Brewing Flash Experiences on Non-PC Devices


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According to Adobe, Flash now runs on close to one billion devices, worldwide. Scott Janousek, Adobe Community Expert for Mobile and Devices and co-author of "Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices", will cover what's new in the exciting world of Flash on the Non-PC realm. This session will include an overview of the latest tools, products, and services from Adobe that designers and developers can leverage to create compelling mobile and device user experiences across Non-PC device platforms (e.g. mobile phones, Mobile Internet Devices, and other Consumer Electronic Devices).

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  • Brewing Flash Experiences on Non-PC Devices

    1. Brewing Flash Experiences on Non-PC Devices May 28-30, 2009
    2. This is an awareness presentation much more than inspirational
    4. MOBILE JARGON OEMs = Original Equipment Manufacturers Handsets = SmartPhones/Mobile Phones Carriers/Operators = Phone companies App = (Mobile) Software Application Content = Mobile “Apps”, games, other Media Emulators = Mobile Testing Software Gardens (open/closed) = Ecosystem Setups Target(s) = Devices and/or platforms you are working with/developing for Fragmentation = (SW/HW) inconsistencies across devices/platforms ... and many more. No shortage of industry terms! :)
    5. INTRO
    6. Me 10 years -Web & Interactive (Flash) Dev 4 years of Flash (Lite) on Mobile & Devices Adobe Community Expert, Certified Trainer, & User Group Co-manager, & Forum Nokia Champion Mobile Book author & Community Blogger CEO/Founder - Hooken Mobile
    7. How did I get here? “Mobile & Device Developer” Early Adopter to Flash Lite (circa 2005) “Interactive” (CD, DVD, WebCasting) Dev Web Site Developer UNIX Admin/Programmer
    8. My Mobile “Genesis” My First Mobile Application (<eye tear>) “Mobile Conference Guide” FITC 2005 (Flash Conference in Toronto) Flash Lite 1.1 (UI) + MySQL + PHP (backend) How many people used? 5 out of 500 = 1% Flash Lite 1.1 Mobile Guide No “App Stores” then (circa 2005) ... ;)
    9. Older Flash Lite 1.1/2.x Mobile Content
    10. Some recent Flash Content on Devices
    11. 4 years in business Consultancy based Application Development & Mobile Training Going Forward ... More Flash, Android, iPhone, potentially webOS ... more products
    12. Flash Mobile Books Foundation Flash for Mobile Devices (2006, Friends of ED) AdvancED Flash on Devices: Mobile Development with Flash Lite and Flash 10 (ETA 2009, Friends of ED/Apress)
    14. How many people ... Have an iPhone? Have a Nokia? Have an Android device? BlackBerry? Have OTHER portable and mobile devices? How many people have > one mobile device?
    15. How many people ... Have downloaded & installed a mobile application? Are new to Mobile Development? ... have created a mobile application? iPhone developers? Android? Flash Mobile? Other?
    16. 2009 = “Year of Mobile” Good Data Connectivity Compelling Devices Content in viable Mobile Ecosystems Savvy Users = Consumers “eating apps” Vibrant Mobile User Experiences!
    17. The “Catalyst” iPhone = THE “CATALYST” Device, platform, & service that makes people realize that MOBILE USER EXPERIENCE MATTERS! Thanks Steve Jobs & Apple. :)
    18. Compelling and Engaging User Experiences!
    19. It’s all about ...
    20. Flash Mobile Evolution 2009 - 201x ... “Flash 10” 2008 - 201x ... Flash Lite 3.x 2006 - 2007 ... Flash Lite 2.x 2004 - 2005 ... Flash Lite 1.x Before 2004 ... Pocket PC Flash era
    21. Open Screen Project
    22. Open Screen Project Partners
    23. Over a billion devices run FLASH!
    24. “Targets” “Handsets” Consumer Electronics Adobe Digital Home Embedded Devices
    25. Flash Mobile Content “Verticals” UI/Personalization Web Browsing Applications Data Services
    26. Adobe Mobile Tools, Products, Services Adobe CS4 Device Central Adobe Mobile Packager Flash Lite 1.x, 2.x, 3.x (or other IDEs) Authoring Testing Packaging Deployment
    27. Flash CS4 IDE
    28. Flash Lite 3.1 runtime Essentially working with “Flash 8quot; Development = ActionScript 2.0 Features over Flash Lite 3.0 Improved Web Browsing, 91% of top 500 internet sites. Flash 9 (AS2 only) support Local Connection / HTML Text / GetURL_target / CSS support / WMode H.264 support * / Improved video support (smoothing, seek) Improved memory handling for images MP3 Streaming support ** Linux Reference port * Requires OEM porting to chipset. ** Requires licensing from MPEG.
    29. Adobe Device Central CS4
    30. Flash Lite Deployment Flash Lite 3.1 run-time Adobe Distributable Player Adobe Mobile Packager
    31. Adobe Distributable Player Solution Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player Adobe Mobile Packager
    32. Adobe Mobile Packaging Adobe CS4 .CAB, .SIS Windows Mobile, S60 ZED, ThumbPlay, GetJar, others (or SWF generator alternative)
    33. Packaging Content .SWF .NFL (Nokia S40) .SIS (S60) .CAB (Windows Mobile) .WGZ (Nokia widgets) ... etc
    34. AMP: Step 1
    35. AMP: Step 2
    36. AMP: Step 3
    37. AMP: Step 4
    39. Some Flash Lite Content Aggregators Independent Content Aggregator (Flash Lite, etc) “Old School” Symbian,Windows Mobile, etc Content Aggregator Independent Content Aggregator (Flash Lite, etc) - Ad Funded Content Aggregator (Flash Lite, etc) Independent Content Aggregator (Flash Lite, etc)
    40. App Store with Flash Nokia OVI Launched NOW! Distribution = 40+ million devices Revenue Split: 30% (Nokia), 70% (Dev) ** App listings = free & unlimited Symbian certificates are NOT free Flash Lite, Java, Native Symbian S60, etc
    41. App Store Nokia OVI DEMO
    42. “SmartPhone Wars”
    43. “FLASH 10” for SmartPhones Flash 10 is coming on TOP TIER devices First Devices to support ... iPhone = TBD (it’s a “business thing”) Android (G1? ... G2) webOS (Palm Pre)? = June 6, 2009
    44. iphone graphic with flash icon? “Phlash” open plug icon, eye gt/b.t ween icon? we cover eyeGT and barefoot porting process in our upcoming book. Read eyeGT and Open Plug Docs. No love for Flash on iPhone = Will it happen? Not for while ... IMHO Hope = Flash to native iPhone Converters! Flex to native iPhone eyeGT & b.Tween Framework Flash to native iPhone (Porting)
    45. Android “G’s” G1 ships, G2 anticipated soon Android SDK User Experience = Decent Flash 10 expected, but when? Is G1 competing with iPhone? G2 to iPhone & Palm Pre?
    46. Palm Pre ETA: June 6 on SPRINT (USA) Web based Dev (Mojo) User Experience = Excellent Flash 10 expected, but when? Will it compete with iPhone?
    48. “Beer Apps” Beer App #1 - FOT Screen saver Beer App #2 - Chumby Countdown Clock
    49. Beer App #1 Flash on Tap Screen Saver Clock
    50. Beer App #2 Chumby Countdown Clock
    51. Flash Cast (Verizon Dashboard)
    52. Other Device Demos
    54. mobile dev landscape is full of landmines. pic? Some Tips and Tricks Develop for Lowest Common Denominator Extend Flash Lite using ... Nokia S60 Platform Services, SEMC Capuchin, Kuneri Lite, SWF2Go, Flyer, Janus, etc Leverage Device Central CS4 SDK Visit:
    55. Some Best Practices Code for Flash Lite 2.x as “baseline” Evaluate use of Frameworks (e.g. Feather) Leverage Device Central CS4 features (Task Plug-ins to ease workflow) Use Nokia RDA and Device Anywhere Focus on high end targets (e.g. N97, 5800)
    56. Some Challenges & Pitfalls Fragmentation! No ActionScript 3.0 support (yet) Content Distribution & Monetization has not been easy (getting better!) Packaging & Deployment has gotten better ...
    57. WRAP UP
    60. Boston Adobe Mobile and Device User Group “BAMaDUG” Podcasts
    61. MASS Mobile Bi Monthly Meet up in Boston Mostly Developers ... Android, iPhone, other Mobile Platforms ... Discussions = Tech & Biz ... June 16th = Next Meetup
    62. Mobile Monday Boston Monthly events Tech, Biz, Marketing, etc > 400 attendees! > 200 companies “momoboston” on April 2009 at MIT
    64. iDEV 360 iPhone Developer Conference Sept 27-30, 2009 Denver, Colorado, USA
    65. FITC 2009 Mobile
    66. O’reilly Inside Mobile Mini Conference iPhone, Android, webOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc 2 Days (July’09)
    68. Flash Mobile Opportunities Open Screen Project ($10 Million Fund) Flash Lite Developer Challenge ($100K total) Publish to Nokia OVI (App) Store Nokia: Calling All Innovators
    69. Looking for a job in the mobile industry? Free Job Postings iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, webOS, BlackBerry, Java, & more Global reach Mobile platform independent
    70. Keep your eyes out for FOT’09 Beer Coasters!
    71. URLs
    72. Contact Info email: blog: twitter: scottjanousek linkedin: scottjanousek web: email:
    73. Q &A