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Facebook is the leading social community online. With nearly
1 billion users that is more than the combined population of Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, France, Korea, Spain, Greece, Hungry, Switzerland, Costa Rica and the US.

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Face book marketing_tips

  1. 1. Page 1 Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroduction .....................................................................3Create Targeted Advertisements .........................................5Facebook Quality Control ....................................................9Improve your Click Through Rate .......................................10Stay Within Facebook Guidelines ........................................12Setting Your Maximum Daily Bid ........................................13CPC versus Impression Based Ads ......................................15Other Great Products .......................................................17Page 2 Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com
  3. 3. IntroductionFacebook is the leading social community online. With nearly1 billion users that is more than the combined population ofIndonesia, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, France, Korea, Spain,Greece, Hungry, Switzerland, Costa Rica and the US. FaceBookis where the world is spending their time. There has never beena better way to maximize your exposure, and get your messageseen by a massive customer base than Marketing on Facebook.The greatest thing about advertising with Facebook is theflexibility of your advertisements.You can customize your advertisements so they appear only tospecific groups or segments of people based on the informationPage 3 Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com
  4. 4. contained within their profile or based on gender, location orpersonal preferences.For example, if your product is tailored towards single mothers,you could develop your advertisements so that they aretriggered to appear only for those who have indicated that theyare single mothers in their profiles, or who have demonstratedinterest in similar products or services based on their personalprofile, communities or groups theyve joined, or otheradvertisements theyve responded to.Let‟s get started!Page 4 Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com
  5. 5. Create Targeted AdvertisementsIn order to create the most compelling, responsive andprofitable advertisements, Facebook has provided a targetingoption that allows you to tailor your advertisements based onyour desired market.With Facebook, you can set your ads up so that they appearonly to specific people, based on age, location, gender,interests, and hobbies or even based on the groups they havejoined within the Facebook community.Setting up a Facebook ad account is easy. Keep an eye out forthe $50 coupon ad to promote your site.Page 5 Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com
  6. 6. When you click on the ad you will get a promo code. Jot downthe code and then click on one of the Advertizing links (seebelow). Note: You will need to have your Credit or Debit cardhandy. Link #1 Along the right menu bar at the top of the Sponsored section Link #2. Click the Advertising link in the FooterIf you have an Ad account but don‟t remember how to manageyour ads, here are the steps needed to get to the Facebook Adsection and to create an Ad.Page 6 Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com
  7. 7. Step #1. Click on the Home button in upper right-hand corner. Step #2 – Along the left menu bar, click on Ads Step #3 – Go back to the upper right-hand corner and click the Create Ad button NOTE - The next page is a long form with three sections. (see next page)Page 7 Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com
  8. 8. Design Your Ad Targeting Campaigns, Pricing and SchedulingTargeting Section Examples: By Zip Code Interests – For Example, Dog Grooming On Facebook, there are 21,700 United States members above the age of 18 that are interested in Dog Grooming. ZipCode = 85224 Interests = Cars Total PopulationPage 8 Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com
  9. 9. Advanced SectionImportant note: Before you start any marketing campaign youwill want to conduct some market research so that you canaccurately define your target market and developadvertisements that target specific segments of your market.Facebook Quality ControlFacebook has a quality control system to ensure that theadvertisements that run throughout their community stay withintheir guidelines and do not offend or disrupt member activity oroverall experience.Use their quality control system to develop compellingadvertisements that stand out in the marketplace, and capturethe attention of potential buyers.Page 9 Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com
  10. 10. Also keep in mind that Facebook advertising is based on display,rather than search. This means that your ads will beautomatically triggered to appear based on your settings, ratherthan when a user conducts an on-site search. Users can alsochoose to rate advertisements, helping to retain qualitythroughout the community.Improve your Click Through RateYour advertisements click through rate plays an integral role insaving you money while boosting exposure and reaching out toyour target market. Typically, your ads should never fall below a 2% conversion rate.It‟s important to monitor and measure your click through rate(CTR) so that you can correct any problems with youradvertisement, or make adjustments to improve your overallCTR. Page Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com 10
  11. 11. If your advertisement‟s CTR drops too low, it could beautomatically paused or removed by Facebook, so you reallywant to pay attention to how well it‟s converting.One of the easiest ways of increasing your CTR is by creating ahighly targeted advertisement. If you narrow the delivery of thead down to your precise target audience, then your CTR willimprove.You want your ad to appear only to those who are within yourtarget demographic, while making sure that youradvertisements text or any images used speak directly to yourcustomer base.Consider split testing various advertisements within theFacebook community to determine what works best, based onyour industry or niche market. Split testing (or A/B testing) is changing one element about your ad while keeping all the other variables the same and testing to see which ad performs better.For example, here are three ads I ran with the same verbiagebut different images. The “MeetCheap” image seemed to workbetter than the other two. (see image next page) Page Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com 11
  12. 12. You should also pay attention to the times of day that your adsappear. You can choose to either run your ads consistentlythroughout the day, or have them only appear at specific times(Or even specific dates).Keep in mind the time zone of your target market, so that yourads are running based on the most active time of day or night.Stay Within Facebook GuidelinesIt‟s important to understand how Facebook advertising channelswork, and what is permitted as well as what is not allowedwithin the marketplace. Page Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com 12
  13. 13. Facebook is very flexible with the types of advertisements thatare allowed to be displayed within their community, howeverthey do not allow images or text that may be consideredoffensive. For training on Facebook guidelines check outfbTrainier.Setting Your Maximum Daily BidOne of the most important aspects of setting up an effectiveFacebook advertisement is in the maximum daily bid that youare willing to pay. The higher your daily bid, the more exposureyour ad will receive. Page Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com 13
  14. 14. There are two ways to limit the amount of money you spend. 1. Absolute Spend Cap which is in the billing section. 2. Limit the amount on a specific ad Page Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com 14
  15. 15. You want to start off with a lower bid if you are just gettingused to advertising with Facebook, and increase your maximumdaily bid as you fine-tune your advertisements for maximumresults.It‟s important to always keep a pulse on how well youradvertisement is converting, so that you can improve clickthrough rates and overall response.When you create an advertisement with Facebook, Facebook willsuggest a maximum bid based on your advertisements focusand target market (based on your personal configuration andpreferences). 3. Campaigns, Pricing and SchedulingYou can start off by setting your maximum daily bid slightlylower than what‟s suggested and increase it as you improveyour advertisements conversion rates so that you are gettingthe most bang for your buck! Page Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com 15
  16. 16. CPC versus Impression Based AdsWith Facebook, you can develop advertisements where youeither pay for impressions or based on the number of clicks yourad receives.If you are just getting started with Facebook advertising, Irecommend choosing cost per click (CPC), so that you canaccurately test your advertisements, while paying only forresponses rather than just views.You can always change your advertisement format to„impression based‟ later on in the event you wish to test outalternative options.For more in-depth details on Facebook Marketing I recommendchecking out Amy Porterfield‟s book: Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. Page Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com 16
  17. 17. Also, you could try Facebook Profits Video 1 - How To Set Up Your Facebook Account Video 2 - How To Create A Facebook Fan Page Video 3 -How To Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page Video 4 - How To Make Money With Facebook Fan Page Video 5 - How To Build An Email List With Your Fan Page Video 6 - How To Create A Facebook Group Video 7 - How To Grow Your Facebook Group Video 8 - How To Set Up Your Own Facebook Ads Video 9 - How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads Video 10 - Facebook Ads Control Panel Page Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com 17
  18. 18. Other Great Products FACEBOOK INFLUENCE You already know Facebook is the Largest Social Network with close to 1 billion members. Every day Facebook users comment or press the “Like” button more than 2 billion times. Facebook users post 30 billion pieces of content every month. U.S. adults who use social networking sites, 96% of them are on Facebook. Facebook reached one trillion page views in June 2011If you need some content, check out Limitless ProfitsIgnore the every-other-word HYPE pitch and you have apretty good product. Tom Whitehurst and Chris Freville packedthis full of good video‟s and sample material. Page Facebook Marketing Secrets www.maricopaminutes.com 18