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Executing Exceptional Expensing for ESPP


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Are you faced with the challenge of accounting for your 423-qualified Employee Stock Purchase Plan? Many systems have no or limited support for the “bells and whistles” that are often required by accounting for these seemingly simple plans. So how do you manage it effectively for your company?

This webcast will start with an overview of accounting for ESPPs, delving into the different components of the fair value and discussing inputs and expensing methods. Our expert panelists will provide insight on estimating contributions, estimation and application of forfeiture rates, truing up to actual shares purchased (or not), and the joys of modification accounting, diluted EPS and tax accounting.

The panelists will also explore some best practices for accounting and some tips and tricks to help ensure the compliance of your approach.

Whether your system does the heavy lifting or you do the calculations in a spreadsheet, whether you are responsible for the accounting, or you just provide data to the system or the department that performs the calculations, this session will give you the knowledge to help you get it right.

Elizabeth Dodge, CEP, Stock & Option Solutions, Inc.
Barbara Baksa, CEP, NASPP

(One hour of Certified Equity Professional continuing education credit is available for attending. See the CEPI website for more information on CEP continuing education requirements.)

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