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Expanding Horizons - Ideas into Practice. Martyn Wade.Twin Cities Conference: Innovation into Practise- New Service Concepts, Helsinki and Turku, Finland, 13-16 May 2009

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  • <number>
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  • 14 million printed items150,000 manuscripts2 million mapsOver 32,000 films and videos320,000 new items a year
  • 2003-04 – new senior staff structure was established. This followed agreement on the new mission, vision and values for the Library. The new strategy, the first for the Library, was developed once the senior teams had been appointed. A second stage of structural review was subsequently undertaken resulting in an organisational transformation. Since then, the Library’s structure continued to evolve, particularly through the introduction of a new Development department. Major developments in the culture and management style of the organisation also took place. Refreshment of strategy in 2007 identified four strategic themes: developing the national collections, developing the organisation, building relationships, widening access to knowledge.<number>
  • Nothing to indicate on the building facade that it was the National Library of Scotland except for small brass plaque.<number>
  • Signage introduced in 2005. <number>
  • Another way of increasing the visibility of the Library – promotion of ZigZag exhibition on George IV Bridge Building at night<number>
  • Point out security at front of house and security camera. Removed in 2007 followed by introduction of new front of house team to welcome visitors in person. Library was awarded Yucca of the Month Award for this but has never actually received the award!<number>
  • Aim of the project to create a comfortable space for users to discover the Library’s collections and to inspire new use of them. Facilities will include:Coffee shopDigital Access PointsBook ShopDiscovery CentreSettees and comfy chairsFree Wifi
  • The design aims to be modern, attractive, high quality and welcoming. Flexibility is also a key aim. Reconfiguration of cafe and book store for events.
  • Recent surveys indicate that:50-55% of visitors are first-time visitors to the Library
  • Figures from exit surveys of exhibitions94-99% of visitors would recommend the exhibition to a friend27-47% came because they saw the banners outside13-25% came because they read about it in a paper10-18% stumbled on it by chance
  • Birds of a Feather exhibition
  • John Murray Archive - Award winning permanent exhibition that has received 90,000 visitors as well as touring exhibition (Publisher and his friends) and Heroes exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery that received 25,000 visitors. Of the Archive, to date 11,500 digital images produced, several hundred images and transcripts available on line, 1.14m hits on NLS website.
  • Also for visitors are opportunities to participate in workshops. Examples of recent workshops include bookbinding classes, Local Heroes web comic creating (Bridges Project for young people in Musselburgh), and Birds of a Feather workshop<number>
  • CLICK ONLY ONCE!!Great Escapes – an example of the education and outreach resource at NLS AND OF MEDIATED REMOTE ACCESSSince 2004, the Library has had a dedicated Education resource – with three Education and Outreach Officers (one funded by the JMA Project and another reporting directly to SSA) and a web Learning Officer (also funded by JMA). The education team has developed a programme of successful workshops, teaching resources and collaborative projects. In 2007/8, over 3,500 people participated in NLS education workshops and activities.
  • Click for each image to appear and for van to move
  • Poster and leaflet advertising the Ayr and Perth roadshows– POINT OUT THE COLOURFUL ADVERTISING TO ATTRACT VISITORS TO ROADSHOW<number>
  • Aberdeen Roadshow<number>
  • Ayr Roadshow<number>
  • NLS customers can now engage far more fully with NLS collections remotely (e.g. resources of SSA, Digital Library, Map Library). Previously, many remote users would have needed to visit the Library in person to follow up what they had discovered online.
  • if there is internet access available along with Powerpoint, click on the image on the slide and it will take you to the SSA website where you can then play the clip. To get back to presentation, close tabs when prompted AND CLICK ON ARROW AT BOTTOM OF SCREEN TO MOVE AWAY FROM SSA WEBSITE]Scottish Screen Archive – example of how remote customers can engage with NLS collections. It is Scotland's national moving images collection with over 100 years of Scottish history preserved on film and video. Thousands of titles are offered for personal, educational or commercial use. Via its standalone website, customers can find details of titles available to view, hire or buy. Features of website:Watch 1,000 clips Save lists of customers’ favourite films and clips Make enquiries online. <number>
  • [DON’T CLICK ON SLIDE AS IT WILL LOCATE TO NLS DIGITAL ARCHIVE SITE]Another example of remote access to the collections – the Digital Archive - This new images resource offers online access to printed, written and illustrative material from National Library of Scotland collections. In the Digital Archive are thousands of images of complete books, manuscripts, maps, photographs and drawings. Still at an early stage of development, the resource features a small selection of image groups such as: Official photographs from the First World War Robert Burns's 'Poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect' Soviet posters, 1919-1930. More images will be added during the year. The Archive is destined to become a significant image source for NLS website visitors.<number>
  • Ordnance Survey map of Scotland with Google overlay – point out Finland at top right of map<number>
  • Ordnance Survey map of Edinburgh with Google Overlay – point out GIVB on right<number>
  • The Scottish Business Information Service - SCOTBIS - A national information service for Scottish businesses with information on 11 million companies worldwide.Based on the extensive business resources at NLS.SCOTBIS provides users with a free enquiry service. Also offers fee-based research and other charged services<number>
  • The Aquabrower project – aim to consolidate all available resources into one place.This ties in with the development of a library wide resource discovery strategy and will provide a one stop shop for public discovery via the web. <number>
  • [N.B. One click will bring the various images up in sequence]Examples of NLS social media marketing via social tools – NLS Blog, Youtube, Flickr and Facebook<number>
  • The use of social tools allows public recording of information/comments that can be retro included into our own metadata for discovery. This is an example from Flickr<number><number>
  • Examples of comments posted from customers on their delight on finding what they wanted from the NLS website
  • Another platform for NLS resources - NLS is also involved in some commercial projects with collecting partners – in this case a joint collaboration to provide a business to business service. Important to note in relation to the agenda of shared services<number>
  • NLS is involved in projects that provide digital acquisition services for the Scottish community – this example is a JISC project to provide storage and preservation services for the university sector<number>
  • You might recognise this famous face! This is a photo of Sir Sean Connery having a behind the scenes tour of the Library in August 2006 to view items from the John Murray Archive, his first wage slip (on loan from Scotmid) and various other items. He stayed 2 hours. He also viewed the John Murray Archive in the vault of the Library.
  • Point out the different scales involved in the various slides to followReader visits: from 59,485 in 2004/05 to 68,819 in 2007/08
  • From 29,990 in 2004/05 to 44,451 in 2006/07.Reason for decline in 2005/06 and 2006/07?Figures yet to be published for 2008/09 indicate figures of 57,780<number>
  • From 668 in 2004/05 to 3,305 in 2007/08<number>
  • From 30,448 in 2004/05 to 74,408 in 2007/08<number>
  • From 1,299,214 in 2004/05 to 3,557,154 in 2007/08. Point out that users of NLS online services greatly outnumber visitors to reading rooms, events and exhibitions. <number>
  • Early figures for 2008/09 indicate
  • The products of the programme to be delivered over next 18-24 monthsPoint out that remote access to electronic resources is FOR REGISTERED CUSTOMERS but remote registration should enable that.Also e-commerce; mass digitisation -
  • Expanding Horizons - Ideas into Practice

    1. 1. Expanding Horizons: Ideas into Practice Books ... Newspapers ... Maps ... Manuscripts ... Archives ... Music ... Electronic Resources ... Digital Library ... Online Services ... and much more ...
    2. 2. Information and Library Services, Archive Services and Records Management: National Occupational Standards http://www.ukstandards.co.uk/Admin/DB/0030/ILS-AS
    3. 3. From Advocates Library... • 1689: The Library of the Faculty of Advocates • 1710: Legal Deposit begins
    4. 4. From Advocates Library... • 1689: The Library of the Faculty of Advocates • 1710: Legal Deposit begins
    5. 5. … To National Library • 1925: The National Library of Scotland Act
    6. 6. Today ... • Scotland’s largest library • Scotland’s only legal deposit library • Open to anyone who wants to access our collections and services
    7. 7. NLS customers • Scotland and the world • Academic and research • General Public • Education and lifelong learning • Business and enterprise • Library and Information Professionals • Donors
    8. 8. Service Model 1 Purposive Self service C C S C P O U I U S E B T S T R L L L I I T A V E C Z O F I C E M F C T V N E E I A O L S R S U N S S E You exist! Interpretative
    9. 9. Service Model 2 • Visitor Access • Remote Access – mediated and supported • Remote Access - direct
    10. 10. How we …How we are were seen seen... Internally focused World class Dedication to For everyone, Not for me… quality; everywhere Academic research bias professional; Contemporary trusted Elitist Unique Strong user satisfaction and Speaks my language Intimidating affection Inspiring Old fashioned Changing to Connecting Not inclusive external, NLS for tomorrow customer focus Too formal Interacting Two way Traditional to become Relevant
    11. 11. • 2004 Strategy • Refreshing of Strategy http://www.nls.uk/about/policy/docs/strategy2004.pdf http://www.nls.uk/about/policy/docs/2008-strategy.pdf
    12. 12. NLS mission and vision NLS will enrich lives and communities, encourage and promote lifelong learning, research and scholarship and encourage universal access to information, by comprehensively collecting and making available the recorded knowledge of Scotland, and promoting access to the ideas and cultures of the world.
    13. 13. Somebody told me there was a national library around here...
    14. 14. Ah... there it is!
    15. 15. And there it is too!
    16. 16. Front of house then…..
    17. 17. And coming soon... National Library of Scotland New Visitor Facilities Access Discovery
    18. 18. Plan of visitor centre
    19. 19. Exhibitions at the National Library of Scotland used to look like this…
    20. 20. And this…
    21. 21. Now they look like this…
    22. 22. And this…
    23. 23. NLS Education and Outreach - Workshops
    24. 24. Education and Outreach: John Murray Archive
    25. 25. National Library Roadshows Aberdeen - 2006 Perth - 2007 Ayr - 2008 Dumfries – 2009 Perth Aberdeen Ayr Dumfries
    26. 26. Aq u a b ro w s e r
    27. 27. I would like to say that I think your website is marvellous and I have pored over your maps many times. I am a Fifer, born and bred on a farm near Cupar, so these old maps give a fascinating insight into its past. Amazing to think I can sit The amount of material you have out here on the banks of available electronically is fantastic. Loch Fyne and do all this It certainly is on par with the Library without going out of the of Congress and the British Library. house. Quite delightful. (Well, I think so anyway!) I searched for hours for a Scottish poem my grandmother (Scottish-born) used to recite from memory, and which my father knew parts of. Then I found it as a broadside on your site! I was thrilled!
    28. 28. ...
    29. 29. Nice pictures but what do the figures say!
    30. 30. I thought they might ask that
    31. 31. Future Plans… Remote Access Programme • Remote registration • Remote access to electronic resources • Smart Cards • Event booking via website • E-newsletters • Customer updates via SMS text message