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Top children books

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Top children books

  1. 1. “Childrens Books : A Timeless Collection”Alice in Wonderland Journey to the Centre of the Earth The Jungle Book The Secret Garden Treasure Island Visit Here for Other Popular Children’s Books
  2. 2. Alice in Wonderland1. Alice in WonderlandAuthor : Lewis CarrollISBN : 8177586599ISBN13 : 9788177586596Industrial relation deals with the formal and informalRelationship existing between employers and tradeunions and their members. Admittedly, Industrial relationhas drastically been changed globally, especially, duringthe Post-libralisation period in India. As a consequencethe traditional Framework for Industrial Relations theoryhas become redundant today. However, Study onIndustrial relation facilitates understanding of the recentdevelopments. Against such a backdrop, the presenttreatise encompasses both the traditional as well asmodern version of Industrial relations. It combodies acohesive, organic, whole consisting of inter related andinterdependent facets of Industrial relations .It comprisesIndustrial relations theories, key issues and Emerging trends. Trade unionism(during pre and post-libralisation period), Industrial Disputes and LabourLegislations etc.The present treatise will cater to the needs of the students of Commerce,Management, Personnel Management and Social Work course of various universitiesand professionals, executives, trade union leaders, administrators and supervisorsof various organizations. Alice in Wonderland Visit Here for Other Popular Children’s Books
  3. 3. Treasure Island2. Treasure IslandAuthor : Robert Louis StevensonISBN : 9380028210ISBN13 : 9789380028217A mysterious seaman hides at a Country inn; cut-throatsraid a sleepy English village; suddenly, Young JimHawkins becomes the owner of a Map leading to a lostTropical island and a fortune in stolen gold. Threeadventurers--Jim, Squire Trelawney, and Dr. Livesey--setout to find the treasure.But they trust the one man they should most fear, LongJohn Silver. Charming, brave, ruthless, merderous, Silverfills the Squires ship with pirates. And on the desolate,fever-infested island, the quest for Gold becomes a deadly War of hide and seek.Desperate defenders against merciless killers battling over a cursed treasure Wonwith blood, buried with blood, sought with blood. Incredible Wealth that Jim andhis friends can only claim.. Treasure Island Visit Here for Other Popular Children’s Books
  4. 4. The Secret Garden3. The Secret GardenAuthor : Frances Hodgson BurnettISBN : 0451528832ISBN13 : 9780451528834A beautiful and timeless story about friendship, secrets, andthe human spirit, The Secret Garden tells the story of orphanedMary Lennox, who is sent to live in her uncles house on theYorkshire moors. Her uncles Wife died tragically ten yearsearlier, and the house is an unhappy one. Miserable and lonely,Mary starts to explore the houses gardens and she discovers akey to the secret garden her uncle had sealed off when his wife died. There shediscovers a secret so important, so enchanting, that it will change her life forever. The Secret Garden Visit Here for Other Popular Children’s Books
  5. 5. The Jungle Book4. The Jungle BookAuthor : Rudyard KiplingISBN : 0192720023ISBN13 : 9780192720023If you Love a good story, then Look no further. OxfordChildrens Classics bring together the most unforgettablestories ever told. Theyre Books to treasure and return toagain and again.Mowgli is found in the jungle by wolves, who bring him upas one of their own. The jungle is no easy place to live for aman-cub, and Mowgli must Learn its secrets from Baloo the bear, Bagheera theblack panther and Kaa the python. But their lessons cannot protect Mowgli fromevery danger - will he escape from his kidnap by the Monkey-People? And can heget the better of the evil tiger, Shere Khan? The Jungle Book Visit Here for Other Popular Children’s Books
  6. 6. Journey to the Centre of the Earth5. Journey to the Centre of the EarthAuthor : Jules VerneISBN : 0140022651ISBN13 : 9780140022650A new translation of one of the world’s greatest AdventureStories.Originally published in 1864, this Jules Verne classic haswowed generations of readers with its portrayal of animaginary odyssey into a subterranean wonderland. WhenAxel deciphers an old Parchment describing a secretpassage through a volcano to the center of the earth,nothing will stop his eccentric Uncle Lidenbrock fromsetting out at once. With silent Hans as guide, the two Men encounter Naturalhazards, prehistoric beasts, and other curiosities on their perilous, astonishing,terrifying trek through the underworld. Journey to the Centre of the Earth Visit Here for Other Popular Children’s Books