LEED Canada Buildings Review 2002-2009


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LEED Canada Buildings Review 2002-2009

  1. 1. ® LEED CANADA BUILDINGS IN REVIEW 2002 | 2009 AN ANNUAL SUPPLEMENT OF + Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine
  2. 2. A PUBLIC RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT ® Welcome to the LEED Canada Buildings in Review Supplement, the first in an annual series produced with SABMag. The Supplement serves as a public record of all buildings and interiors in Canada that have obtained LEED certification from the begin- nings in 2002 to 2009 inclusive. Just as important, it recognizes the achievement of LEED certifi- cation by leaders in the green building industry who are acceler- ating the transformation that will see high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities become the norm throughout Canada. ® The LEED Canada Buildings in Review Supplement also sup- ports the efforts of the Canada Green Building Council to demon- ® strate how the building industry is applying LEED in creative and successful ways. This can only encourage and inspire others to adopt LEED and build on the great progress that has been made. The CaGBC and SABMag are pleased to give the design profes- sionals and building owners the national exposure and recognition they deserve for being at the forefront of LEED implementation. Thank you to those who have participated in this Supplement. I encourage all who achieve LEED certification in 2010 to have their ® projects listed and their efforts recognized in next year’s LEED Canada Buildings in Review Supplement. Ron Lemaire Vice President, Market Development Looking to the future and creating a better tomorrow. Canada Green Building Council Sustainability is how we do business - it is an investment in our future. At Philips Lighting we have embedded sustainability thinking in all of our day-to-day operations from our company culture, our manufacturing, products and services, to our sustainable suppliers. With a tradition of sound environmental policy for more than 30 years, we are guided by the basic principle that prevention is better than the cure. www.philips.com
  3. 3. INLINE FIBERGLASS WINDOWS LEED PLATINUM make the perfect fit. 2009 Dockside Phase CI-1 | Victoria, British Columbia Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Project | Picton, Ontario | Enermodal Engineering Limited Knoll Showroom, Toronto | Toronto, Ontario | Envision Design The Currents Residences | Windmill Development Group | SC3 Smith Carter Architects & Engineers Head Office | Winnipeg, Manitoba | Ottawa, Ontario | Windmill Developments Group Ltd. Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Inc. 2008 Dockside Phase 1 - Synergy | Windmill developments | Halsall Associates Limited - Ottawa Office | West Village Suites | Hamilton, Ontario | Victoria, British Columbia | Busby Perkins + Will Architects Ottawa, Ontario | Halsall Associates Ltd. Enermodal Engineering Ltd. 2007 Child Development Centre (University of Calgary) | Calgary, Alberta | Enermodal Engineering Ltd. - Calgary Office | Calgary, Alberta | Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd Enermodal Engineering Ltd. Toronto and Region Conservation - Restoration Services Centre | Vento Residences | Calgary, Alberta | Windmill Developments Group Ltd. Vaughan, Ontario | Enermodal Engineering Ltd. 2006 Operations Centre, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve | Public Works and Government Services Canada | Sidney, British Columbia | McFarland Marceau Architects Ltd. 2009 2009 | SC3 Smith Carter Head Office Photo: 60 Richmond St. East, Teeple Architects Inc., Bird Construction Smith Carter’s 50,000 square foot corporate head office was an opportunity for the integrated architecture and engineering practice to tangibly demonstrate The pioneer in fiberglass window and door frame systems how sustainable architecture can be used to increase communication, enhance productivity, and improve employee satisfaction. The building has received critical acclaim, winning a Governor General’s Medal for Architecture in 2006 and achieving LEED® Platinum Certification in May 2009. www.smithcarter.com/green www.inlinefiberglass.com 1.866.566.5656 MEMBER / MEMBRE LEED® CANADA Buildings in Review 5
  4. 4. THE CAGBC LEED BUILDINGS IN REVIEW LEED CERT Platinum ESS GR IF C AT O I R IO N IN P Ontario Ministry of the Environment Minister’s Office - Queens Park, Toronto The Ontario Ministry of the Environment in its ongoing effort to reduce the Carbon Footprint of its facilities undertook the renovation of their offices for the Minister High R value insulation Type 2 Zero Ozone Depletion Substance and Policy staff at Queens Park targeting LEED Platinum Certification. The Ministry wished to lead by example in sourcing local Made from recycled plastic and vegetable oil materials, utilizing recycled content, and Perfect air barrier High efficiency and durable insulation system undertaking sustainable practices in the construction of their offices. In seeking to achieve Platinum certification the Ministry Designed to save energy Vapour barrier would become the first Platinum certified interior project in the Ontario Government’s building portfolio. One step application The four basic elements of Earth, Air, Energy and Water were used as the inspiration for the design combining local materials with LEED points state of the art control and monitoring systems to achieve a comfortable work environment for staff. Locally sourced mate- rials were utilized wherever possible and include stone from Wiarton, Ontario, the use of salvaged wood from century farmhouses in southern Ontario, and Teknion furniture manufactured in Toronto. An interactive display provided in the reception lobby will allow visitors and staff to view the reduction in energy use, water consumption savings, and recycled content of the offices on an immediate and ongoing basis. A conscious effort was made by the LEED SCORE CARD Ministry to have users connect with the LEED – CI for Commercial Interiors Certification in process, Targeting LEED Platinum natural elements of the environment while interacting and working in the offices. Targeting Platinum 46* Sustainable Sites 5/7 Water Efficiency 2/2 Energy & Atmosphere 11/12 Materials & Resources 9/14 CANADA SALES OFFICES: Quebec and New Brunswick: 1-866-437-0223 Indoor Environmental Quality 14/17 CCMC 13244-L NATIONAL Ontario and Atlantic Canada: 1-800-942-6545 Innovation & Design 5/5 STANDARD Exceeds INSULATION MATERIAL OF CANADA CAN / ULC-S705.1 Western Canada: 1-888-783-0751 AIR-BARRIER MATERIAL Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada Polyurethane Foam System Manufacturer www.heatlok-soya.com
  5. 5. LEED GOLD 2009 | Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project 2009 Largest waterfront convention centre in Canada with a 6-acre living green roof ■ 1.2 Million sf structure showcasing innovative design and construction ■ Sustainability features include 1,300 foot marine habitat apron structure, seawater heating and cooling system, on-site black water treatment facility 2009 ■ Nearly half of total volume of waste generated is recycled. www.mcmparchitects.com 6897 Financial Drive, Mississauga | Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre | 7150 Derrycrest Drive | Mississauga, Ontario Mississauga, Ontario Abbotsford, British Columbia | Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership Aboriginal House - University of Manitoba | Winnipeg, Manitoba | Prairie Architects Inc. Allsteel-Gunlocke Toronto Resource Centre | Toronto, Ontario | Stantec 2009 | Abbotsford Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre 2009 300-bed state-of-the-art sustainable P3 healthcare facility Activa Sportsplex | Kitchener, Ontario | ■ Site, building, integrated systems and interiors all with special design strategies ■ Water use and energy Bankers Court | Calgary, Alberta Bell Trinity Square | Toronto, Ontario Enermodal Engineering Limited efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction ■ Durable materials, resource management and exceptional indoor air quality a sustainable patient-centred healing environment. www.mcmparchitects.com Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation | Burnside Gorge Community Centre | City of Victoria | Victoria, British Columbia | Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory | Slave Lake, Alberta Advicas Group Consultants Inc. Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario GKC Architects offices | Montreal, Quebec | 2009 | BC Housing 2009 Centre CDP Capital | Montreal, Quebec Waterloo Teacher Local Office | Kitchener, Ontario | Gross Kaplin Coviensky Architects Office renovation and expansion combines sustainable interior design practices Enermodal Engineering Ltd. ■ Sustainability design strategy to increase energy savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste, and improve sustainability across BC Housing operations ■ Low water consumption fixtures, equipment and appliances, occupant Home Office Tenant Improvements - Floors 17, 16 and 15 (BC Housing) | controlled daylight and occupancy sensors and temperature and ventilation controls. Grey Bruce Public Health | Owen Sound, Ontario | Enermodal Engineering Ltd. Burnaby, British Columbia | MCM Interiors Ltd. www.mcminteriors.com Normand-Maurice Building - The Government Mundy’s Bay Public School | Midland, Ontario | Minto Midtown | Toronto, Ontario | Minto Group Inc. of Canada ecological building | Montréal, Quebec | LEED Enermodal Engineering Ltd Gold Provencher Roy + associés, architectes USGBC 2009 | Westminster Centre Adaptive re-use of existing retail and office building Pine Creek Operations, Maintenance & Administration Building | Renovations to South Bond Building - Ryerson University | ■ 42,000 sf of new three-level office space constructed over approximately 14,000 sf of existing The City of Calgary - Wastewater | Calgary, Alberta | Designworks Architecture Toronto, Ontario | Halsall Associates retail space on the ground level ■ Highly efficient exterior glass and internal building systems result in a 40% reduction in energy and water useage. www.mcmparchitects.com Triffo Hall | Edmonton, Alberta | Barry Johns Union Gas Burlington Service Centre | Somerset Square | Saint John, New Brunswick (Architecture) Limited Burlington, Ontario | The Walter Fedy Partnership University of Toronto Facilities and Services and Real Estate Valeurs mobilières Desjardins – Édifice Le Windsor | Montreal, Quebec 2009 | Electronic Arts Motion Capture Studio 2009 Operations Office | Toronto, Ontario Motion Capture Studio with an extensive green roof ■ Studio/warehouse that demonstrates sustainable, functional space ■ 40% water use reduction and 43% energy savings as well as daylight and outside views ■ Low-VOC adhesives, sealants and carpets were used. Waterloo Regional Police Service Whistler Olympic Park Daylodge | www.mcmparchitects.com Investigative Services Building | Westminster Centre | New Westminster, British Columbia Whistler, British Columbia | Advicas Group Consultants Inc. Cambridge, Ontario | Enermodal Engineering Ltd. LEED Gold 2009 | Electronic Arts Phase 2 2009 2009 | Bankers Court Calgary’s newest office tower takes a sustainable approach USGBC Integrated design approach achieves design and sustainable goals 2 ■ Use of local materials and innovative sustainable design ■ Optimized energy performance, thermal active Banker’s Court is the first commercial core and shell project to achieve LEED® Gold in Canada. Green design features in this 29,992 m building include a radiant slabs and displaced ventilation systems and storm water management ■ A dynamic workplace, putting triple glazed curtain wall system, high efficiency chillers,condensing boilers, and an energy star roof. Banker’s Court Green Facts: ■ 86% of construction the well-being of the building users at the forefront. waste was diverted away from the city landfills ■ 100% of demolished existing parkade was recycled ■ 40% more www.mcmparchitects.com water efficient than a standard office space ■ 90% of space has visual access to views www.cohos-evamy.com
  6. 6. THE CAGBC LEED BUILDINGS IN REVIEW 2009 2009 | Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Maintenance & Administration Building 54% of annual building energy cost reduction outside 100% air supply 50% of the building's power comes from renewable energy of construction waste 85% was diverted from the landfill The City of Calgary’s new Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is located on a highly LEED SCORE CARD visible 120 hectare site. It consists of wastewater treatment process structures and the Operations, Maintenance & Administration Building. Though highly prescriptive per- formance requirements for wastewater facilities presented unique design challenges, LEED for New Construction the City of Calgary’s commitment to principles of sustainable development across this Certification awarded February 9, 2009 entire site presented unique opportunities to the design team. The site development minimizes both the visual and environmental impact through the use of landscape Gold 48* buffers, low building profiles with green roofs, 100% on-site stormwater management, extensive native prairie grasses, and wildlife corridors across the site. Constructed under Sustainable Sites 9/14 multiple contracts spanning several years, an innovative approach to erosion and sedi- Water Efficiency 5/5 mentation control enabled the development and implementation of a common erosion Energy & Atmosphere 10/17 and sedimentation control system which ensured protection of the adjacent Bow River. Materials & Resources 7/14 Client: City of Calgary, Water Resources The Operations, Maintenance & Administration Building achieved LEED Gold certifi- Prime Consultant: CH2M HILL Indoor Environmental Quality 12/15 cation (48 points) on February 9, 2009. The project is comprised of offices, meeting Architect: GEC Architecture Innovation & Design 5/5 Mechanical and Electrical: AECOM rooms, laboratory, maintenance shop, tool crib, and change & shower facilities. Energy efficiency strategies provide an annual energy cost reduction of approximately 54% (formerly Earth Tech) compared to the reference building. Contributing strategies include extensive daylighting Civil and Structural: Stantec through perimeter and rooftop glazing, displacement ventilation, heat recovery ventila- Sustainable Design & LEED Consultant: tion (shop and lab areas operate on 100% outside air supply), lighting power densities Designworks Architecture Inc. Energy Engineer: Foraytek 40% below the MNECB reference, as well as central heating plant efficiencies. The City Landscape Architecture: O2 Planning + of Calgary’s twenty year commitment to green power for their facilities allows for 50% Design Inc. of the power demand to be wind generated. The use of grey water for toilet flushing Contractor: Graham Construction and irrigation, along with low flow showers, faucets, toilets and urinals provide water Project Size: 3,220 m2 (OM&A) savings of 71% below the LEED reference standard. Materials & Resources credits Cost: $12 million include Certified Wood, 32% Recycled Content, 32% Regional Materials, and 85% of construction generated waste diverted from the landfill. The building occupants benefit from exceptional Indoor Environmental Quality from strategies that captured twelve of the fifteen available LEED points.
  7. 7. THE CAGBC LEED BUILDINGS IN REVIEW 2009 2009 | Allsteel-Gunlocke To learn more call 800 267 2149 ext 2128 or visit us online at www.interfaceflor.ca © 2009 InterfaceFLOR Canada, Inc. Mission Zero and the Mission Zero Mark are the trademarks of Interface, Inc. Toronto Resource Centre History and Environment Coincide in Toronto The Toronto Carpet Factory and its Liberty Village neighborhood have gone from heyday to hard times to renaissance in 100 years. Walking into the old factory’s boiler house today reveals an architecturally dramatic, historically significant, environmentally innovative, aes- thetically beautiful office furniture showroom. Sister companies Allsteel and Gunlocke, manufacturers of quality office furniture, set LEED certification as a goal for their new Resource Center and launched the project with a LEED design charrette. The result was certification as one of the first LEED-Canada for Commercial Interiors (CI) Gold interiors in Toronto. New approaches were necessary to preserve history, conserve environ- ment, and mind the budget, consid- ering the historic and dramatic features of the building. The multi- ple levels, 50 foot ceilings and tall, historically significant windows challenged energy efficiency, espe- cially in Toronto’s winters. Sourcing locally required scrutiny of every purchase and often conflicted with other LEED points. Finish pigments for the concrete floor made ensuring air quality difficult. It worked. Lighting sensors make subtle, energy-saving, adjustments during the day and the season as natural light changes. Green power, Energy Star appliances, and a near- by Carshare vehicle save energy and reduce climate impacts. Low- emitting materials and an indoor air LEED SCORE CARD quality management plan created a healthy indoor environment and sourcing materials regionally bene- LEED for Commercial Interior fited the local economy. Certification awarded September, 2009 The results are spectacular. A float- Gold 32* ing glass conference room, exposed architectural steel, the smokestack Sustainable Sites 3/7 seating nook. The Boiler House has Water Efficiency 2/2 a sparkling new life, while Allsteel Energy & Atmosphere 8/12 and Gunlocke have a stunning, Materials & Resources 6/14 green showroom. Architect: figure3 Indoor Environmental Quality 8/17 Construction Manager: Rae Brothers Ltd. Innovation & Design 5/5 LEED Consultant: Jacques Whitford
  8. 8. THE CAGBC LEED BUILDINGS IN REVIEW Professional Consulting Engineering, Energy Management and Engineering Development Services. MCW is proud to have worked on over 80 LEED projects. To learn more visit www.mcw.com 2009 2009 | Aboriginal House [University of Manitoba] 2009 This multi-use building has 38.5% MNECB certified energy savings, natural and recycled materials such as locally- quarried Tyndall stone, heated entirely with reclaimed energy, energy-efficient plumbing fixtures, natural daylight 2009 | City of Calgary Water Centre supporting interior lighting, occupancy controlled lighting, 93% of construction wastes were recycled or salvaged. 1,204 m2 Rising from the prairie landscape like a great ocean wave, The City of Calgary Water Centre is a building unlike any other. Its skin arches up beyond the height of its four stories into a LEED distinctive roof, warding off harsh north winds and sheltering a south-facing glass curtain wall. Gold Inside employees work in comfort surrounded by natural light and ventilation, sometimes USGBC 2009 | Somerset Square congregating in small meeting rooms and often connecting on the sweeping modern staircase. This building has rain water collection used to flush toilets, a white roof to reduce cooling costs, natural daylight to minimize Outside, runnels and constructed wetlands tell the story of water while nourishing native electricity consumption, operable windows for fresh air and temperature control, low maintenance landscaping including prairie grass, flowers and shrubs. drought-resistant shrubs, sensor operated lights. 2,323 m2 The award-winning Water Centre is part of the first phase of redevelopment on an industrial site that is being transformed into a civic administrative and operational centre. The facility houses approximately 800 Water Resources and Water Services employees. It is the largest LEED rated office building in Alberta. 2008 | Cambridge City Hall 2008 91% of construction waste recycled First City Hall in Canada to achieve LEED Gold. Highlights: free heating of ventilation air in winter months, rain water collection in a 10,000 L cistern used to flush toilets, translucent glazing for daylighting, 110 m living wall for air purification, green roof, durable building envelope. 7,558 m2 59% reduction in water use 100% daylit office space 2008 | Kingston Police Headquarters 2008 Innovation and sustainability drive First LEED building in Kingston achieved 45 points. Highlights: rainwater stored for outdoor use and toilet flushing, energy recovery the design of this building. system for year-round temperature and humidity exchange, well insulated building envelope, occupancy and daylight sensors, FSC Constructed on a reclaimed five- wood products, education kiosk, green housekeeping program. 11,288 m2 acre brownfield site, the Water Centre was built with recycled materials wherever possible, and is almost fully recyclable itself. It uses water only as needed, cap- LEED turing naturally occurring water Gold and re-using it onsite to maximize 2004 | Winnipeg Mountain Equipment Co-op USGBC conservation efforts. Natural day- LEED SCORE CARD lighting and the displacement ven- tilation system work together to This building has energy efficient merchandizing luminaries and task lighting, green roof for evaporative cooling and waste water filtration, photovoltaic panels used to run the pump that collects rainwater for the green roof, about 95% of constructed building is from reclaimed materials. 2,362 m2 LEED for New Construction enhance interior conditions and Certification awarded November 18, 2009 minimize energy costs. Gold 50* The energy efficiencies built into every aspect of the Water Centre Sustainable Sites 10/14 LEED is beneficial for the environment Gold CERT Manasc Isaac Architects Water Efficiency 5/5 ESS Royal Botanical Gardens - Camilla and Peter Dalglish Atrium GR and the citizens of Calgary, with IF CA O R I Sturgess Architecture Energy & Atmosphere 12/17 TIO N IN P estimated savings of 40% in annual Stantec Engineering Read Jones Christoffersen Materials & Resources 8/14 operating costs. Based on these LEED Registration date: 2007 This elegant facility has a living wall which improves environmental air quality, rain water collec- Carlyle + Associates Indoor Environmental Quality 11/15 projections, the Water Centre is tion for irrigation and grey-water use, radiant-floor heating, solar shading and overhang, daylight for 100% of the occupied Dominion Construction expected to pay for itself in 15 years space, use of recycled content, FSC certified wood products. 1,480 m2. Targeting LEED Gold Project size: 183,000 sq. ft. Innovation & Design 4/5 Project cost: $45 million www.calgary.ca/watercentre
  9. 9. THE CAGBC LEED BUILDINGS IN REVIEW 2009 2009 | The Grey Bruce Health Unit A Building with a Vision Our health today and in the future depends on a strong commitment The design of the Grey Bruce Health Unit draws from natural and environ- mentally sustainable materials and systems to create a healthy workplace. to environmental sustainability. This innovative building sets a It supports the desire of the Health Unit to deliver programs in a functional new standard for local sustainable development and acts as a and accessible way while minimizing the use of non-renewable resources catalyst to future redevelopment along the waterfront. and producing minimal waste. The building was designed as a multi-purpose facility with offices/workstations for 155 people, classrooms, laboratories, training areas, and consultation spaces. The building is three storeys with a mix of copper, stone and cedar cladding incorporating green building design concepts. The Grey Bruce Health Unit Board was committed to establishing a benchmark for healthy living by creating a healthy building for its operations. The innovative design includes numerous design initiatives including the collection of rainwater for use in waterclosets and the use of natural ventilation in the office spaces. The current design reduces energy consumption by 53% of the Model National Energy Building Code. The project has been certified LEED Gold. The Owen Sound Sun Times published the following: “The new $17.2-million Grey-Bruce health unit is a majestic building with its tall glass windows, copper siding and brick walls. And that’s just its face, because it is even more impressive inside. Project Description Is the new building frivolous? Perhaps a little. Gutsy? Yes. Forward thinking? Absolutely. There is much more The Grey Bruce Health Unit represents a ground-breaking approach to public health care facilities, to this building than meets the eye, and this is what puts it head and shoulders above any other building - incorporating the requirements for a practical, accessible public facility with the requirements for public or private.” healthy “green” building design. This building successfully expresses the commitment to envi- ronmental stewardship across Owen Sound and the counties of Grey and Bruce. This building was designed and constructed to meet many important green building objectives: ■ remediating a brownfield site and creating a catalyst for future growth ■ leaving a minimal footprint on the natural environment ■ ■ ■ making efficient use of energy, water, and material resources providing a healthy work environment creating an inviting, functional, and educational building for visitors LEED SCORE CARD LEED for New Construction Certification awarded April 21, 2009 The site selected for the Health Unit was previously developed and deemed contaminated. Thus, the development of the Health Unit had a positive impact by improving environmental conditions. Soil contaminated with metals and hydrocarbons underneath the building area was Gold 39* removed from site and replaced with clean fill. Sustainable Sites 7/14 The building has established a new benchmark for public buildings in Owen Sound, and has Water Efficiency 3/5 become the catalyst for future development along the waterfront, giving back the promise and Energy & Atmosphere 7/17 potential of the waterfront lands to the people of Owen Sound. Materials & Resources 6/14 Indoor Environmental Quality 11/15 www.salterpilon.com Innovation & Design 5/5