In Praise of Regional Groups


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Presentation given by Professor Peter Reid of Robert Gordon University at the CILIPS Autumn Gathering, 27th October 2010, Carnegie Conference Centre (Dunfermline).

He discusses the usefulness of regional groupings for the profession and how they can help improve the services offered to the public.

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In Praise of Regional Groups

  1. 1. In praise of regional groups Professor Peter Reid
  2. 2. ....with a little help from Paddington
  3. 3. Scotland’s Regional Groups “Paddington is a very polite young bear who looks into a strange new world, from some innocent and childlike eyes.....” Grampian Information (GI) Tayside and Fife Library & Information Network (TAFLIN) Libraries in Central Scotland (LICS) Edinburgh Library & Information Services Agency (ELISA) Ayrshire Library Forum (ALF) now SWISS
  4. 4. Grampian Information was the first of the regional groupings formed in the early 1990s. • Training • Resource sharing • Conference • Networking “Please look after this bear....” Inter-library lending scheme Special Interest Groups Guide to Local Studies In the beginning....
  5. 5. Sharing Experiences Learning lessons from other sectors “Paddington always tries very hard to do his best and learn new things...”• To enhance and broaden access to library and information services • To work together to improve staff development and training opportunities • To co-ordinate the development of services and resources • To promote best practice • To provide a forum for networking • To act as agents of advocacy for libraries
  6. 6. Training and development The ability of deliver training and staff development on a local level Members sharing their own training events Bringing high quality speakers to the area - e.g. Charles Oppenheim “I like to help but I’m not always very good at it...”
  7. 7. Networking Event Members’ Fair Showcasing services Annual Awards Celebrating Contributions for Service Development and Individual Achievement “Paddington loves having his elevenses...” Social events Hollywood Librarian
  8. 8. Advocacy and marketing: learning from each other We don’t bite! “Paddington was very annoyed and gave him one of his hardest stares...”
  9. 9. Library & Information Regional Co-operative Groups in Scotland “Paddington loves getting together with the Browns for breakfast Occasional meetings of representatives of all regional groups under the chair of Jill Evans, Development Manager , SCURL. NLS represented on all groups by Janice MacFarlane Regular participation of CILIPS/SLIC
  10. 10. “Sometimes the future can seem very scary....” Financial Staffing Resources Digital Content Services Delivery Less with more....
  11. 11. Doing things differently Learning from different sectors about new ways of working and trying new ways to solving old problems “Paddington thought how much he’d like to slide down the banister.” podcasts, blogs, wikis, facebook , Web2.0, social networking.......
  12. 12. Thank you