite 2.x Drawing API – Dynamically generated ActionScript content vs. Timeline – Careful of performance and memory usage! – Spirals.swf screen saver and tiles.swf wallpaper • Adobe Flash Home ™  – New product announced at 3GSM 2007 conference New product announced at 3GSM 2007 conference – Dynamic, customizable, personalized  “home screens” – Estimated rollout later in 2007 – Info:  f h // db / bl / l /fl hh /
  12. 12. Where to go from here Where to go from here • Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices • p • Legacy Devnet Flash Lite 1.1 Nokia Series 40 articles (3 parts): – • N ki Nokia tutorial il – “Creating Screen Savers for S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 Devices” • Feature Requests for Flash Lite 3.0 q – Remote data access for wallpaper/screen savers (Adobe Flash Home ™) – Native Flash Video Support (already slated for Flash Lite 3) – Content type check … via System.capabilities.playerType? Content type check via System capabilities playerType? – Other features? Submit them to: • Interested in an entire session on this topic, an article?  – Contact Adobe at:
  13. 13. Summary • Flash Lite 2.x … – brings more interactivity to wallpaper screen saver and other brings more interactivity to wallpaper, screen saver, and other  content types – Makes it easy to create cool wallpaper and screen savers much more  quickly than many other tools available quickly than many other tools available • Thanks for attending • Richard Leggett is up next gg p