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Business Calls And Lines Services


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It\'s a no risk, no effort quick win, with no disruption to business.

In its simplest form it\'s a FREE analysis of your telephone bill using advanced tariff comparison software.

It delivers immediate savings of up to 40% on your telephone bill and is the perfect starting point to test us.

Send your current bill for analysis today.

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Business Calls And Lines Services

  1. 1. CALLS & LINES /immediate call savings /free bill analysis /risk-free migration /proven track record /savings within savings /customer service tools /savings from sip vs isdn /upgrade to our cloud /challenge us /
  2. 2. WHY CHOOSE INTECHNOLOGY?IMMEDIATE SAVINGS of up to40% AT NO RISK, no cost ANDvirtually NO EFFORT /intechnology make usfeel valued* /*source / midlands co-op /
  3. 3. The most complete TELEPHONY service /InTechnology is a Telecommunications Service Provider with a 25 year proven track record. We have ourown £100m infrastructure including a next generation fibre network, state-of-the-art data centres and a24/365 manned Network Operations Centre. We manage complex voice estates for some of the UK’s largestbusinesses and, critically, have supported their evolution from traditional architecture to the new era of IPtelephony and cost-effective Cloud based delivery models.OUR calls lines PROPOSITION /We offer everything from standard analogue lines through ISDN to the latest SIP trunk technology and a fully managed IP telephony solutionvia our ‘Unity’ voice proposition. We also offer geographic and non-geographic number inbound services, network features such as Call Divert,Call Waiting, Caller Line Identity, Number Porting and some of the most competitive tariffs in the UK. InTechnology’s calls lines proposition is Immediate call tariff savings – immediate and substantial cost savings in 1 calls lines via our tariff analysis service designed to deliver four compelling benefits in easy-to-follow steps, at a pace that fits nhanced customer service tools – via ‘INBOUND’, our call routing, monitoring E your business requirements: 2 and management portal S avings from SIP versus ISDN – we’ll show you how to migrate from expensive 3 ISDN lines to the latest SIP trunks Future-proofing – via our straightforward upgrade path to the full benefits of 4 Cloud based computing Short and long-term gains: While we can help you make some quick wins in your calls lines spend, we can also work with you to migrate from your on-premise server and PBX infrastructure.
  4. 4. YoUr calls liNes / 1 save Up To* 40% Immediate call tariff savings bT calls price InTechnology calls priceThis is one of the quickest and simplest line to local and National Total £2,151.00 £968.70wins for any business looking to cut costswithout any degradation to service. After line to Mobile Total £836.50 £633.20scrutinising your call spend, we’ll provide line to International Total £96.80 £20.00you with a clear and concise report detailing line to other Total (inc. special calls) £729.10 £646.50the immediate savings to be had. There isno set-up charge; no cost to transfer the Total Call Costs £3,813.40 £2,268.40lines or service; no cost for the review and InTechnology Savings per Month £1,545.00report and absolutely no risk to call quality. InTechnology % Savings per Month £40.52% * based on ideal customer spend profile of £2,000+ per month.Savings within savingsAs well as identifying the quick wins within your core traffic, we’ll show you how to drill into the bill via our user-friendly portal. This is updated dailyand provides immediate visibility of the call traffic across your estate to help you manage your spend. we can also help you re-route expensive 118calls to cheaper alternatives; identify calls to premium rate numbers and block them if necessary; run reports to identify Top 10 number spend;monitor calls to expensive conference bridge numbers and much more besides. 2 Enhanced customer service toolswe’ve introduced ‘INbouND’ as a new service within our portfolio.It’s a telephony service for both geographic and non-geographicnumbers that provides online access to a full range of call routing,monitoring and managing solutions – empowering businesses withthe perfect customer service tools. 3 Savings from SIP versus ISDNThe traditional IT Comms infrastructure: PBXIt’s estimated that approximately 90% of the uK’s call traffic is PSTN ISDN2 / ISDN30 / ANALOGUE (VOICE PATH)carried over ISDN lines, a long established technology that isconsiderably more expensive than the latest SIp trunk alternative– a staggering 70% more expensive in some cases. A SIp trunk SERVER ROOMsimply connects your existing telephone system (the pbX) to your WAN ETHERNET / ADSL / LEASED LINE (DATA PATH)data path (Ethernet /ADSl /leased line). It’s a first step on the pathto convergence. our high speed, high availability network lies at the heart of everything we do.
  5. 5. Free speND sTraTeGY revieW: 0800 983 2522 /The converged IT Comms infrastructure:SIp connectivity offers a classic double whammy of benefits. by linking your telephone system to our cloud (our nationwide network ring) you protectyour investment in your pbX. And by dropping the dependency on ISDN you can tap into savings of up to 70%. we call this service ‘pbX connect’. ISDN 30 £18** save Up To** SIP TRUNK £4.75** 70 % PBXMost modern telephone systems will have built-in SIp connectivity. SIP CONNECTIONAnd even if yours doesn’t, we can work with you to explore other SERVER ROOMoptions. one solution may be to install a SIp gateway (a smart box that ETHERNET / ADSL / LEASED LINE Cloud (DATA PATH)plugs into the pbX) but another more sensible option – particularly ifyour pbX is aged – may be to remove the pbX completely and considerInTechnology’s hosted voice solution. ** per channel per month. InTechnology can often supply a brand new telephone system for around the same price as the maintenance costs of your existing one. 4 Future-proofing: The managed services upgrade path HUGE†our pay-as-you-go service removes the need for an expensive SAVINGSon-premise telephone system and its associated upgrade, maintenanceand replacement costs. Savings can run into hundreds of thousands ofpounds, but the possibilities go beyond just pbX replacement. ETHERNET / ADSL / LEASED LINE Cloud (DATA PATH)As a pioneer of cloud based computing we deliver a full portfolio of IT comms services from within our network ring, including hosted voice,data and unified communications services. In connecting to our cloud,you’ll release talented IT resource to focus on front-end systems and † huge saving from virtualised servers and hosted pbX.ensure competitive advantage and agility at the time it’s needed most. challeNGe Us / calls lines is just one of the value-adding propositions within our managed services portfolio. To learn more about how we could help you cut cost, build agility and increase productivity put us to the test and ask for a FREE Spend Strategy Review. Call: 0800 983 2522 Roy fARRow / email: DIVISIoNAl DIREcToR / cAllS lINES / Visit: all content correct at time of going to press.
  6. 6. InTechnology Head Office InTechnology Reading InTechnology LondonCentral House Commensus House 17 St. Helen’s PlaceBeckwith Knowle 3-5 Worton Drive BishopsgateHarrogate Reading LondonHG3 1UG RG2 0TG EC3A 6DGTel: +44 (0)1423 850 000 Tel: +44 (0)870 777 7778 Tel: +44 (0)20 30 40 50 00Fax: +44 (0)1423 850 001 Fax: +44 (0)870 777 7779 Fax: +44 (0)20 30 40 50 Network Data Data Unified Calls Instant IP Telephony Management Centres Comms Lines Comms