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Scott and cord hydrogen


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Published in: Technology, Business
  • I thought it was good but it was a little bit repetitive on some of the slides. You did not describe in detail how hydrogen is converted into electricity.
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Scott and cord hydrogen

  2. 2. HYDROGEN ENERGY By Cord and Scott
  3. 3. ABOUT HYDROGENENERGYHydrogen energy is the simplest elementConsists of only one proton and one neutronIt is always combined with another elementObtaining hydrogen is complicated. It is not found alone innature, it is usually bonded with other elements. To obtainit, it takes dividing those chemical bonds and taking thehydrogen from itThe use of hydrogen for energy purposes is in adevelopmental stage, meaning it is not being used yet, but itis preparing for future use
  4. 4. MORE ABOUTHYDROGEN ENERGYHydrogen energy is a form of chemical energy, and isconverted to electricity by devices called fuel cellsConverting hydrogen energy into electrical energy instead ofusing a traditional coal power plant is, although lessefficient, more environmentally friendlyHydrogen is stored as a chemical energy and then releasedinto a fuel cell and converted into electricityHydrogen energy is used in the manufacture of gasoline andheating oil. Also as a fuel source of energyIt is extremely flammable; The most abundant element
  5. 5. POSITIVES OFHYDROGEN ENERGYAn engine that burns strictly hydrogen produces nearly nopollutionIt is an effective renewable resourceA hydrogen economy would make a large amount ofredistribution of electricity possible throughout the USAHydrogen can be stored at a much lower cost as opposed toelectricity that is stored in batteries
  6. 6. NEGATIVES OFHYDROGEN ENERGYIn order for a hydrogen economy to impact the nation, itmust change almost every part of its energy systemHydrogen energy is extremely expensive.Producing hydrogen takes extensive effort to reduceelements until it is pure hydrogen, which lowers the overallefficiency of using hydrogen as an alternativeThe storage of hydrogen is very difficult, 1 gram of hydrogengas takes up about 11 liters of space, and hydrogen in liquidform can only be stored at extremely low temperatures
  7. 7. OUR POSITIONWe support the USA as they have already began theconstruction of a hydrogen power highwayWe believe that the use the use of hydrogen energy as analternative is important in Santa Barbara because it is arenewable resource and produces nearly no pollution.Although it is expensive, we believe the advantages outweighthe disadvantages. It will help our environment a great deal.It will create many jobs which will also help our economyIt is viable to use hydrogen energy in Santa Barbara as longas we have the money to pay for it
  8. 8. OUR OPINIONTraditional energy such as fossil fuels sources get the jobdone but they will not last foreverFossil fuels give off pollution, as opposed to hydrogenenergy, which gives off nearly no pollutionWe believe that the use of hydrogen energy can potentiallysave our earth from environmental damages such as globalwarmingWe think hydrogen should be used all over the world inorder to stop pollution before it causes irreversible damageto our environment
  9. 9. THE FUTURE OFHYDROGEN ENERGYIf we use hydrogen powered cars such as these in the futureinstead of cars powered by fossil fuels, we can lower thepollution rates across the world
  11. 11. THE END