Top Ten Bestsellers of 2011


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There have been more than hundreds of bestsellers in the year 2011 as it was a very good year in the quality of books and their reach to readers all across the world. We have selected ten topmost bestsellers among the whole lot of them.

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  • Top Ten Bestsellers of 2011
  • Top Ten Bestsellers of 2011
  • # 1 . Heaven is for Real By Todd Burpo available at
  • #2. The Help By Kathryn Stockett available at
  • #3. RoomBy Emma Donoghue available at
  • #4. A Dance with Dragons By George R.R.Martin available at
  • #5. A Stolen Life By Jaycee Dugard available at
  • # 6. Killing Lincoln By Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard Available at
  • # 7. Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson Available at
  • #7. In heritance By Christopher Paolini Available at
  • #9. 11/22/63 By Stephen King Available at
  • # 10.A Discovery of Witches By Deborah E. Harkness Available at
  • Top Ten Bestsellers of 2011

    1. 1. There have been more than hundreds of bestsellers inthe year 2011 as it was a very good year in the quality ofbooks and their reach to readers all across the world.We have selected ten topmost bestsellers among thewhole lot of them.
    2. 2. Jesus came along with the littleColton to visit our world as soon as heentered heaven in the time of hisconsciousness. The year started withrefueling our faith in God and hiswisdom and it was an auspicious startto the New Year. Browse the book : Heaven is for Real
    3. 3. It is perhaps the best book of theyear and the most recommendedone. What do you think? It is abook for all generations whoreally need to learn that doingdiscrimination by skin color is themost inhuman thing to commit inone’s life. The book about thetruths of life. Browse the book : The Help
    4. 4. The entire world designed intoone single room by five yearold Jack and his mother. It isthe most wonderful story ofthe beautiful mother- sonrelationship and how love andfaith overcome all horriblecircumstances around us. Browse the book : Room
    5. 5. Readers had their best dance everwith this Dance as this fantasticproduction by George R.R.Martinkeeps your toes beating on. Thefast- paced action of the book didnot let stop its readers for a momentto put it down and take a longbreathe. An epic already born in2011, to be remembered for manyyears to come.Browse the book : A Dance with Dragons
    6. 6. An exploration of the horrific past,the journey of courage and triumphleading to a true feel- good story-this is all about A Stolen Life.Readers cried with the pain, shedtears of joy at the happy endingrendering a sense of hope and faithin our destiny- tried lives. Browse the book : A Stolen Life
    7. 7. History of America has gone throughhundreds of twists and turns so far butsomething most shocking happenedwhen President Lincoln was killed inthe Ford’s Theatre that changed the fateof America and Americans forever. Theshocking history has been revisited inthe most accurate way in this book thatengages readers between the lines. Browse the book : Killing Lincoln
    8. 8. As the end of the year was drawingnear another book broke all therecords so far and it was the latestbiography of Late Steve Jobs. A lifefull of incidents, perfections andinspirations leading to a world ofbrilliance. Browse the book : Steve Jobs
    9. 9. There are very rare bookspublished which are rememberedas one of the best in the wholedecade and Inheritance issomething that matches thiscategory. The greatest end ever toan amazing series. Browse the book : In heritance
    10. 10. Readers always wait for some moreand more and more from theirfavorite author Stephen King. AndStephen King never let them gowith empty hands. Another blastfrom Stephen King that will stopyou speechless this time for sure. Book detail : 11/22/63
    11. 11. The year can’t get over withoutthis one listed among thetoppers of the bestsellers. Theromance of the year is what wecall it.Browse the book : A Discovery of Witches
    12. 12. 2012 is knocking at your doorstep with some more upcoming never-to-be forgotten bestsellers.Hold your breathe and wait for all the action and fun. Browse all our bestsellers