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  1. 1. Game Closure Jobvite Overview (Almost) everything you need to know to use Jobvite in 12 quick slides
  2. 2. What is Jobvite?• Jobvite is an ATS (applicant tracking system) used by countless startups – Twitter, Quora, Zynga and 1000 others – and now Game Closure to manage their recruiting process.
  3. 3. What does Jobvite do?• A lot. Most relevant for hiring teams, Jobvite: – Tracks candidates through the entire process – Facilitates communication about a candidate (tracks emails about pairs them with the candidate profile) – Aggregates all candidate info (resume, links, correspondence, internal notes) in one place – Allows easy sharing of GC openings to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  4. 4. A quick tourIn the following pages, we’ll review:- The candidate profile- Communicating via Jobvite- How to automate and send “Jobvites”** There’s lots more … If you’re interested, let me know and I can give you a guided tour throughreporting, vendor management, etc.
  5. 5. The candidate profileOnce you’re logged in, click on“Candidates” in the main nav. Youcan then search for a specificcandidate, or lists of candidates.Click on any candidate name, andyou’ll see a candidate profile likethis.
  6. 6. Basic Info- Candidate Details contains email, phone numbers, etc.- The cover letter and resume are accessible, including any original attachments- Notes = internal GC communications about the candidate- Messages = external communications between GC and the candidate
  7. 7. Workflow- Workflow Status tells us where the candidate is in the process- The button underneath moves the candidate to the next step- The Skip To pulldown allows us to move the candidate to a non-sequential step (please DO NOT use the pulldown – it can mess up reporting and cause confusion in the recruiting ranks).
  8. 8. Communicating via Jobvite- Notes sent via Jobvite will be emailed to your GC email address.- Jobvite creates tracking code (e.g. for both the Note sender and recipient.- If you simply reply to the email received , the response will be received by the sender and captured within the appropriate candidate profile- Forwarding, adding additional parties, etc. might interfere with the tracking of the communication in Jobvite.
  9. 9. Notes & Messages- A typical candidate profile will have a long trail of communications by the end of the recruiting process.- Messages (external notes) work similarly.- Jobvite allows you to see exactly what’s going on at any point with any candidate.
  10. 10. Automating “Jobvites” - A “Jobvite” is a message sent via your account on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter. It’s a quick and easy way to spread the word throughout your network on our available positions - From the Home page, click on “Send a Jobvite” - The easiest way to consistently send Jobvites is to automate it. Click on “More Information” in the Publisher box in the lower left corner. - On the next screen, click “Enable”.
  11. 11. The Publisher- Publisher allows you to automate the sending of Jobvites to your network(s).- You can set the frequency (e.g. 1x per month) for each network- You can also choose only to post certain types of openings (e.g. Engineering roles).- Click “Save” and you’re done …
  12. 12. Sending an individual “Jobvite”- OR you can choose to send individual Jobvites.- From the Home page, click on “Send a Jobvite”- Simply select the position you want to promote and click “Next Step”
  13. 13. Broadcasting - From here, you can select which network you want to promote the position - Add a custom message (as desired) to each status update. - Click “Update Status” for each network, and you’re done.
  14. 14. That’s it.Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email