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2013databases draft02


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Using Lone Star College online research databases to find articles and other materials is demonstrated in this short presentation.

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2013databases draft02

  1. 1. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES • Research databases contain articles, reviews, reports, and other print and recorded materials. • Database material is from authoritative, trustworthy sources which can be used to investigate and analyze the topics of research assignments, papers, and reports. • Databases contain vast amounts of information which will help you understand your subject, form conclusions about your topic, and clearly support those conclusions. • Databases are indexed for easy searching • Databases contain many helpful tools to print, save, cite and email research material. Library tools for successful research!
  2. 2. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES Available on-line, 24/7 from your computer or phone on campus or at home You will only need your library account barcode and 4 digit personal identification number for access off campus.
  3. 3. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES The library has databases for many subject areas. Contact your librarians to recommend the best ones for your project, by phone, email, or chat.
  4. 4. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES • Full text of articles on controversial social issues from books, statistical reports, and news publications. • Useful for research projects in humanities, education, social sciences and English classes. Featured Database: Opposing Viewpoints in Context
  5. 5. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES Featured Database: Opposing Viewpoints in Context 2 Ways to Search: • Keyword search box • Browse Issues listings
  6. 6. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES Featured Database: Opposing Viewpoints in Context Type topic terms for your subject into the Search Box. Keyword Search For most subjects, the database will suggest additional keywords related to your topic in a drop-down-menu.
  7. 7. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES Featured Database: Opposing Viewpoints in Context Your search will result in an overview of your topic from several different sources, including academic journals Keyword Search Tools are included which allow you to bookmark, share, email, print, and create citations about articles, among other features
  8. 8. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES Browse Issues Choosing search terms can be difficult. Instead of using the search box, you can also browse keywords for current topics in the database. Clicking on the “Browse Issues” button results in a list of linked current issue keywords in alphabetical order. Clicking any keyword will give you the overview and resources available for that topic. Featured Database: Opposing Viewpoints in Context
  9. 9. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES VIDEO research materials are also available. Click on the “Streaming Videos On Demand” button to access video databases NBC LEARN: HIGHER ED and FILMS ON DEMAND.
  10. 10. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES • 26 subject areas • Transcripts • 10,000 video clips from the NBC Archives • Digitized historical images and documents • Compatible mobile devices include Android and iPad • Downloadable into laptop or desktop computers for offline viewing Featured Database: NBC Learn
  11. 11. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES Create a User Account • To save playlists, click on “Register Now” in the top right corner of the screen and provide the requested information. • To login on subsequent database visits, click on “Sign In” at the top of the page, enter your email and password, and click the “go” button. Featured Database: NBC Learn
  12. 12. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES Two ways to search for videos: Featured Database: NBC Learn Keyword search Browse the collections
  13. 13. LIBRARY RESEARCH DATABASES Featured Database: NBC Learn Viewing Videos Click a video image and a new window called a Cue Card will open and play the video. The print tool also provides information needed to create a citation for the video. Tools are available to save the video to a playlist, add notes, share, print, and download. Videos can be viewed with closed captioning and/or full screen by clicking on those options at the bottom of the screen.
  14. 14. The print tool view provides citation information and also related keywords which can be searched directly to find related videos Featured Database: NBC Learn