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Linked Open Data


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A presentation by Daniel Lewis of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Delivered at the Cataloguing and Indexing Group Scotland (CIGS) Linked Open Data (LOD) Conference which took place Fri 21 September 2012 at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

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Linked Open Data

  1. 1. Linked Open Data Daniel Lewis
  2. 2. OKFN in a nutshell...Promotes Open Knowledge because:•Better Governance•Better Culture•Better Research•Better Economy
  3. 3. OKFN in a nutshell...How? Projects •CKANRegional Chapters •OpenSpending•Cambridge •School of Data•London •Textus•Edinburgh •Public Domain Review•Germany •Open Shakespeare•Finland •...•Brazil•South Africa Working Groups•... •Open GLAM •Open Economics •Open Linguistics •...
  4. 4. Your Presenter...Daniel LewisAt Present:• Full Time PhD Student @ Bristol - Intelligent Systems Lab, investigating Association Rules and Fuzzy Concept Lattices• Part-Time "Community Coordinator, Data Wrangler and Linked Data Consultant" @ Open KnowledgeFoundation. Primarily assisting with Linked Data and Linked Open Data.History:• Various positions - Web Dev., Software Eng.r., Self Employed Consultant• ... Technology Evangelist for OpenLink Software, promoting the use of the Semantic Web & Linked Data• ... Research Intern at the Knowledge Media Institute (The Open University) looking at Social Semantic Tools and Taxonomies
  5. 5. OKFN + Linked Data... Why We feel... Linked Open Data Linked is data in the community Data? it has context and allows collaboration“Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch.”
  6. 6. OKFN + Linked Data...What ckanare wedoing A catalogue of datasetsabout Powers and other government datasetit? websites around the world For various formats, not just Linked Data... so CSV, Web Services, PDF, MS Excel...
  7. 7. OKFN + Linked Data... ckan ckan features Link to datasets Store datasets Search, Query and Filter Visualisation and Analytics Access control
  8. 8. OKFN + Linked Data...What ckanare wedoing The Open Knowledge Foundation are official partners in the LOD2 project.about •EU Funded (FP7) •Industry and Academic Membersit? •Promote LOD to business and the public sector •Advance LOD tools •Advance LOD techniques •Advance LOD datasets
  9. 9. OKFN + LOD2What ckanare wedoingabout ckan is one of the official LOD2
  10. 10. What Dataset Catalogueare wedoing Aggregation of all public data in the EU.about Enhanced with Linked Data Methods - RDF, SPARQL, Visualisation. publicdata.euit?
  11. 11. Features Everything that ckan and has, plus... EU Applications * About Corporations * About taxes * About legislation LOD Availability Map
  12. 12. Universities & R&D Organisations:Who University of Economics in the Czech Republic National University of Ireland, Galwayelse? Universität Leipzig Freie Universität Berlin Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Instytut Informatyki Gospodarczej in Poland Institute Mihajlo Pupin in Serbia Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in the Netherlands Business & Industry: Open Knowledge Foundation OpenLink Software TenForce Exalead Zemanta Wolters Kluwer
  13. 13. Who has 2010 Publink: •Umweltbundesamt GmbH, Austriait helped •Greater London Authority, U.K. •The City of Vienna, Austriadirectly? •Instituto Canario des Estadística (ISTA), Canary Islands •EU Digital Agenda Scoreboard, Belgium •"Deutsche Biographie" project of the Historische Kommission, Germany o
  14. 14. Who has 2011 Publink: •Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italyit helped •European Environment Agency, Denmark •Birmingham City Council, Englanddirectly? •Municipality of Udine, Italy •Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia •Bezirksverordnetenversammlung Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany
  15. 15. For more information on LOD2...
  16. 16. History and Future " The Semantic Web is dead! " ..." Long Live the Semantic Web! " ?
  17. 17. History and FutureThe Semantic Web isdead!!!! Why?
  18. 18. History and FutureWhy did the SemanticWeb not work inBusiness? Target Audience, perhaps
  19. 19. Linked Data FutureAcademia Machine Users Semantic Web Community & Society Linked Data Business Human Users
  20. 20. Linked Data Future Easier tools Easier methods Linked Data Integration Usable SchemaIt is about information, rather than logic
  21. 21. Linked Data Future
  22. 22. Interesting Links...• OKFN:• LOD2:• CKAN:•• Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana:• Open GLAM:• Open Bibliography:• Open Humanities:• Public Domain Review:• Open Shakespeare:• Scotland OKFN mailing list:
  23. 23. Thank YouDaniel Lewis :: daniel.lewis@okfn.orgpresenting on behalf of theOpen Knowledge Foundation :: this has been my talk onLinked Open Data in EuropeThank you...