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  1. 1. The IELTS Exam - listening
  2. 2. Academic reading 60 minutes Academic writing 60 minutes General training reading 60 minutes General training writing 60 minutes Listening 30 minutes Speaking 11-14 minutes IELTS Test Format
  3. 3. Timing: 30 minutes Questions: 40 items Listening Test
  4. 4. Types of questions Multiple choice, matching, plan/map/diagram labelling, form and note completion, table completion
  5. 5. Types of questions Flow-chart completion, summary completion, sentence completion, short- answer questions
  6. 6. Test Parts: 4 sections Section1: conversation between two people Section2: monologue Section3: conversation with up to 4 people Section4: monologue on an academic subject Listening Test
  7. 7. Skills Assessed: •Understanding of main ideas and factual information •Recognising opinions, attitudes and purpose of the speaker •Following an argument Listening Test
  8. 8. Listening paper
  9. 9. Multiple choice
  10. 10. Multiple choice