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Sex, Smartphones & SXSW


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The mobile generation has brought about entirely new consumer behaviors. Did you know that a staggering 9% of smartphone owners admit to using their device during sex.
The important question is not 'what are they doing', but 'why, what does that say about modern consumers?'
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Sex, Smartphones & SXSW

  1. SEX&SMART PHONESby Scott Bales
  2. of businesses Mobile has CHANGED THE GAME
  3. Today DURING SEX of smartphone users admit to using their phones 9%
  4. the question is not WHAT
 are they doing… but WHY?
  5. and what that means for future consumer behaviour?
  6. Look-Up/Find Checkin/Status Edit/Create Explore/Play U R G E N T L O C A L I N F O R M AT I O N R E P E AT M I C R O - TA S K I N G B O R E D L O C A L U R G E NT C H A N G E M I C R O - SO WHAT ARE WE DOING ON MOBILE?
  7. Connecting with the untethered consumer MOBILE READY C O N T E X T B E H A V I O R U T I L I T Y THE THREE PILLARS TO UNLOCKING MOBILE
  8. Where are they? What do they want to do? How do you add value?
  9. …but the reality is its far more complex that most believe the connected information world is a busy place
  10. when the ultimate goals is a ONE TO ONE MOMENT of intimacy with a consumer
  11. I’ve spent a decade building successful mobile centric businesses. Here are my… 12secrets to ultimate mobile success
  13. GET OUT OF THE BUILDING real customer problems can’t be solved at your desk firsthand customer development, helps build empathy & a deep understanding of what the market wants
  14. DON’T DO IT ALONE the mobile world is a new frontier, leverage the perspectives and skills of others
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  20. Back to SEX & SMARTPHONES Ask the key questions: Where are they? What are they trying to do? How can your app add value?
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