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Community leadership


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Published in: Spiritual, Business, Education
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Community leadership

  1. 1. Community Leadership scotthudsoncom
  2. 2. Intro• Community leadership is a shared Vision• People must be willing to be lead by that vision• Leadership – common characteristic is one lead and others follow• Leaders are formed when they initiates an action and others are willing to follow that action
  3. 3. Community Leadership Differs• Community Leadership focus on making a community stronger vs. Corporations/Military leadership• Community leadership is a horizontal type of structure• Corporation/Military is a vertical type structure (hierarchy)
  4. 4. What is Community Leadership• They think on a horizontal structure• Are representative of the community• Shares leadership amongst people• Seeks input from the community• It can encompass more than one person
  5. 5. What is Community Leadership cont.• A group who has different functions and one person who represents the group ideas• Not tied to power or position• It consists of team work
  6. 6. Common Ground• We are all passionate about our community and what happens within it• We recognizes: – Non-profit organizations – Local community initiative/action programs – Satisfied with the outcome when our community is progressing
  7. 7. Making a Difference• The type of work we do can be viewed as community leadership – Educators – Medical personnel – Law Enforcers – Business owners• We all make a difference within our communities
  8. 8. Potential Community Leader• Get involve with the community• There is no special training that fit this role• Community leaders comes in all brands• Contribute: – Your talent – Skills – Time – Mentoring – Etc.
  9. 9. ClosingWhatever your niche is your community iswaiting on your leadership. Start by becomingpart of the solution and contribute to yourcommunity