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Infographic Marketing: Better Creation, Better Promotion


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Presentation on infographic marketing given 10/17/11 at Brigham Young University, including design, publication, and promotion. Promotion tactics include blog outreach, social media and bookmarking, and SEO. Includes examples of best and worst practices.

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Infographic Marketing: Better Creation, Better Promotion

  1. Infographic MarketingBetter Creation, Better Promotion<br />Scott Cowley<br />Credit<br />
  2. “<br />Design is about solving problems and providing elegant solutions. <br />Information design is about solving information problems.<br />”<br />David McCandless<br />Clip<br />
  3. David McCandless<br />
  4. What Success Looks Like<br />Source<br />
  5. GOOD<br />
  6. GOOD<br />
  7. LESS GOOD<br />
  8. LESS GOOD<br />
  9. UGLY<br />
  10. UGLY<br />
  11. InfographicSuccess<br />70% Content<br />30% Promotion<br />
  12. Hooks & Narratives<br /> Resonate<br />
  13. Important Data: High and Huge<br />Source<br />
  14.<br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
  15. You Can’t Do This In Excel<br /><br />
  16.<br />
  17.<br /><br />
  18. Source<br />
  19. Email <br />Marketing<br />Social <br />Bookmarking<br />Blog <br />Commenting<br />Content <br />Repurposing<br />Blog Seeding<br />Press <br />Release<br />Infographic<br />Directories<br />Content <br />Refresh<br />Social Media <br />Sharing<br />Home Page<br />Banners<br />
  20. Start With Your Own Website: Fake Your Own Greatness<br />
  21. Blog Seeding<br />
  22. Who Linked To Past Infographics?<br />Research Niche Infographics<br />Search / other infographic sites by keyword<br />Search Google<br />Intitle:keyword + “infographic”<br />Inurl:keyword + “infographic”<br />Keyword + infographic<br />
  23. Promotion Outreach<br />For every person willing to embed/post your infographic, there are probably a dozen willing to tweet or vote up your content.<br />Source<br />
  24. Social Bookmarking<br />Networks are valuable. Use your own or pay others for the use of theirs.<br />
  25. Infographic Submission<br />
  26. Content Repurposing<br />
  27. Use and Google to find those who embed your graphic – request attribution and add contacts to your database for future outreach<br />Add additional text, internal links to other pages to aid SEO<br />Determine which keywords are sending traffic to the infographic– enhance on-page optimization<br />Learn from your successes and mistakes<br />
  28. If you’re navigating a dense information jungle, coming across a beautiful graphic or a lovely data visualization, it’s… like coming across a clearing in the jungle.<br />David McCandless<br />
  29. Scott Cowley<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />All major baked goods accepted.<br />