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CSS3 Quick Reference / Cheat Sheet - Scott DeLoach, ClickStart


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CSS3 Quick Reference / Cheat Sheet

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CSS3 Quick Reference / Cheat Sheet - Scott DeLoach, ClickStart

  1. 1. CSS3 quick reference background- Specifies if background nav-top Specify which element clip extends into the border nav-right receives focus when nav-bottom the arrow keys are background- Now supports multiple nav-left pressed image background images (stacked in order listed) outline Adds a line outside the border background- Specifies background origin positioning location as overflow-x Specifies whether padding-box, border- overflow-y overflow content is box, or content-box visible hidden or scroll (hidden with scrollbar) background- Sets the size using % size length, contain, cover resize Specifies if element can be resized horizontal border- Specifies border vertical or both image images source slice width outset repeat RGBA colors Sets colors using red green blue alpha border- Specifies rounded radius corners for top right size Sets the print size and bottom left orientation box-shadow Specifies shadows top text- Specifies overflow right bottom left color overflow content as clip or ellipsis box-sizing Specifies if width includes border: text-shadow Specifies shadows right content-box (yes) bottom blur color border-box (no) transform Repositions element columns Specify width and using origin rotate number of columns scale skew translate content Inserts content before word-wrap Allows long words to or after an element wrap using break-word HSL colors Sets colors using hue saturation lightness See for more information, or buy the book CSS to the HSLA colors Adds alpha to HSL Point at opacity Specifies opacity from 0 (transparent) to 1Training and consulting available!We are now enrolling students for Flare, Captivate (intro and advanced), and HTML/CSSonline classes or onsite customized group classes. See or email usat