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Using MadCap Flare Reports and MadCap Analyzer - MadWorld 2013, Scott DeLoach, ClickStart


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Using MadCap Flare's reports and MadCap Analyzer to manage projects.

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Using MadCap Flare Reports and MadCap Analyzer - MadWorld 2013, Scott DeLoach, ClickStart

  1. 1. The Employee You Dont Have to Pay or Feed: Using Reports and AnalyzerScott DeLoach – ClickStart – www.clickstart.netIn this session, we will discuss how to use Flares 100+ built-in reports and Analyzers advanced reports. Wellshare our list of favorite reports, and explain how you can use them to manage your projects.Flare vs Analyzer“Seeing vs doing”Built-in Analyzer reports (View > Project Analysis)Enabling Analyzer scanning (File > Options > Analyzer tab)Analyzer reportsProject ManagementStatisticsUnused ItemsAccessibility SuggestionsUsed Language TagsTopics Not Linked by Map IDMarkup SuggestionsWriting SuggestionsFile TagsUsed File Tag TagsUndefined File TagsLinksBroken LinksBroken BookmarksExternal LinksAbsolute LinksConcept LinksUsed ConceptsStylesNew Style SuggestionsReplace Local Style SuggestionsDuplicate StylesUndefined StylesIndex, TOC, and GlossaryTopics Not in IndexIndex Keyword LinksIndex Keyword SuggestionsUsed Index KeywordsTopics Not in Selected TOCDuplicate TOC ItemsUndefined Glossary Term LinksVariables and SnippetsUsed VariablesUndefined VariablesVariable SuggestionsSnippet SuggestionsFrequent SegmentsSimilar SegmentsCondition TagsUsed Condition TagsUndefined Condition TagsProblem SolvingDatabase ErrorsFile IssuesNon-XML TopicsReviewsFiles with AnnotationsFiles with ChangesCreating a report Select File > New. For File Type, select Report. Select a Template. Type a Name. Click OK. Select the table(s) to include. Click Generate.
  2. 2. New reports in Flare 9 Topics With Snippet Conditions Unused Bookmarks Used BookmarksFormatting, sharing, and printing reportsFormatting optionsEmailing and printingReformatting in Excel - a file tag Select File > New. For File Type, select File Tag Set. Select a Template. Type a Name. Click OK. Add tags.Applying a file tag Select a topic or topics. Press F4. Select File Tags. Select the tag you want to assign. Click OK.Common file tags Author Reviewer Status Critical path VersionUsing the File ListRearranging columnsAdding/removing columnsExporting to Excel“Hidden” reportsBuild logTOC exportStyle definitions
  3. 3. About the presenterScott DeLoach is the Founder of ClickStart, where he provides training andconsulting for MadCap Flare, Adobe Captivate, embedded user assistance (UA),CSS, HTML5, and Word. He has been developing browser-based UA since 1997, andhe has received four STC “Best in Show” awards for his work.Scott is a certified Flare instructor, and he manages the MAD for Flare certificationprogram. Scott is the author of MadCap software’s training guides, MadCap FlareDevelopers Guide, CSS to the Point, HTML5 to the Point, and Word 2013 to the Point.You can reach Scott at or by email at