C&W Sustainability Services Brochure 2011


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A look at Cushman and Wakefield\'s Sustainability Services.

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C&W Sustainability Services Brochure 2011

  1. 1. Cushman & WakefieldsustainabilityLeading property to a sustainabLeand profitabLe future
  2. 2. sustainability Visionour vision is based on a fundamental belief that by embracing the sustainability agenda and byhelping clients implement sustainability strategies that reduce cost and generate value, our ownbusiness will become more sustainable, grow stronger and thrive.property is our business and our expertise. it is also the single largest contributor to carbonemissions. sustainability and climate change has to be central to how we think about property andhow we frame the advice we give to clients.We recognize our responsibility to our clients and the communities within which we operate,both present and future. We are committed to help secure a better, more sustainable future for allthrough the advice that we provide and the example that we set. bryan laxton Ceo uK
  3. 3. the Cushman & Wakefield Carbon reduCtion Commitment inVestmentsustainability offering – energy effiCienCy sCheme there exists a fundamental link between sustainabilityour sustainability offering runs across C&W’s service following the government’s recent Comprehensive and the bottom line performance of investmentlines, and our property experts are on hand to spending review, changes to the CrC scheme have assets. Risk factors such as exposure to floodingprovide solutions to stand alone issues or to provide been put into effect. could adversely affect property values, butyou with a co-ordinated sustainability strategy for sustainability also brings opportunities to help achieveyour property portfolio. our services include: Whilst this has relieved many landlords and commercial objectives by, for example, boosting occupiers of their immediate responsibilities, there revenue returns through capitalising on renewable are still some ramifications and key points that need incentives, reducing energy consumption and thus to be addressed. service charges, or improving marketability through stronger sustainability credentials. Corporate deVelopment inVestment & Cushman & Wakefield and the BRE (Building research establishment) have come together to at C&W our team of specialists understand that oCCupiers planning asset management sustainability is best achieved when it underpins core provide a unique combination of expertise to help you prepare for the scheme. business objectives and can help you to develop effective strategies and initiatives to achieve this. Carbon reduCtion eia Coordination C&W employs breeam Corporate strategies and adViCe Commitment ees and management in use aCross all managed properties. We advise corporate occupiers on developing sustainable real sustainability and implementing sustainable real estate strategies estate strategies strategies and target setting and that enable companies to realise the cost benefits target setting for benChmarking of sustainability, whilst supporting their own green epCs, deCs and air neW deVelopment agendas. Conditioning Carbon reduCtion inspeCtions sustainability design strategies in addition we ensure that sustainability considerations adViCe and metrics are incorporated in all standard processes building optimising aCCreditations breeam and Code inVestment and documents, e.g. site selection and assessment. for sustainable performanCe optimising the homes adViCe and through CommerCial assessments sustainability opportunity
  4. 4. deVelopment planning our oWn business Case studiesour focus is around three key areas of our sustainability policy is to lead by example. in thedevelopment planning: uK we have introduced breeaM in-use ratings to all 3m ubs global asset our occupied properties and all buildings have, or plan sustainable proJeCt managementenvironmental impact assessment (eia) to have, a metered system to provide exact energy management sustainabilityWe provide a comprehensive range of eia services, use meters. strategy strategyfrom specialist advice and support on the commercial project management and Commercial sustainabilityaspects, to the production of a full eia and in the us we have entered into a Memorandum of sustainability support policy, strategy and actionpreparation of an Environmental Statement (ES). understanding with the environmental protection for this high quality HQ plan for their uK fund development in italy which portfolio. Agency. C&W is the first real estate company to do won MipiM green buildingsustainability strategies and target setting for so with the aim of addressing environmental issues in of the year 2011.new development our industry.demonstrating the sustainability and energycredentials of development proposals – a keyrequirement for every planning application. hermes lightsourCebuilding accreditations and design/feasibility advice automatiC metering feed-in tariffs C&W’s initiative to install solely retained to identifyas breeaM assessors, we have a strong track record automatic meters in 7 and acquire large scaleof delivering the required level of performance whilst shopping centres delivered (>5,000 sqm) rooftopensuring the commercial objectives and aspirations of a return on investment of and open land sitesthe project are met. 900% in the first year. for photovoltaic panel installation.asset managementWe offer a wide range of property specific and To find out more aboutportfolio wide services and advice to help clients our sustainability offer, City north Westbrookmanage their impacts and carbon footprints. please contact: (islington) ltd partnersin June 2010 we registered every one of our managed eia and CrCproperties with breeaM in-use, this was an industry andries van der Walt sustainability adViCe Advice for fulfilling CRC Head of sustainability sustainability champion obligations across theirfirst. We chose BREEAM as they are the leading andmost widely used environmental assessment method and eia coordinator for portfolio. major mixed use scheme infor buildings and we now use this to monitor and e: andries.vanderwalt@eur.cushwake.com prominent location.drive each assets performance. to aid and support t: 020 7152 5269this move we are currently installing aMrs across ourentire managed portfolio. “Cushman & Wakefield were an invaluable component of “Cushmans’ Sustainability professionals, led by Andries the team that worked on the City North project with us. Their van der Walt, have given Westbrook Partners a hands- experience and knowledge was key in assisting us through on, seamless and highly commercial service with respect the intricacies of the planning process and it was a pleasure to CRC registration requirements and the ongoing working with them throughout the application”. compliance obligations of the CRC regime”. [sustainability work carried out during the planning for City north islington] dominiC Jones daVid Collard business design Centre group Ltd Westbrook partners