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Encompass - Positive action training scheme


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Presentation by CILIP given at the "Equality and Diversity: promoting good practice in library work" course on the 17th November 2009.

Details of the CILIP positive action training scheme which aims to increase under-representation of ethnic minorities amongst LIS staff.

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Encompass - Positive action training scheme

  1. 1. Positive action trainee scheme
  2. 2. In the UK, one person in thirteen comes from an ethnic minority Among library & information staff, it could be as few as one in forty-four With your help, we can put that right
  3. 3. We’re offering a trainee scheme to encourage Black and minority ethnic community members to pursue a library & information career. Our target: 50 trainees over five years Time to act
  4. 4. How does it work? A three-way partnership employer
  5. 5. We ask you to convert an existing post into a trainee post (or create a new post). The graduate traineeship will last for three years. Your trainee will spend on average four days a week working for you and one day studying. For this we’ll ask you to pay an annual fee to Path National. Benefits for you and your trainee How it works
  6. 6. Save on… staff costs National Insurance recruitment costs maybe pension costs too? With lower overall costs, you may be able to save a threatened post. Plus – you get full support and advice from Path National throughout. Benefits for you – during traineeship
  7. 7. Identify and exploit new sources of talent . Promote creativity and innovation through diversity. Improve understanding and service to minority communities. Contribute to the diversity and equalities agenda of your parent organization. Doing the right thing! Opportunities for your trainee Benefits for you – broader picture
  8. 8. Mentoring and personal support from Path National Part time or distance learning on a CILIP-accredited course Continuing professional development opportunities provided by Path National, CILIP and you as a placement provider Free CILIP membership Networking opportunities through CILIP and Path National Opportunities for your trainee – during traineeship
  9. 9. Master’s qualification in library & information science MCLIP (Member of CILIP) professional qualification Network of contacts Increased employability What happens next? Opportunities for your trainee – expected outcomes
  10. 10. Dec 2009: Host organizations sign up to Encompass Jan/Feb 2010: Advertise for trainee candidates Feb/Mar 2010: Host organizations recruit trainees Apr 2010: Trainees start their placements and apply to universities Sept/Oct 2010: Trainees start university course Who’s overseeing Encompass? Encompass timeline
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