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Scott Benton Parrish - Youth Football Coach


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Scott Benton Parrish has been very dedicated volunteer with youth sports teams as a coach. Over the years, he has volunteered tirelessly on various projects and has successfully improved the youth sports program in his community. Scott believes that getting young children involved in sports early in life is vital to their development.

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Scott Benton Parrish - Youth Football Coach

  1. 1. Scott Benton Parrish Youth Football Coach Scott Benton Parrish has used his time and dedication to work with youth football teams and help develop the players.
  2. 2. Scott Benton Parrish Working with the Fundamentals Scott Benton Parrish has worked with several youth football teams. His approach has been to teach youth football players the fundamentals of the game. As a coach, he believes in breaking things down to the basics and helping the players grasp the fundamentals of football.
  3. 3. Scott Benton Parrish Maintaining Safety in Play Football is a physical sport, and Scott Benton Parrish believes maintaining safety while playing is important. However, being a physical sport, it is only normal for players to sustain injuries while playing.
  4. 4. Scott Benton Parrish Being an Effective Leader Scott Benton Parrish has volunteered with several teams and understands effective leadership starts with patience. Whether it is working with a team, organizing youth programs, or planning a fundraiser, he ensures that he spends quality time in planning and executing every event to the minutest detail.
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