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The New Star Party - Interstellar Vision from 1990's


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The New Star Party's Interstellar vision was written mainly in 1992 in the days before exopolitics, disclosure and xenopolitics. Indeed many of its ideas are now classic 21st Century sci-fi ideologies ... and many have not yet seen the light of day.
Here are my rambling thoughts on what sort of cosmos an interstellar human could end up living in ... if that were to be allowed etc

Published in: Spiritual
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The New Star Party - Interstellar Vision from 1990's

  2. 2. THE NEW STAR PARTY and its MANIFESTO was something which was very dear to my heart in the early 1990's. This extract from my work called the 'Eight Seas of Essence' was named directly after being inspired by the English rock group Queen and Freddy Mercury belting out the Seven Seas of Rye !! I remember the 1990's - in the UK there was Tony, and his electoral ticket for 10 Downing street was 'things can only get better'. In fact I can honestly say that Tony Blair was at the heart of my reaction to the UFO and paranormal movement in general which although it kept talking up some great ideas re contact and disclosure with a capital 'D' - it never actually got round to doing anything about anything except selling more books, DVD's and conference tickets. In the UK the Old Labour or 'democratic' movement had yet another wonderful man of the people in John Smith who after his untimely demise on a Scottish hillside seemed to take with him to his grave the last vestiges of red flag-waving in Scotland. The Old Labour Party was dead - long live the New Labour Party. Leading up to the millennium, the more I read on these conspiracy newsgroups about whistleblowers and credible disclosures it was with some optimism that many expectantly waited - some falling for the professional pseudo-military fearmongering of lack of kobold programming skills causing a global oil supply catastrophe, whilst others who seemed more in tune with the kind of alien realities becoming recognised as commonplace - many of them negative - that it seemed that it was only a matter of time before some of these wonderfully educated intellectuals and scholars would come up with a political movement called the 'Star Party'. In 2001 when many of these great posts of la la Channelling, various pledges and secret information started disappearing off the back of their servers - those in the know would wait for the next opportunity for 'disclosure'. Then great videos with great soundtracks and convincing narratives started emerging about the approach of planet X and the earth's crustal shift of 2012, again we thought - surely with so many alleged 'star visitors' making themselves known to even ordinary folks like myself there had to be - from some group of intellectuals with lots more information and information technology than I had the 'Star Party' !! Again No Such Luck. It did look though that some of the missing channelling and whistleblower info from 2000 was returning with some minor details like dates and the names changed in time for the 2012 hysteria build up... But suddenly there were all the PhD's of Exopolitics - But - Where was the manifesto - Zero manifesto in 20 years + What had happened to the Star Party working for the rights of the exploited humans whose stuff was being farmed and milked by at least multinational corporations through alleged treaties ??
  3. 3. No Disclosure ever - probably - because if your government ever admitted to co- operating with non-humans to obtain profit from their technologies by messing with the lives of voters and taxpayers - the number of class action lawsuits would certainly - potentially make a big dent in the human profit margins ... No Disclosure then ... But - Where was the Star Party ... and why was us being exploited our fault because we weren't top class souls etc Enough then ... so I decided to create the New Star Party .com because something happened to the Old Star Party ... but the only way that things can ever get better is if we all realise that in a world where Amnesty International thinks an alien abductee is a fruit cake and Exopolitics gives us the 'don't demonise the demons' rhetoric - there really needed to be a more pro-human democratic movement or at least some sort of dialogue with the powers of Exopolitics. Presented below are my own 'exopolitics' or they were my opinions nearly 30 years ago !! but we all know that time flies and things change. In a world where my youtube counters seem to travel backwards in time - here is my exopolitical vision of the cosmos before a bunch of very unhappy close encounters that I wrote about elsewhere in a free ebook called 'The Turning of the Tide' in 2006. There is nothing wrong with optimism if it is also tempered with wisdom and I hope you have fun reading through these ideas - many of which have manifested in one form or another in the cinema in the 21st Century ... To keep that 'currency' I added the odd 21st Century buzzword but the majority of the writing is from a book I wrote in 1992 called 'The Eight Seas of Essence'. This then is my rambling Interstellar optimism in the times before I created Xenopolitics ... EPIC EARTH's MARKETING DEPARTMENT BRIEFING There are going to be some rather naive mistakes in the great party of the future, mainly because we have taken for granted in an almost physiological selfishness the systemic parameters of things like particle physics that we call 'normal' everyday reality. To the inductivist, in fact, all swans are white until we see a black swan, and in the symmetries which are possible in particle theories - in some parts of the universe, all walls are solid until we walk through one ! Do you believe in remote civilisations, distant space age epochs, a civilisation within the Earth, Flying Saucers, Faeries, Gnomes, Aliens and the proverbial flying pig ? - probably not, but who are we to judge - can we call ourselves rational ? are
  4. 4. our measurements worth something ? in what context is our data valid ? One of philosophy's greatest questions is 'will the sun rise tomorrow ?' and the answer is that noone can ever be sure and that any certainty is false, arising as it does from physiological expectations - at this stage the empiricist or scientist will quote probability - but the quagmire deepens because it is quite obvious from the basic questions of the philosophy of mind that we can't know anything for sure and that shared perceptions of some event can't for sure entail the same understanding ! So where are we at the moment then ? there are more Saucers in the sky than in the proverbial china store, and strange phenomena are charted in an immense pile of literature, some of it is self referential, but the originals are milestones and at least they don't refer to themselves in their bibliography. The answer to the Life the Universe and Everything is not going to come our way unless we put ourselves and our minds to a bit of exercise... the problem is our paradigm - it is a major headache and barrier in our problem of understanding reality. Let’s start with the great Bistro Earth; somewhere far out in the reaches of the Great Wall (A wall of Galaxies whose very existence discredits the Big Bang Theory ), there lives a Race of Philosophers and Scientists who have watched a travel program on TV or Mind Implant Theatre, and have seen that there is a place called the planet Dirt which has some very curious and off-beat habits, and is well recommended by the shows presenter as worth a visit. So the deputation takes the HyperWarp shuttle and presents itself to the known cultural authorities who are capable of giving them a taste of Bistro Earth. What is the Food of Life in this wonderful settlement they enthuse .... Well, they are told, there is this great dish called spaghetti first caused to be made in Italy ................ it doesn't come from Italy, because Italy doesn't exist ... [Logicist Agnosticism]. If an Italian Restaurant exists, then it definitely isn't a member of everything Italian. [Russell's Paradox]. The house specialty: The Universe is made of spaghetti. [Current Superstrings theory]. The spaghetti is probably not nutritious. [Hume's Induction Paradox]. It isn't logical that Spaghetti completely exists anyway its not rational.. [Goedel's Paradox]. The Gelati comes from the freezer to the plate for no reason. [Quantum Paradox]. Diners don't need to pay the Bill. [Maxwell's Demon's Paradox]. How can we know we are eating Spaghetti anyway - it could be Risotto. [Descartes - epistemological skepticism] This nonsense of course makes the visitors laugh because it sounds like one of the sketches on the Rab C Alien show, but then they realise that their hosts are entirely serious.
  5. 5. And how do you repay the restaurant manager, they ask; with the gift of experiences past, or a new skill, or the gift of a language or an ability - er no says the Great Earth Delegation, we give them these bits of metal or virtual data, this is called money .... The manager can use the metal however to buy the implements with which he can acquire experience. Surely say the deputation, this Civilisation must have a great deal of metal to be able to have a population of Billions ... The debate starts to get embarrassing for the Earth delegation when the conversation about capitalism went the way of the creation of arbitrary and vast amounts of virtual money which had direct material relations in the real universe - and as the penny finally drops, the Great Philosopher and Scientist Race decide to embark upon a new voyage for the lost planet of Sky, where it is alleged that some Human Beings have their heads screwed on - unfortunately, the Robot species responsible for that unfortunate anatomical fact cannot be located - a pity, because they definitely could be deployed here. In some ways, vital ways we need something to pay the bills and we call this system capitalism, yet on some planet in the universe, the whole idea of a civilisation not trusting itself and needing to produce money instead of trust and sharing and social justice may be totally obscene to highly evolved lives we may call X. I never understood what this thing was with X anyway - we find it in equations, logic statements and on the dotted lines which have been put on the contract for the asteroid which is going to be used to rehouse the population of Earth, the original planet being turned into a museum for the study of monetary systems. This is something we must be prepared for - the proverbial paradigm shift - the descent of something new and what we have in the way is a spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and lasting marriage to the paradigm of capitalism may not be the most welcome standard in the advanced quarters of the galaxy. This is quite important to realise, the idea that competition and capitalism may be an outlaw philosophy somewhere else, having been superseded by something more beautiful. The modern day warrior in the battlefield of the market place armed with ipad and network aids is probably the archetype of universal and civilised commerce, for wherever there are rules of supply and demand governing the distribution of any vital substance, there will be a form of capitalism. In a Universe of success and failure we must begin to look upon the various space ships we see with other thoughts in our heads than Star Trek, because Federation of planets there may actually be, but who is it that has the fingers in the Earth Marketing pie and more importantly we should ask who it is that benefits, because entrepreneurial success brings also the drop-out and failure - for it is tough at the top is it not. Obviously the Interstellar Races that we want to deal with will give us discounts, trade and energy deals, access to the better markets, designer transportation systems and membership cards that give access to the best Hyperspace restaurants and carryouts.
  6. 6. What vast sums must be paid by our multinational interests in order to join this lowly backwater to transgalactic Yuppiedom, are our garden sheds suddenly going to be targeted for vast export as museum exhibits or are upmarket exobiotic entities (to be non xenophobic) going to suddenly declare coca-cola a rare coolant for interdimensional engines or is coal shale considered a rare delicacy by a race with an armoured digestive system. Well obviously those with the most market information are going to get even richer, or at least that is what one supposes. What dubious alliances are going to be made for a slice of eternity and the ultimate ego trip of designer Extra-Terrestrial Human colonies run according to the principles of good 'ol apple pie ethics, or the neurosis of some sort of Master Race paranoia. Who are our real friends and can we really trust anyone on Earth to make the right sort of connections. I ask this question because the ruling multinational elite of earth have made this planet a barren desert in the name of the capitalist ethic, [or some darker Nihilistic anti-life agenda] shall even our gene pool be made sterile of variation in the search for 'superiority'. No Civilisation is going to want us to repeat our Whale slaughter or Rainforest devastation, and that fantastic trick the industrialists have learned to do with the Planetary Ionosphere - it’s a sort of devastating finale to the great show of organic evolution ie. One big desert and One very small Robot. We have got the ability to learn from our mistakes and we have got the need to survive, to win and to build architecture that will last. We all should try to trust any transition given that those delegated to make it are a legitimate and democratic choice. Wars are fought over money and capital, politics manipulate capital through the channelling of investments and the policing of property. The human being has been serving the 'rather token than trust' Civilisation for a good few millennia now. [biblical mammon !!] Secrets and all the possibilities of reality can be found in every science fiction book or film, these concepts are the harbingers of greater possibilities, greater leaps and greater failures. Alas these are not the harbingers of failure for the sons and daughters of Mrs M but are the clear indication that the future may be spoiled by parochial insights of an Elite that could elect itself. [e.g. Plutocracy] That some judge should make these decisions for us, someone older and infinitely wiser and that this Fatherly figure should preside over a hierarchy of gifted ruling children who with starry eyed promises lead us happily into the future - I must admit, it has its good points, but quite frankly, I don't look like a blond Adonis, and it looks like I won't be invited to this party along with all the others on the proverbial scrap heap. Now, before you get angry, consider this; if the universe was to open its big back door and just say that certain genes belonging to capitalist paradigms could do certain IQ tests more capably, the selection programme operated by any elite would, unfortunately, see to it that that generation attempted to judge the values of other paradigms in which they, like us today, are comparative dunces. Alas that is a possibility if any elite ran the show. There is no way anyone or any system of intelligent people whose linear calculating power is as fast as the 140 plus IQ's of MENSA could possibly guarantee that the processes they call both fast and linear at the moment will be the same efficient
  7. 7. format anywhere else in the known or unknown universe, because, it is possible through the dynamics of chaos and sub atomic set theory that the most convoluted dunce of today may well be the fastest linear or non-linear cognitive process in other sub atomic circumstances. It would be too much of an assumption to make that any set of standards of ergonomic performance and any organic system which supported that performance could be adaptable enough to maintain the efficiency of its parameters under all sub- atomic and atomic conditions. This planet though, has got plenty of examples of stupidity to choose from and avoid in the near future lest their effects occur again, but this is mainly the stupidity and senselessness of slaughter and unprovoked madness in connection with the so-called luxuries of capital. The world is uncertain, war and peace like a Napoleonic Tolstoy tale is a dualism which continually haunts the Human Race, Money, Land, Divine Rights the whole thing is such a turmoil - we need some sort of delegated elitist body to take Humanity forward. However, just in case there is not enough perspective to get your teeth into, why not take some of the longer views of what is possible in the great outback of Interstellar space, where the local aborigines have been experimenting with massive metallic boomerang shapes called space ships, and the Great Cruel God of the Outback couldn't give a planetmaine fourX for anything else. Which is why the restless natives are starting to dream of paradise and some great oasis in the distant void, more hyperspace leaps away than the proverbial kangaroo would make in a lifetime ! Some where in a galaxy far far away the Grand Council of Races was meeting to discuss many many problems in the working of this brand new universe. The big bang was but a moment ago, almost, and the many intelligent races were finding immense problems in coming to terms with the essence of this universe. They had problems because their souls could not exercise their proper majesty of high powered (we would call it magical) thought. The thing was that this damn new universe was Binary in format and because of this very basic and competitive format the souls incarnating from other dimensions were not making satisfactory decisions because of their trinary and quaternary or solitary nature. As a result, the collection of civilisations that had thus far evolved were becoming stagnant. Their problem was serious in that Evil and Good, being a feature of this binary cosmos, could be defined as compatible or incompatible relativity between the various energy formats. Evil made of those civilisations that abandoned the organic format for the mechanical ie.found favour in the contradiction of the selfish unfeeling machine, a substitute for the organic and selfless social unit. The ultimate competitor needs only a good Dolby setting on their psychological excesses. This very 'dark robotic'- like set-up where the machine and subservience to the ethic of competition were the driving force behind the 'cyborg' jellyware - entombed morally, physically and spiritually in a womb of evil is the stuff that all good Science Fiction Movies are made of.
  8. 8. Indeed, there is no good reason why an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence operating in conjunction with a good, detailed database and using the modal logic language [A] could not have a pair of legs attached to it and made to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, given a laser blaster or Jedi Light Sabre and be sent off on a secret deep cover mission to prevent high technology ever developing on the Planet Earth, just in case ! It is not impossible to believe that this planet is hollow. There are many smaller examples of stratified geological systems that are hollow because of the manner of their geochemical formulation ie. the geode and agate have these same hollow properties alleged of this planet in all the 'loony' texts. Further to this, if the planet was a cooling and rotating mass of magma, it is possible that the polar regions, due to the Coriolis effect would 'unscrew' themselves from the rest of the forming crust and come off completely. Oh there are stories of the explorer Admiral Byrd in 1938. The hollow Earth legends of Agharti and the tales of the Coming Race by Bulmer Lytton and certain satellite photos discovered about an exceptionally rare cloudless day at the Poles by a weather Satellite of the area explored inside the Earth by Admiral Byrd and his less available documentation about his journeys. Are the Races of our hollow Earth watching examining, and possibly corrupting, or is the Strange visions of the oriental Blessed Virgin Mary something beautiful to inspire us. The answer to the questions raised in the book 'The Dark Gods' by Robertson and Gilbertson Published by Granada in 1985 is that tied to our human lives is a sort of responsive and interpenetrating force field, a miasma of some life form that produces the delicate Faerie and the frightening Demon. Things start to happen when researchers think about it, Keel says it’s a cosmic game - I think that it is less glamourous than that, and that these phenomena are a sort of psychic buffer solution or Dolby that serve to encourage or restrain certain areas of growth. No-one has made any sense of it because it seems to function as a custom made and nihilistic -matrix-like response to various
  9. 9. situations that arise. Perhaps these phenomena are simply linked to the mirror of consciousness where people see only what they want to see. According to the father of empiricism, Rene Descartes, we wouldn't know if an evil demon was actually running things because we wouldn't know what the real world events were as they could fool us as they were being manufactured. Out of body phenomenon have been scientifically dismissed in some places and scientifically and empirically proven in other areas depending how 'rational' one wants to be thought of at the Institute wine and cheese party - but whether or not it’s all hypnopompic hallucinations, marsh gas or some new type of virtual reality without the aid of any other computer than the human organic operating system it does come down to personal experience. Philosophically the 'weirdo' is on shaky ground here, and depending on whether the white coat has got a test tube or a straight jacket - if he can't see your pink elephant what's the point anyway - he probably wouldn't appreciate that colour of elephant. Epistemological skepticism - how can we know anything - Realism and Logicism - if you can't touch it it isn't there - if you can't put a meter stick next to it, the elephant’s ear can't be measured - ask the question - how can we share our experience. Yet there is so much evidence for ghosts - relative harmonic ergonomic shells aka discarded 'overcoats' for the human senses that just because they have over the millennia picked up some dubious oriental names and concepts should not discredit
  10. 10. their reemergence on the photographic plates and monitors of today eg. Kirlian photography depicts electromagnetic emissions from the human force field or 'aura'. We cannot discount the fact that an atom has through the Pauli exclusion principle, electromagnetic harmonics called electron shells, or that a vessel like a bell can produce sound harmonics when struck. Stars have a whole electromagnetic signature that spans various spectra, but in the interests of being rational the human electromagnetic system ought to be producing various types of signature itself such as the Kirlian effect and other invisible electromagnetic phenomenon. If you've got a white coat, a science degree and an agnostic soul, one has to give credit to the Cassette tape, because it is an accurate empirical registration of an electromagnetic event that was produced by Deutsche Gramophone in the 1920's, and although most of the orchestra may have passed away, the immortality of effort lives on and persists in this recording. If classic materialism is the stumbling block for survival after 'death', then one has to point out that what if the functional ergonomic computing capacity for independent thought somehow persisted as a record in harmony with the strange attractor sets running in parallel to the processing areas of the organic brain, a sort of sub atomic strange attractor imbued with the logical capacities and empathic resonance and responses of the senses, as a data base for experiences, and by using the modal logic of language [A] an automatic continuity of reason which is functional in other dimensions after we have shuffled off this mortal DVD sleeve. That is not to say that there are not Spirits or souls of disembodied Human or other extra dimensional entities floating about in hard (saucer) or soft form (will o’ the wisp)... these serve to make the trauma of confrontation more of a hazard. The intelligence behind these intimidating actions seem to take the course of frightening the punters or poor researchers with the awful truth, which, as you may have guessed is something along the lines of the dark envelope being actually wired into some sort of immensely Dark entity which unfortunately hates our guts.
  11. 11. It is no wonder that many researchers fall by the wayside for one reason or another. Gilbertson ties the Masonic-thing conspiracy theory into the picture of these evil thingummyjigs and seems to show that the Dark God Lucifer has various plans for the future of Mankind - mind you what's new - what with alien space ships, sorry exobiotic entities' interdimensional vehicles and bloodless animals at 'landing' sites or power drains or the unmentionable sexual experiments documented by Strieber and really examined with a bit more courage by Professor J Mack, and also Budd Hopkins in his book Intruders at Cropley woods. We have even had black magician Aleister Crowley bridge the gap between alien hardware and demonic flesh in his UFO made of flesh encounter with a Demon/Grey being called Lam in 1917. The problems for the researchers into this intimidating morass of unscientific fact is that there seems to be no rationale to explain what the hell is going on. Taking an archaeological approach to our current understanding of things, there is no reason why, some time in the past, a very intelligent but not very 'nice' looking bunch of exiles didn't manage to get an oil change at the last interstellar bi-pass, descended upon the local natives like the fiery wrath of God and who were very angry, probably at the ships cook for having dropped the soup ladle into the antimatter fuel valve. These strange and frightening beings had red eyes - mainly because they had been up all night working on the ships warp drive and seemed to have the strength to lift great blocks of rock with their finger and build vast monuments and tombs quite quickly. Actually with the antigravity probe they were able to have the satisfaction of
  12. 12. knowing that they could see where the cook ate his last rock cake - from a distance of one hundred centons on this barren backwater. They could still hear Radio Stellar FM but all the latest hits were a bit slow arriving. They tried to explain to the natives that the Googy Xool Show was their favourite and that the luscious miss Xool was a goddess, but the natives took it literally. The ships engineer was quite impressed and made a video hoping to post it through the transmat if he could get it working again to the Radio Stellar FM offices, because he was sure that that would appeal to the excesses for which Googs was known in her private life - the voice that enslaved a million males even if they did look like the soft and pulpy wimps of Sumeria. There is no known recipe for resisting the fright of your life, but even if you could become cosmopolitan to the point of being an intergalactic Xenophile, sooner or later, all the morphological extravagances that frighten the Hicks from the Sticks in this backwater would have been mentioned on the Googy Xool show many millennia ago. The mumbo jumbo and berobed razzamatazz that surrounds other dimensions, entities and places is easily enough to fill many wierd bookshops, and somewhere in the ancient leather or skin bound tome of the Temple of Sumeria, that special book for sale in the Magus Bookshop in Derby, the ships computer operator is depicted in all his ugly visage with a page of strange hieroglyphs which he claimed opened up the pathways to higher understanding (the earliest known extra terrestrial version of the song 'lets do the time warp again').
  13. 13. Doubtless the crew of that long lost ship are now long dead on their home world having been spotted and rescued by a passing freighter whilst drawing rather large animals in the deserts of the world. Their plight eventually spotted from space - and given marks for artistic impression, they finally got their slot on the Googy Xool show and reviews in various seedy magazines. Actually, it turned out that they had been wasting their time with the desert outreach project because it seems that at that range the crews monthly Karaoke Night had been picked up by a rather malignant race of Anthropoids, malignant, basically because it was jamming Googy Xools personal interview with the Personal Therapist to the Emperors Harem. The Chief Engineers Video was shown on the Galactic equivalent of Stars on Sunday, and the presenter Patrick Spoor made the planet Dirt a cult must for the Yuppies of three quadrants - the fourth quadrant is above such things. Naivety stops in the twentieth century with the term close encounter - some people seem to be having some very close encounters indeed. In hypnotically regressed victims of these bizarre romps we see small grey men and women who look very non human allegedly becoming fertilised, and having children with more 'human' how shall we say - genders - the product of generations of ET research to make their species more Binary and less ephemeral - a more physical - efficient, decision making unit. We hear in Strieber's visionary journey which some people would call an Astral voyage that this particular civilisation congregated in stadia and left their buildings empty - and in Hopkin's account of a victim, this progeny was indicated as being extraordinarily important, though what was left of the tired subject was told that great and hard times were ahead as they were kicked out of a flying saucer. The Grey Men in one report say that they are here for the purposes of sharing an important destiny with us - perhaps it is to be our guides into the scientific and precise superphysical formats which our gross senses do not have the skill to accurately decide upon - what wonders are just around the corner for us all - an end to woolly jerseys, incense sticks, crystals and herb tea as a gateway to a higher reality, and a beginning of the end for the common man's Nightmare on Elm street and all the terrors of ignorance. If reports are to be believed from all the semi-credible sources, there are already various bases on this planet - let’s be honest these things are neither recent nor extraordinary. The real problem for mankind though is the reality that these allegedly interstellar greys are just modern names and ideas projected onto the same demonic problems of old - demons in silver suits recently replace the faeries and djinn, the archons and elementals. The Earth on its surface has its own story to tell, of world rounds and the sinking of Atlantis and the demise of Mu, comets, Ice Age, the basis of these arguments can be
  14. 14. found in nearly fifty books which I can list in the Bibliography and although listing strange finds that don't fit with Darwin, Archaeology, Divinity, Physics and known science can be a lot of fun. What was going on in Atlantis before tragedy struck was, apparently, a world of great mental powers and mastery of the world of matter. Unfortunately the bad guys put the boot in and there was a great war where magical powers swept the land, creating monsters and genetic abominations and evil giants, and factions perished. The great magics were apparently run on the powers of seed germination, a fact that I can sparingly develop from the book by Ravenscroft called the Spear of Destiny. This is about Hitler and his preoccupation with the powers of Atlantis and the lodge of the green serpent which by all accounts expects one to germinate a seed overnight by the power of the mind - and that is just the entry test ! The quest for the bad Atlantean Magicians that escaped to a land in the north called Thule was ever on Hitler's mind as was Agharti the land inside the Earth's core. Obsessed as he was by Lord Lytton, he had managed to acquire several shipments of Himalayan Adepts for his Bunker - this being part of his obsession with some evil race of Masters he called the 'coming man' which would one day come to the surface and rule us. Apparently the Himalayas were or indeed still are near an entrance to a city of this dubious kingdom - hence the adepts. In Theosophical lore these are the 5th root race Lieutenants of Bramha !! Hitler's Armamen as he called them were tall and had white shining eyes. It must be easily predictable that a Race or species conforming to human psychology when let loose with unchecked competition, would turn their green garden of Eden into an Ashtray. It must have been seen and documented all over the travelled cosmos, the pollution of unchecked industrialisation, all the diseases of liberalism and unchecked morality, the pouring of the bowls into the oceans and on the lands and finally the burning sun consequent on a destroyed ionosphere - in fact if we could find a primitive backwater like ours that hadn't quite got evilly sabotaged yet, we could give them the truth that devilry seems good but at the end of the day it really is the end of the day - nothing more - no eternally loving life. The high technology of previous civilisations seemed in fragments to be very much in evidence, but 'flying shields' were seen over Troy and are still seen today by astronauts and punters alike. The museums are packed with inexplicable and technically incongruous artefacts [e.g. M. Cremo] which have no place amongst the straw bricks of the past. There is still evidence for nuclear wars many millennia B.C and the great experiment may have flagged a bit or maybe at that time it was not properly underway. Comets, disasters and Ice Ages seem to have put an end to the problem of our mysterious past. Darwin was a mistake, he seemed to have tapped into some local trend and not the great mainstream of history. Somehow, there never was a fuss over all these artefacts and there was probably a policy of cover up by the experiment referees throughout the Dark Ages of our history. Therefore beginning almost from square one we struggled up to the end of the 20th century as self made fools.
  15. 15. There could have been a space age civilisation whilst the Vikings were looting Britain or rather a global civilisation could have been allowed to evolve with the remainder of the artefacts and hidden knowledge. Why not, well there was still lots of soul mining to do and grapes of wrath to tread on. The ancient masonic historians say that masonry was a religion of the stars [e.g. G. Oliver, Pike]; that all this knowledge may have been held in keeping till we were ready for it. In Genisis, by David Wood it is revealed that satellite photos show the pyramids of an ancient civilisation on Mars - this was a place used by one of our stellar colonists to supervise the garden world of Atlantis whilst it provided its fruits for the alien race on Mars. At that time the giants and or Gods were walking the Earth some were getting up peoples noses and the story of little David versus Goliath are documented also in the Bible. The garden Earth, however went violently wrong and various vitrified, fused and melted forts eg. Mexico and Scotland illustrate that Nuke airstrikes against ones rivals were quite common. Bloodlines of the Gods, the mastery of Psychic powers/ intellect and complete domination of matter seem quite common ambitions even in todays frenetic world of carefully explored genealogies and Registration offices in Scotland haunted by various Americans on the trail of some ancestral 'Godline'. But let us not stray into the calibration of that ancient world of many secrets that are today kept from the punters. What seems to be apparent is that anarchy was allowed to reign by people in the wings who could have governed us and made us a space contact civilisation millennia ago.
  16. 16. In Star Trek the federation of planets have a prime directive - one of non interference this was probably not applicable to those jerks who knowingly hid all the clues to our high tech ancestry. Telepathy and mind powers became witches and bonfires except amongst the elite of the Illuminati. It is probable that some of these adepts are still alive today thanks to the practise of their craft - is this where the idea of 'Vampire' came from, or of the eternal Android. This control of information for elitist uses was around all through the evolution of what we term Human history - this experiment in total competition to evolve a Race second to nothing in the Universe. Let us not kid ourselves, this is not the messy affair that it really seems because it is thematic on Capital and the performance of competition - which makes it likely that every battle or socioeconomic empire could be modelled on one vast computer scenario. History becomes calculable probability because it adheres to the one theme, that of competition and this is what makes good modelling potential for a systems analyst. Factors of economy become constants, factors of love and harmony become sort of anti-constants because they reduce the efficiency of capital accumulation - atomic war becomes a purge of various possibilities in the mainstream model, and annoying individuals like Human rights leaders become junctions in the mainstream of possibilities. And one has to remember that Lytton's middle earth aliens had reportedly many machines that could cause alterations in reality on the surface - anything from Earthquakes to Visions. The impossible is not only possible it is visible in the shape of high tech interdimensional entities and their craft whizzing about our skies, we must see and we must know reality, and time for closing ones eyes is surely passing. The experiment motored on from empire to empire and battle to battle, and like the deterministic model of peaks and troughs some bland and unrelenting destiny of grind and suffering. The Dark elite built up their web of deceit and control as the establishment became a burial ground for 'inexplicable' anomalies. Having the keys to the Earth has involved a great many decisions for the ruling elite; these decisions involve letting the earth rot in its pollution whilst the stellar technology exists to clean it up. The so called 'Philadelphia Experiment' in 1942. enabled the ship the USS Eldridge to teleport into another dimension in a WWII experiment and this should have heralded a new era of peace and space technology even without the intervention of ET prowess. Can one imagine the ability to send food, hospitals, buildings and raw material anywhere on the planet from anywhere on the planet - well it's possible. The Eldridge was our first star ship for a few millennia. Some interesting possibilities have emerged in the light of this experiment - for instance Bruce Cathie the UFO investigator has noted that craft are measuring some sort of Grid pattern on our ocean beds and continents - I can imagine a perfect electromagnetic hologram of our Earth in the circuitry of some massive interstellar transporter as it waits instructions to end the experiment and send all the Duplicate Earth-like places in their matrix-governed experimental batches to be debriefed and analysed for the purposes of calibrating and strip-mining the potentialities and essence or life force of the souls of Humankind.
  17. 17. In which case, the evil Earth Marketing Agency may get a grant from the TransGalactic Hive Arts Council to sell mothers Kitchen utensils at some great auction in which every Artefact ever made on Earth goes up for sale. The interesting possibility is that Agharti probably has examples of every artefact in Earth's history in great museum/store rooms eg. unrusted swords and chariots, longships in all their glory complete with crew and perhaps the aircraft and ships that went missing in the Bermuda Triangle too. It is possible that various settlements throughout history have been perfectly calibrated on a database as ET scientists and explorers have come to calibrate the human potential. But once the news of the great Planet Earth bring and buy sale gets underway perhaps in some way all suffering will be made to cease, though as in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy we need to make official protests for our rights at some central court - a petition for live and let live - would we be so lucky. In a universe and dualistic material plane with anything good in it ... the future of planet Earth then may be made by the careful marketing of its indigenous artefacts such as lavatory systems, Van Goghs and Cola and music. Our main problem is this paradigm we live in, we just can't see the reality of other dimensions, the ephemera of mortality and the eternity of immortality that awaits. We can ascertain that the balanced picture is one where an equilibrium between binary opposites have been attained ie. either at the Edge of Chaos or, conversely, at the Edge of Structure. This equilibrium area is a hotbed of emergence, balance new structure amd potential, but what of the hard imperishable crystals of eternity that are unyielding to the sculptors chisel, or turn a depolarised surface to the artists brush, where does the organic heart find room to rest in the lattice like prison of crystal, devoid of aesthetic but a direct transmittor of the pulse of powers which the impenetrable bonding uses to repel all chaos not of itself.
  18. 18. The ethic of structure is a fabulous and wonderful thing, because civilisation must grow and society must build for the future - but as the advert says - building houses to make homes in. Given that the emergent processes of information structures can and do get together to form the end based or telic computer, it may seem that all the signposts of evolution are pointing us in the direction of taking up a semi-permanent residence in Rodger the Dalek. Before we become at home with Rodger Dalek, let’s try to piece together the telic detective story about who or what killed Rodger Human. The capitalist bandwagon is all about one-upmanship, having better and more efficient hardware, more and more wealth and knowledge and of course a longer and longer life to have all these things in. Consider the Billionaire elitist who needs a mark7 heart and 3 brain implants in order to maintain control of the empire and, his buddy who needs a new arm and optical system to maintain control, in time the hardware gets updated, all failing organics are replaced and that which is left has sworn an oath to the architecture of the God of electricity and the Grand Master of
  19. 19. some secret and esoteric lodge mainly concerned with the distribution of power of this dolby orientated mechanical elite now short of the full packet of jaffa cakes in the human stakes. Serving ones master continually can be tiring but for the occasional reward of mechanical dreams that can be plugged into for a price. Lucifer hates the life and love-filled organic and this is epitomised in the drift of evolution towards the mechanical. The system of Tripartite relativity discovered by Hennessey [1989] describes the teleology of the universe in its progress towards the ultimate goal of computerisation and, importantly, information exchange. The organic having evolved from the basics becomes a hermit crab that moves into the roomy shell of a Semi Executive Robotic Environment. The move to mechanisation allows us to shed the discomfort of suffering and in so doing lose our chance to learn from this universe, and we become enmeshed in a web of karma and deceit which shall chain us to the evolution of matter forever, or rather, quite a long time. In the machine state one might propose that it is easy to make binary decisions concerned with love and death because the attachment of a ray gun can make our evolution happen quicker with a short burst of energy rather than the suffering of protracted persuasion. In a society of Daleks serving the priests of the Dark Gods we see the success of the machine and the failure of the flesh - it is ghastly but the binary opposite of total competition of the master race is mirrored by the ultimate catastrophe of the total prostitution of the organic. A mad dream, let us hope so, but I am keenly interested in how our young get so involved in play with this at present benevolent interphase of technology. Is the next thing for us going to be mass meetings of shared electronic dreamers, like the dungeons and dragons of the Americans a stage advanced into commune with it has to be said something that isn't Human - a sort of Virtual Reality with a 'bit extra'. What is more, the degradation of the organic seems to imply that this 'Descartes Demon', (one of many in the multiverse) rather hates the creations of the creator - our religious and contemporary exorcist chronicles are full of such stories, but it was not by reference to these that one can work this out. The problem is that basically Lucifer is evil. Given an elite, one must think of the possibility of off planet software being utilised to control us at some stage. Can it be that advertising hype can sell us the life of the most beautiful machine on the most beautiful planet or is there the dark alternative of the evolution of slavery - the subtle slavery of the soul, or is there some dark genetic made to measure project which can supply human stock for colonial worlds and other soul farms that operate their inhabitants in attrition. If so by what agreement with the spiritual hierarchy, angels and etc that are supposed to make heaven a nice place to be in. For that matter, who would want to come here again.. the occultist catch phrase is that souls have never had such a bonanza of instructional suffering and consequently are queueing up for their bodies... who's controlling this side of things, we need help that justice may be done but it must be said that the great mill wheel seems to attract all sorts with an axe to grind. Perhaps the dawning of the new age of aquarius is all about those souls with sense departing forever from this
  20. 20. realm, perhaps the books have got it wrong, this is a hell, mind you, the bible was manufactured and typeset overnight in medieval Europe with a technology that came into being rather artificially. Are we being manipulated is a good question, but by how many separate parties is a better question still. Meanwhile the Master Philosophy climbs its Nietzschean summits of existentialism in total contradiction to the non-existentialist pool of initiated people. A contradiction quickly lost if there were elites within the elites. The big Hook is the power, then the price is punishment for some unknown reason after a period of ascendancy, then the cruellest fall into karmic prison, probably the pattern for the fate of the 21st Century were we not aware of it. Feminine principles, nurture, womb and sensitivity will probably, if I am correct be next for the machine editorial, perhaps through the depersonalisation of the family unit through interaction with a streaming educational system giving the young the useful data that You've got to be big and tough 'cause 'Tenderness bleeds too easily'. We're not quite all robots at this stage, but there has to be a tendency away from the social religion towards the religion of the self - this kind of trend becomes easy in the Fairground of hardware and props incumbent on an emerging machine culture. Because of the protestation at the hardening of the middle classes which begin to swell as technology is allowed to come more on stream, there will be issued an ultimatum to the dissenters and at that moment a new culture will be born which will contain within it the great bulk of the resistant-to-change Religious masses. The ultimatum will be that if the old world will not answer for its mistakes, it must live in the old world as outlaws under the tolerative wing of the new order, which will bend over backwards to ensure that it satisfies the newly emerging intellectuals and spirituals that this is a great new world. Thus the masses that would not participate in change, like Orwell's 1984 may be relegated to specially designated areas, where deprived of the right to earn points and concessions in the 'Open Social Competition System', they become the new 'spiritually unemployed'. Entrenched for a long Theological and Ideological Campaign, the greater resources of the new order may probably subvert them to extinction before long, or unless they can appeal to the newly formed 'Interstellar colonial council' a sub-office of the galactic council for colonial rights, and transfer, en masse, to a new Eden in new Mayflowers that are all Christian or any other non- Luciferic religious core (later to be taken out in Interstellar War) - the only alternative is to stay behind and in some way die a physical or ideological death.
  21. 21. As human beings, we have each a responsibility to ensure that love and Fraternity does not die, but as the future comes upon us with many strange and personalised wonders and experiences that we are unable to share even with a loved one, the chances are that we are going to be exposed to a kaleidescope of intellectual trips all special to ourselves. If the risks are seen to be great, doubtless legislation will be introduced to stop the sterilisation of the family and other social units by the recursive treadmill of virtual living. The severe danger is that in committing a species like Man to the aesthetics of competition, he would be turned by the violence of mind, body and spirit needed to master the binary medium of matter. The language of this idiom is actually the I Ching, which Hennessy [1989] developed as a Grand Unified Theory - it is probably not a coincidence that in the occult literature someone was kicked out of a flying saucer with a boolean 'Heaven' trigram tattooed on his arm. In my I Ching that particular trigram represents the idiom of computerisation and a mechanical civilisation ( if the language was at that time applied to the question of integrated Civilisations ). That to me answers the big joke that those particular aliens or demons were having with us. But in this many and varied universe the theme of light and dark remains and somewhere in this galaxy, given all the UFO types, there exists some sort of Empire. True to form, the Emperor, whose definition must come under a well preserved spider in the middle of an immense web of information infrastructure whose
  22. 22. organic and or robot tendencies are either good, bad or indifferent - will have a file on a potential trouble spot like this planet - if only because there are so many regulations to be enforced for the policing of emergent Civilisations. Earth, then, has not been captured by Klingons either because the Emperor/Empress is a good guy and or it would interfere with the social/soul-mining experiment of the 'organic farm' and the distillation process of capital and life-force should there be a multistellar culture on Earth. It is tempting to think on the lines of such a power nucleus being a highly efficient computational system coupled with various ganglia and or counsellors who could advise. The great beyond is almost subliminal to the young guns of Earth, but I'd imagine that there would be a rigorous vetting process to ensure that any potential Luke Skywalker at least knew who Darth Vader was, and that the Death Star was not an evil space station, but Bert, the galactic executioner who disposes of Thugs on Galactic MTV on a show called Play your Cards Right - where points make prizes. Performance monitoring would be a big thing Sales of Ark Royal duplicates have tripled this decon, but exports of Nark Gas to the planet Earth have dropped because it does in fact give the terran physiology the urge to create an irritating monologue at no-one in particular - this being the side-effect of an inhalation which is meant to cure headaches. It has been creating marital problems, and a dubious transference psychosis where the partner claims to have the headache. Market sensitivity is one of the main sources of extra income for all the so-called interstellar stock consultants, who eagerly await the input of fresh market intelligence from their various sources (spies). At this stage one has to ask if our empire is ideologically biased towards hardware, or the organic, or some mixture of the two. Not that it matters in our case because the pickings are so lean that it would take a marketing genius to make this isolated world worth something on the Galactic Exchange. Every civilisation in the cosmos can be categorised by the way it utilises life- essential energy. Some civilisations like us will hoard it, defend it and sell it at a price, some will not need other beings to collect and process it, consequently with no competition for essential resources a more civilised civilisation ought to be possible, that is unless one species are not predators on other species' essential energy - this reads like something out of the fundamentals of Ecology by Odum, mind you, it is probable the species with the most hardware are the best competitors and - it usually follows - warmongers - better than us at it in fact. More on the classification of extraterrestrial species later. their use in other technological projects and developments of the indigenous Race. An example of this would be Nanomechanical Devices, tiny molecular sized machines that could repair human cells, destroy disease, prevent ageing, build colonies and ships from the most basic of resources. However, using the 'Human' Psychology, they could destroy organisms,wreck spaceships and colonies and cause general mayhem if they
  23. 23. were given an unlawful opportunity to mutate. These beasties are the new metamatter of the Cosmos, pasture new, the new habitat for the evolving machines to graze on and evolve with, and if all the variety of types were to combine in various ways - we could all be in serious trouble. Instead of sending armies into space, little capsules containing millions of molecular sized DeathStars could be sent on their path of conquest. Nanowars,where computer centres have their Roaming White Blood Cells and Antibodies to prevent the infection of these devices, suddenly the computer comes out in rust blotches and loses fluid and gas, where its temperature goes up, then the blotches disappear and the screen says 'Have a nice night'. The Department of Galactic Technology,(ethical standards division), has decided that primitive worlds prone to anarchy must not be allowed access to such know how. Our Local Galactic Enterprise Council, meanwhile has given us a Grant to sell our products-and our financial and legal advisers are trying very hard to get us started on the right lines. Planetary shields, atmospheric converters and dimensional gates, starports and the like all come side by side with the franchise company. Earth may be allowed some Hire Purchase to pay off the debts perhaps incurred by this experiment. Rights Movements, activists and the Greenpeace space freighter bought from some shady merchant who had salvaged it from a moon being used as a stellar conflict scrapheap suddenly become aware that all the weapons systems are functioning ... And of course the tax department which for obvious reasons has to be a local affair which is tuned in to the stockmarket, a sort of EEC tax on carrot fruit jam can only occur on Earth one hopes, yet probably some more virulent gunge on planet X is actually a powerful aphrodisiac on planet Earth but the tax office for planet X doesn't know about it yet. Whilst the tax office of the EEC has not been made aware that carrot jam contravenes strategic arms limitation treaties in a local dimension near you. Intelligence and information is going to be the key to success in this universe - but on second thoughts it's also going to be important how it is presented ie.its propaganda content and this is certainly important on planet Earth with its fledgeling close encounters of good and bad kinds. But earth is a special and kid glove case where it is the vast bulk of the population with a lot of hard catching up to do on their elite rulers who by now are probably sending their kids on the grand tour, and that doesn't involve Europe anymore. 'We did three whole quadrants in one week Daddy .. !' Now what has been keeping interstellar crime from the ears of the general public seems to suggest that we have an efficient guardian system - these are the good guys our sort of good shepherds - who didn't interfere to stop either WW1,WW2 and now it seems WW3 HOW DO WE UNDERSTAND THE ROBOTIC ?
  24. 24. The Eskimo have sixteen words for seal and most likely not one for laser blaster. But it would be an underestimation of the Eskimo culture to say that it was a backward culture, for the ability of the ethnic language to describe spirits or extradimensional entities illustrates the poverty of a language of capital like English or German. A good universal language will have many ideologies which specifically represent some aspect of a reality that this paradigm is deliberately trying to ignore. The scientist says 'this is not the dark ages - this is the space age, Hawking, Einstein' and the error is to assume that Empiricism has taken great leaps forward, whereas the states of being the scientist has always tried to refute with ostrich-like scepticism - what a veritable army of other evidence and research has illustrated: there is survival of consciousness in other densities of energy. The light of the cosmos is under the bushel of existentialist bigotry. But enough of the highhorse routine. Our great galactic Empire is going to have Whole Military Intelligence departments devoted to Psychic and Interdimensional phenomenon, the reason being that for a successful Capitalist Civilisation to exist - supply and demand and all that, it would be very bad if people could go shopping for hardware and ideas outwith this dimension and so undermine the production process - this has probably already occurred to the Illuminati of the Earth and Dept of offworld relations and of course to the Earth Marketing syndicate. Attitudes to these sorts of powers will be carefully monitored and modelled on computer. Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy tells us of a fail-safe computer plan for the future of Empire let us not assume that given a million years and the best hardware and data collection system and brains in the cosmos that it couldn't be done .... All the usual mundane rights of the known cosmos will have offices to register claims, patents, and new species, and like any regional council will have its Dept of Roads and Drainage, Power - and incidentally the Planetary power package is a very special deal involving joining one federation or another, depending on friends or what is affordable, power franchise on a technology that is too advanced and or secret for us to comprehend or be allowed to inspect, might be the problem we have to face sooner or later. It is likely that there will be various centralised embargoes on rented technology, for any indigenous technology that is not up to certain department of trade and galactic standards edict, must Not be allowed to expand using borrowed ideologies, because the lack of such technologies indicate an instability and social incompetence of a Race so prone to anarchy that it would never have evolved said rented artefacts within its current socio-economic remit, and that, said Race should not be allowed to play with 'Grown- Up's' technologies. Possibly, most rented artefacts or software would have prohibitive handicaps under galactic law which would prevent social injustice at the hands of ET elite. These items would aid our evolution or devolution depending upon your point of view and help us roll on to the end (one assumes) of this great experiment. Now if perchance the baddies are running the Empire, Darth Vader and the Jedi are then more than figments of probability but real prospects for good and evil in the contest for souls.
  25. 25. This great backdoor that is opening has a view unsurpassed by any, of Aeons of evolution in which we as a race represent five minutes of the day of this planet and virtually nothing in the story of the universe. What makes this so important is that this race was designed (for the purposes of hypothesis) to meet the needs of the Paradise committee - themselves, probably stepping in and out of this dimension to argue with whoever orchestrates incarnations about the soul quota to be experimented with - obviously we were other things a long time ago before five minutes of humanity appeared on a planet.. Being born, we are thinking therefore we are etc the continuity of life before and after death may not necessarily be the esoteric nonsense that it’s always been cut out to be. Even quite an ignorant [soul-less] materialist explanation of life after death is possible. For instance, an understanding of chaos theory systems modelling from places such as the Santa Fe Institute may also map, out in a mirror-like, analogous way, the destiny or occult chemistry of our soul and spirit's progress through the labyrinth of chaos and structure we know as eternity. Given that the neurophysical processes, regardless of whether they are powered by a Fish Supper or Beluga Caviar, are an empirical electromagnetic record of our mind and thought processes - these perhaps impregnating in a physical way various substrata and sets of energy shells/systems, we must therefore consider the possibility that when we shuffle off this mortal DVD sleeve, that that record may find
  26. 26. itself naturally gravitating to an empathic environment where it can optimise its function. The strongest empathy may attract the set of information and its intricate relativity which polarises out as the strongest resonance or signal. Hence, Beethoven records are physically, not spiritually repelled by techno funk Rave music by virtue of being structurally incompatible and hence insignificant to the attraction process i.e. perhaps Funk doesn't have the structural energy to get into Beethoven heaven. The Universe, then, has information down to its Syntax, the structure of which acts like a chemistry of attraction and repulsion, where vacancies for other molecules arise, but tend towards a selection process dependent on innate orientation, polarity and bond strengths. If a place we call heaven with all the semantics of implicit good happens to have Beethoven like syntax for its ergonomic chemistry, then all lovers of Beethoven, by deduction, must go to this heaven, for it is the place that ergonomically resonates its attraction for them the most. This is not to apply any value judgements on the heaven of Beethoven or its spiritual worth. Going to heaven or hell may be much less to do with our spiritual wishes and a lot more to do with the applied science of being good. This mechanical attitude to virtue may mean, for instance, musical genres of all music/energy/molecules are needed elements in the Periodic Table of Soul-Energies /Chemistry /Infinity. At the heart of this set of atoms/souls/dimensions/musical genres are the transition elements that make such an important contribution to the functionality and diversity of life on earth eg. iron/carbon/blood Conversely at the polar opposites of the Periodic Table of Chemistry/energy there could be seen the inflexibility of 'total'/heavy structure,or, the Chaotic inability to be and to persist. What may be in those 'many mansions' and eternal dimensions may conform to the axiom 'as above, so below' The richest and most diverse persistence is the equilibrium of nurture. All the Chemicals on this planet want to evolve or devolve to these nurturing states called the Transition Elements. This tendency in matter to evolve and devolve around a continuous nurturing equilibrium is being hidden by scientists and cosmologists who talk of the big bang - eternal expansion which may be followed by a big crunch or contraction - where all the matter crunches back together again somehow. They say that the second law of thermodynamics means that the universe will die a heat death - I say that's a load of twaddle. e.g. www. the I say that the matter and energies of the Universe will endlessly expand and contract around a nurturing equilibrium - rather like the breath of a pair of lungs - and I also say -
  27. 27. let's ditch the second law of thermodynamics - for it cannot be a natural law if it is not Universally applicable. At best it is only one side of the dualistic coin of entropy whilst the other is the ordering process of chaos called emergence. The ability to persist in Nurturing equilibrium may be an attribute common to the human issues in all Religions. The great Human rollercoaster ride may have been going on for some time in other more friendly and malleable states of energy before it was seeded here in this bleak blood and guts scenario. Swords and Dragons, knights and dames,demons and delusion are the great forces inherent in the noble human psyche for how long God knows and so perhaps do we if we could remember our dreams and our past - forward into battle and pull the evil ones down, armies are on the march -yet again and again .. so there need to be realms free from this pain, the formless realms in which we may be Gods for a while in a different sort of reality bereft of the possibility of a hard mistake and the consequences that follow. The reason any soul can be tempted to come here is to participate in a scenario where the least mistake and shoddy workmanship can bring agony and ruin. This is where we get it right to return in bliss with our corrected personalities and or aesthetics. So much for the theory, but what brings us back to the era of WW3 or WW4 must be the prospect of somehow righting this world - we may all be crusaders or Jedi at heart. This Empire then has within it a Multi-Stellar experiment which has somehow lured suckers like ourselves from, one assumes, realms of perpetual bliss,to be starved of all the basic rights of incarnation on a world governed by souls that don't pay for mistakes like we do because they have sworn service to the god of this binary matter we inhabit. Lucifer has this guilded trap but needs some souls to put in it, that's us by the way, but He can't get at us in the manner to which he wishes to become accustomed, instead he uses his bought servants as an interface. The thing is that with the creativity of a God, there is no evil, only good, only the certainty of creation that comes from the heart of love, and ourselves,in living inside the structure of the heart of matter may lose our innocence if we bring our greed with us. To be a servant of greed and evil cannot mean that the One God of structure and architecture is invested with such properties but only the heart of the alleged servant who has made the choice to fall down and pretend to be a god. There is plenty of assistance from dark beings to do that. Such entities prey on the casualties of the telic principles of selfishness and greed, competition, profit and, of course, loss. This is the danger of the Dark Temple, and it is possible that all sorts of missionaries from both sides of the fence are recruiting on Earth who can say no to the offer that one can't refuse, Eternity of power, favourable reincarnation in prime hierarchy should one serve well and what about a fuller integration with the computer network back at the big base. In a cosmos which expectantly waits the computer, the big robot and all of his friends are probably jumping off an assembly line in a galaxy somewhere near you.
  28. 28. Given such an industrial and martial impetus the purposes of an organised machine society would probably include efficiency. Such a community would most likely be our enemy. THE DETERMINIST DARK SIDE I haven't mentioned the Enemy yet, it is, however more than simply a xenophobic/paranoid delusion. We are dealing with probabilities and most probably a machine Empire like the Xylons in Battlestar Galactica and other archetypal caricatures e.g. Borg, Daleks etc that appear in the mass consciousness of our cinema are more than likely involved in some conflict somewhere. Would we were dreaming only of this paradigm .. a Robot Civilisation that most likely has some pretty basic dislikes of the inefficient organic, something rather massive and at the same time efficient in the way it would seek to subsume the entire of creation-infused and inspired as it is by the Architect of the Universe: a computer aided robot design software sold to a droid by the passing tourists who sourced some new software for his two hundredth day of Being day. This big computer, presumably would have a database second to none - the Machine Language it uses has been unearthed by Hennessey [1989] in 'The Language [T]' a grand unified theory based on ancient Boolean symbolism. If one were to read the Dark Gods By Robertson and Gilbertson one would become very interested in the Chinese aspect of Earth's past and its buried civilisations, saucers and the oriental Men-In-Black that plague the UFO researchers - the lost continent of Lemuria somewhere under the
  29. 29. Mongolian desert would have been extant with Atlantis and using high technology - the uses to which the I Ching symbolism [not the 'irrational' Book of Changes] can be put suggest that 20th Century Man can be very ingenious or that in the past a more mundane library of symbols may have devolved from an immensely clever culture. Science knows the I CHING symbolism as Boolean Logic, and every PC and computer in the world is built on this symbolism. This logic has NOTHING to do with the Chinese Philosophical system that we believe the I ching is all about. What matters now is that this symbolism can be demonstrated to be a language of Artificial Intelligence: Hennessey [1991], and the link to non-human visitors or colonists. If there is a nasty AI Hive or Matrix computer out there, this is probably one of the AI languages that it uses - my own thought is that it would be one of its prime languages ... The 'New I Ching' or the Language T works as a grand unified theory because the eight trigrams chart the exchange and integrity of energy between A and B in a logical way. Every thing/object in the Cosmos without exception has parts that are moving and exchanging, and are these exchanges can like electricity meet with resistance. With the right way of categorising knowledge and representing knowledge by scientifically linking what the object does to this simple set of exchanges - a sentient process called Artificial General Intelligence can occur because the machine is able to compare and analyse objects from all scales and magnitudes from the macrocosm to the microcosm. If the machine comes across a problem from the microcosm that it hasn't seen before - it can work out what that problem is by comparing similar basic exchanges and how they operate on different scales within the macrocosm. This ability to draw an analogy - in computer language is using 'isomorphism between domains'. The resultant machine life could produce a totally structural sentient 'Crystal' civilisation. This last outcome is the dubious thing about our great future, total information exchange about the organisms within an executive and robotic environment, if ever there was a chance for capitalism and technocracy to demean the power of creation, then this is it. An example of the death of the creativity trend is seen in a very minor way in the advancement of electronic music, from the mind of Mozart to the Midi of the microchip the most mediocre moron like myself can do for music what Mendelssohn did for Hamburg. In a few minutes I can assemble full orchestration in a scoring computer, devising lush new sounds, so far so good, but the samples of the full orchestra make it possible to reproduce authentic sounds on a keyboard. There are at the moment limitations on the authenticity of sound but the pop industry is making a fortune out of sampling engineered sounds, and there are people taking samples out of the samples - suddenly music at that level has come face to face in the ultimate cost-saving of plagiarism, by people who have not the time or in some cases the talent to engineer their own sounds. There - is a degradation of creativity at the hands of the machine, it is a temptation to buy instant success, a brainpack,maybe of a top executive’s experience, suddenly our metal home is a prison run by the people with the most electronic power and wisdom. Do Androids indeed dream of electric sheep - what excesses of sadism do
  30. 30. successfully competitive brains-in-a-vat get up to when there is no organic vehicle with which to exercise their libido and inflict creation upon the software of the organic. It should not sound odd or out of place that a machine culture with modal logic, code for rich ideas including uncertainties, conjectures and experiments out of dataforms. The organic is simply data formatted in biochemistry and has a sound empirical history of creating trends of its own. The reason that I outlined natural trends into the evolution of the computer, where intelligences imply acts to mirror and reconstruct the basic principles of competition in a higher form, is that the Enemy wishes to take us along that path. In the guise of its practitioners, the magical philosophy of the Illuminati at first promises a grasp of what is insubstantial, but the bottom line is really an introduction to the ethos of superiority and the application of that superiority in the world of matter - for there is the hook of the Illuminati. In any reasonable account of unreasonable nonsense, the nonsense of the unreasonable Illuminati ought to be defined as a scientific process lest rational people without access to the mountain of dubious texts that exist in and around the subject give up in despair. What we know irrationally about the mad Illuminati is that they are steeped in blood and ritual sacrifice and are really scary and scaly devil-like-reptoids who are farming the human race as livestock. They can also manufacture some very modelled-looking structure and massive metropolitan street plans that look computer generated in their sophistry - and these are generally tied together with number systems and encoded meanings. The sectors of society, coincidently that least benefit from a hardware and software revolution will be those sectors of society that cannot afford to keep pace with developments. In this respect perhaps the association of machine music like Rave and Rap a rather regimented form of dictation to kids who
  31. 31. respond by giving the dictation as much dignity as possible (or not) whilst the ruthless machine that will outlive us all remorselessly requires us to keep up. The hook which can haul organic civilisation into the mill of the machine and from there towards an Aeon of imprisonment will latch onto the specifics of the self- the Gods of Software and the wasters of life - we may find ourselves compromised by an ego, our ego which has become misaligned to the true value of suffering - that ego is being taught to forget the reasons that we leave Godhead to come here to learn and instead - that souls creativity is put to harness, something like a rat on a treadmill that is set up to a dynamo to provide household electricity ... be warned - it's green !! Taking more of the spiritual tosh out of this heated semantic debate, the other way to put this over is that the self may tend away from the harmonics of equilibrium attributable to the organics at the edge of structure and chaos, and tend to streamline the tolerances out of the identity, by making individuality more resilient, inflexible to change, and, only by inference, more selfish. In the Big Bad Computer scenario, meanwhile, the Enemy Empire is probably located somewhere so distant that the ripples of its activity have not touched here, though I do believe that that is unlikely given the fact that distance is bridged by thought and powerfully evolved minds, and also,your average interstellar cruiser. If we haven't seen Darth Vaders Death star yet it won't have been through Vader's want of trying - e.g. NASA's current suncamera SOHO and LASCO C2 seem to be seeing massive planet-sized ships every week ! Perhaps this great supermarket of souls has been Earmarked for greater things by both the good and the bad. Do we know that the Moon could be a hollow Death Star with a twin hull that has been heard to ring on impact with an asteroid ? So to what I believe is the nitty gritty of the Enemy. The main Robot brain is a large superstructure probably at least the size of a planet. [as they say in jest in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy !!] Custom built computational machinery which despite its great technological advancement must still be very vast to control the Empire it is building, indeed the centre or nexus unit will still be growing. At the centre will be various and special souls custom tempted by Lucifer to do the necessary bridging work between data, interpretation and application. The hub of the Empire or ever expanding nexus unit may probably for safety's sake spend some of its time in an alternate continuum, but would need from time to time to be rebriefed and updated on the Great Plan of subsummation. There will be various ganglia units manipulating factory and energy processing units, and will be graded in division of labour according to the relative security and secrecy of the production process then being employed. The factory layer around the hub, (ever expanding outward itself as the whole sphere of the Empire slowly 'Crystallises' from the core ever outward) is responsible for the manufacture of controlling mechanisms that will promote the prime directives eg.
  32. 32. 1. The roboticising of slave species technology. 2. The construction of the means of conquest. 3. The interpenetration of the unconquered universe. Dealing with number one first,each phenotype destroyed and enslaved is of immense value to this Emperor as it becomes higher in the favour of the Dark God. Meanwhile there will be vast trials and lab tests for the successful conversion of all software into jellyware and hardware. Not every directive from central control will be the implementation of this policy, for organic species can be useful pawns to interpenetrate the many Empires outside its known reach at the moment. Useful collectors of data and evaluators of potential,these beings would be unaware of the true pitfalls of their cooperation, though there would need to be a few token successes to make service to the dark masters appear glamourous to potential recruits. The Enemy Empire itself may be governed by a particular hierarchical arrangement whose archetype can be found on Earth as the Hymenoptera (Bees, Ants and Wasps). There will be a similar division of labour; Drone,guard, recon,sub-queen, wanderers, politicians, technical grades, and unfortunately for us, various grades of warrior and missionary. It is most likely that the original Illuminati(some still believed alive from the days of Atlantis) were those first missionaries on Earth. The specialisation for the conquest of the labyrinthian cosmos is, for even a computer that size,an exercise in NP-Completeness ie. Non-delineated - Polynomial time Complete of which there is more than a suggestion that that few words may take a bit of explaining. The Universe is a big labyrinth in which there are an infinite number of ways to progress towards goals that will solve the question of finding the route through the maze. Computers tend to find this a very tiresome and impossible task, no matter what the size, the infinity of recombinations of possibilities just keep multiplying. That though is only the dogma of the Halting problem from our very limited human understanding. Proper AI computation using the Hennessey metaphysics overcomes the Halting problem that seems to have mankind in a prison of disconnected machines. Having said that maybe that is better to have a bunch of disconnected machines than to have the 'Skynet' depicted in the Terminator series of films fully active. For certain though - alien machinery has no such problem as the halting problem. It is most likely that the division of labour amongst robots ie. specialisation, will ensure the security of the 'great plan' for our time and space ie.its enslavement. Only the missionaries will be able to spill the beans in any great depth as they will have been given the ideological know how to start the ball of capitalism rolling or in our case, augment the experiment - an experiment which is probably not solely theirs. Like our own army - specialist squads will exist to solve certain tricky problems, but the risk of a captured unit being analysed is also correspondingly high. A very capable android would give more away about its origins,directives and programmes than its drone-warrior or flesh-programmed counterpart. Factories and re-education units ought to be close to the hub or located near a powerful defence.
  33. 33. 2. Dealing with the construction of the means of conquest- this involves the manufacture of ships, weaponry, superstructure, infrastructure, software, jellyware, colonial factory units, Mineral recon unit, energy resourcing, Intelligence Service, Dept of Religious Infusion, short, mid and long term subversive operations, a policy section on those, utilising a vast database on racial performance and commerce. There would be reeducation ships, covert and vastly armed which could interfere with brain patterns and conditioning in both chemical, electromagnetic and ideological media. For those of us who have not seen the prophecy of StarWars - a sort of inevitability given the size of the cosmos with superclusters of galaxy superclusters as numerous as Cantor's Dust - then one has missed out on the archetypal resolution of differences at a greater magnitude of hassle than the average B52 at the moment. There will be time exploration,the key to entrepreneurial success in a big way, but the good guys would probably implement some sort of Guardianship policy - there are probably high prices to pay for such research, probably associated with the idea of using a great deal more of the pasts energy and context than can possibly be excluded by the best of machinery - a sort of background noise that devolves control of the target area or system of energies from that purpose the machinery is set up to deal with. Given the insatiable lust for raw energy to fuel the furnaces of this army of crystalling machinery ie.the investment of more and more structure and artifice in the raw materials of matter - imagine star hunter ships that latch on to stars and suck them dry to fuel the hungry furnaces of the Empire's Hub. Other dangers like missionaries sent to infiltrate the unknown cosmos to bring the doctrine of rampant capitalism to those suitably untrustworthy to receive it, bringing from supply ships stacks of sundry artefacts with which to buy confidence and gain allegiances, securities, liberties and souls -performing miracles and demonstrating powers - an intelligence system feeding a central database. Consider the raw material needs of this ongoing production process - probably raising its consumption at an exponential rate, ever increasing the size of its sphere of influence - perhaps the construction of stellar portals through which commodities such as planets and all their minerals can be fed into the system is a sour possibility for some part of the Universe. The demand for power will be satisfied by artificial black and white holes to suck in energy to feed the exponential energy demand of this system, with these star hunter 'Vampire' ships as a sort of more technical and controllable back up. These could station themselves around a star and suck. There are probably teleportation systems to send minerals to the manufacturing systems of both the periphery and the hub of this vast nexus. Robot controlled,the conversion to useful components would be in relatively subliminal time. The machine parlance would be something like this ....subsector database, mineral coordination unit 5th class deals with a requisition order for 26 million droid shells to reinforce the conquest of: universe A6000 sectorA688686-331, Empire WW5547789. (A relatively small order, but is incorporated in the logistics of hull manufacture, therefore the ordering committee can pass it off as a tax right-off for their personal indulgence in this quadrant. Recon ships
  34. 34. detect a high concentration of Nickel, iron and titanium planets in galaxy dadeda which just happens to be an acceptable distance from a telemat mineral transport artery ... Despatch planet crunchers etc. etc.... So far it may just have been that our low grade uneconomical galactic cluster has been too unpromising to send even recon units into ... but don't breathe too great a sigh of relief, because the Missionaries (Illuminati) are here even on this vastly experimental world, and the Human Race is favourably disposed towards the philosophy of the hub - we may have been singled out for greater things .. The dependable intelligence gathering process may work in the following way .. from the lowliest of robot or organic species to the highest and darkest missionary priest there must come at some time a plugging in or interphase with a machine which can dump into a subsector database. The discriminatory database will then filter out the deliberate red herrings of the inbuilt security system and process the picture with a view to building up a detailed picture on what is about to be conquered, subsumed and then totally machine integrated - would that it showed the missionaries the greatest zeal and ambition. 3. The interpenetration of the unconquered universe occurs like this .. A highly infused periphery around the expanding sphere of this machine empire has a culture richly laden with Illuminati values and a base of operations or front from which the illuminati can work relatively undetected. From these seemingly respectable cultural fronts, the spreading of the Dark Gods dominion is planned. An area, for example ours is targeted, a few inroads are made, data is analysed, more is collated,then more precise policies are formed, successful initiatives eg.a new slave species formed or earmarked for the future and the great game of Dark Gods in the temptation and perversion of what is good about the Light of which they are so hateful and envious. There would then be an increasing level of involvement with the earmarked culture to make sure of the catch.. From a respectable but (really) ruined alien philosophy comes a fascination with spectacular machine mind interphases - the road to the automaton is set and the civilisation coaxed to take it to its logical extremes. There must be, of course,the removal of all or most of the ideological barriers which could prevent the marriage of mind and machine. There is the possibility that sub-cores to the hub of this Empire will be formed so that the softened up area may more quickly come under the rule of the hub. It is probably through the attack on one of these satellite cores that the initiative may be gained upon, at least,the policy of conquest of our sector. It is also the case that sentient races are at war with this Empire, but are probably divided by infiltration and more cunning than just bare force alone. Somewhere to sets of political software are playing games of empire on a vast scale. Yet the policy of the hub will be one of stealth and dangers will be being seen when it's too late. There may be somewhere a Council attendant to the needs of the souls of this Cosmos - the real Jedi and that some day very soon, we must make a decision on the road we will follow. They will not interfere with our learning process of suffering in this universe, but if sufficiently petitioned may come to the aid of an unjustly besieged Light Culture with a
  35. 35. very big and invincible spaceship that will spend most of eternity in mothballs - for such is the karmic consequence of its use. Meanwhile the wheels of the great machine on Earth get their shop in order for the new age - Psychologists, Judges, Priests of the New Order, Ethnologists, Scientists, Artists, Social Scientists, Quangos, and the Intelligence Services of every nation in the world will be employed to deliver the package to both the masses and our alien friends (exobiotic entities) - a package that finally declares an official end to ignorance and aggression on this planet. This would immediately put us in line for a Federation of Planets Third World development Status which would entitle us to start shopping for industrial development packages and franchises. It would be unlikely that we would obtain any seriously advanced technology even under franchise because we were not sufficiently sophisticated to develop ourselves to such standards in the first place. Subtle rights to redevelop our current industries incorporating the franchised technologies would probably fail us at the hurdle of, say, time travel - where it would be argued that we as a Race had not the extant ideological ability to fully comprehend the forces we were intending to tamper with, and on that basis, the planet Earth would not be allowed to obtain luxuries that it hadn't philosophically worked for. Nanomechanical weaponry and the military use of advanced particle theory and physics may be banned under an arms limitation treaty, much like gas and biological warfare are hopefully policed and stamped out in 20th Century Earth. The idea of manufacturing a real time bomb from a lump of mined rock that had the sophisticated property of being very harmonic to a great mathematical degree may give our galactic neighbours itchy trigger fingers on their death star laser blaster, for it is most likely that playing about with time inversions is going to create one or two unwanted black holes. Opaque and Transparent matter as defined by Harmonic Continuum Theory[HCT]ie. matter with incredible multidimensional uses and properties is predicted by Teslas Theory of Environmental Energy. Difficult to spot here with Earth’s current level of electromagnetic sophistication, but for the average interstellar scout-ship it would probably be quite easy - if they were surveying for those properties at the time that is ! But the greatest asset of planet earth is the rich seam of carbon based units who with proper processing could yield a high level of captured souls for the dark devilry of some Reptoid civilisations doing the bidding of their machine Masters. CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS Meanwhile, back in the galaxy, one of the dangers that may come from an extensive cultural interchange with the Galactic community is that certain philosophies prevalent in the learning packages (softwares) we may be sold may produce a destabilising influence on the psyche of man eg. an alien
  36. 36. psyche may have as its personal and hence cultural resolution and evolution a tendency towards an outcome of dissolution of certain logical processes when faced with certain problems eg. a mathematical problem is a mating problem.. !! Mankind however tends to make decisions that have positive or negative outcomes for the problem at hand. But if attracted by the ideas in an alien psyche he or she may inadvertently graft on certain methods, polluting the human ontological processes - courting psychosis. In taking on alien peripheral software to cater for mass consumption, there will be obvious and unforeseen rewards and trauma let us not be vain enough to try to catalogue them all. The Human Race has got a problem - for it is basically a small fledgling business in a buyers market totally dominated by the Giant Multi Galactic Corporations. So what do we do to get on ? Any and every product or artefact that we could ever produce is already made more cheaply and better by the Robot Worlds of the Multi Galactic Factory Corporations. The answer to our problem, however is not to panic, and try to sell not the artefacts, but the thinking and attitudes behind the Tradition of Love that produced them. Almost like a Planetary Autobiography of Love and strength. Of course every Race can tell its own story, but that's where Market Research comes in. eg. If some Giant Corporation somewhere ran by a Race that reveres the element aluminium could be persuaded to audition our Artistic and Autobiographical usage of Aluminium eg. The Teapot at the centre of the family unit whose great symbolic and lifegiving vessel helped the stressed working class manufacture aluminium greenhouses for society. Greenhouses that are capable of feeding the world .... etc. We could expect to get spin-off orders for greenhouses and teapots well into the future. Or, perhaps the story of Iron, whose Holy properties were abused as swords by the warmongers, but whose vessels fed the world at times of cataclysm ie. The noble combine harvester. Or, a Race whose psychology was based upon the stored goodness of the beneficent cosmos - Planet Earth Videos proudly presents: The Hydrocarbon Story, starring the coalfields of planet Earth, send for our exclusive catalogue of coal based products, Carvings of your local Deity, or the ones you love - invest in a lump of coal, how else could one month's Salary last a lifetime ........ !? Below is an attempt to draw up a few categories on the nature of interstellar culture. Firstly, enemy number one of the Enemy, is an empire run by spiritual people.. a spiritualised materialism that is competitive would have a superior infrastructure, uneroded by competition, whilst civic capacity and works would have elevated the populace to a high degree of knowledge and abilities. There would be a large empire with an edict for small scale expansion - minimum competition, white holes would be tapped, and an energy ecosystem totally in balance would maintain a thriving and relatively trouble free society. It will have trade with other empires and societies, although its smooth and non-competitive yet successful formula will be the envy of less endowed cultures.
  37. 37. The next type of culture would probably be the most representational of Galactic commerce. Stellar capitalism (and Masonry according to Dr George Oliver) would be a big thing, where energy efficient projects are run less on aesthetics but more on payoffs, full of noncooperative people with personal interests there will be many wars and splinter empires. Religion would either be pure Lucifer in the big successful empires or like earth would probably be confused with disunity, dealing with suffering and karmic ties by which beings may escape to subliminal bliss or be forgiven for their sins by those agencies having or claiming Godhead. The relative sublimation of this spiritual state may be a bone of contention with authorities, promoting elites, creeds, bigotry, healers and teachers as well as some pretty good miracles ... The promotion of spiritual division may in the stars be as the Illuminati wish it on earth. A stellar culture dependent on its own resources would be largely spiritualised materialism, sealed in with no stellar commerce, no initiatives its main export may be a laid back 'hippy' philosophy - containing the generative ideologies that made them great - probably a fashion which entertains the dreamers of the more massive and turbulent empires of materialism. As it is possible to discern the many types of stellar culture by the way they utilise their vital energies ie. sell or share or simply not care.. a self sustaining very powerful empire or civilisation not depending on any other for aid and capable of returning any aggression with more than its fair share of vengeance would be a sort of sleeping superpower, like Britain in modern 20th century Europe - its ok, and it’s got the bombs as a last resort sort of thing. This relatively large power may negotiate for the smaller powers oppressed by the bad empires, and still be spiritually great with a non interventionist policy, sometimes capable of mounting a 'Falklands-like' operation in the defence of the 'Good'. Its persistence and durability would be seen as a threat by the Capitalist Empires. Intergalactic links with other races against the evil of materialism would certainly make them a suspicious bunch in the eyes of the dark empire. A self-sustaining High energy culture with an ability to not get involved would probably be highly regarded guardians and custodians of all knowledge, known and consulted for their impartiality and guidance. Custodians almost of galactic karma, and suitable for intergalactic links, collecting and de- dogmatising knowledge types. This harvest would be kept for the time Godhead may be reached within the cosmos - it is then this neutral race will come forward for good or ill to give this very pure nest-egg of service and knowledge to the heirs of this cosmos - though it is probable that the Illuminati would not let the evolution of servants become so advanced. A non-civic self sustaining individual, ie. needing no society or visible energy sources who would wander about collecting knowledge or like the Enemy missionaries - power would be highly sought after as the 'Grand Viziers' of various petty Lords, these beings may be the wild card in galactic evolution.
  38. 38. There will also be a form of this being that will not get involved but would travel the dimensions for a different sort of information - the state of affairs in the energy oceans of the cosmos, yet these people too will be highly sought after by capitalists in the know. The reason being that the subatomic sea that sustains this reality will have its own ocean currents, storms and ice ages and as such the subtle influence on the matter we think is real might be quite substantial. Suddenly people might manufacture cosmically rare substances with the mind alone and a pinch of sand, whole factory processes would become extinct, empires would fall because the masses could manipulate and wield great powers that they never before had. Suddenly the gulf stream changes direction and the shark races of the warm particle seas swim further north, bringing war and migration. The travelling race might be weather experts but it is very likely that the Enemy and some big empires have their own subspace subatomic weather stations creating a flow of the most coveted information in the cosmos to the stockmarkets of the empires. In context with the sub atomic nature of reality the deeps of space, when it comes right down to it, are Oceans where landfall are the galactic clusters. In keeping with the instructions of one certain example: the experience of Earth, there must be Trade Winds between the continents of matter. These would be wormholes or corridors of high speed matter travelling faster than the local conditions would indicate. The speed of light is fast or slow relative to the prevailing subatomic conditions, therefore, the navigators of the fast streams in the void would be much sought after - and technology which could duplicate their talents would be some of the most valuable artefacts that a trading Race could buy. However, the manufacture and restriction and licensing laws of the Multi Galactic Corporations would probably exclude the downmarket Trading Races with their conditions of use, Commodity restrictions for Pan Cosmic Trade, Taxes, Customs and various other Policing, Protection and Inspectorate Fees. Such Devices, capable of shaping the evolution of Civilisations with their weather forecasts would be shrouded in Secrecy. There will be a guild and intelligence service dedicated to preserving or manipulating that data because this data has great bearing on the future of investments that are made on a massive scale, and there will be secret index linking of the galactic stockmarket to this data, as well as the military intelligence potential that will govern the success and failure of gambits and war on large scale. If there is this experiment on earth, it means that there will be a big weather station near here, and probably some small short range little installations on the planet itself. In a universe threatening to crystallise itself into a machine format, the role of matter as a vehicle of spirit will become outdated for souls too evolved to use the cumbersome forms of crystal that are now beginning to grow - eg. Megacomputational structures such as planetary computers. But there must be a group of souls dedicated to the preservation of the current mix of spirit and matter - stasis religions and ideologies. With no side victor or progressed whilst the two are together, the possibilities of holding doors and gates open exist